outline plan national day

By Rick Gardner,2014-10-15 15:21
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outline plan national day

Student Name: Ma Xiaoqian

    Student Number: 131211003

    Northeast Agricultural University. Class: Research and Writing Methodology-Postgraduate Program

    Subject: outline plan of national day Date: 14.10.2013

    Teacher: Prof. Dan Ben-Canaan

    Outline Plan

    1. The 3 fold process

    A. observation-collecting ideas Celebration opening-up train watching chicken emblem emancipate travel reading apple flag change ship book orange PLA innovation family television grape Great Wall economy home listening peach Party state autumn music park people membership harvest together party loyal times playing shopping phalanx brave building sleeping movie float county protect relax Tiananmen flag-rising peace environment farmer grass ceremony homage cohesion fruit boat parade socialism creativity vegetable seller formation harmony diversity land baroque band 1949 development rain sea weapon 64 cooperation leaf cloth comrade motherland arm tree fall leader rejuvenate china flower aboard civilian Olympic holiday yellow cold procession unite police red eating echelon race birthday wither food fighter-bomber st1.October solider cool meat radar review airplane short beef melody reform bus long fish affectionate

    irrepressible audition spa nature exciting brilliant fans wind culture tired reputation talent-show sunny Europe tribute ancestor taxi aunt America proclaim straggle ticket uncle Africa triumph course golden old Asia homeland achievement circular young Tainland pageant patriotism house women Australian anniversary patriotic visit men Japan mood slogan mother sweater Korean ceremonies banner father code snow disaster mark kid mooncake south earthquake

    flood draught monument child independence hot

    happy splendid souvenir mass collecting history

    crazy significant donkey-friend stamp hiking

    amazing great gossip postcard picnic

C. Brainstorming


    thOctober: the 10 month of the year, the first day of the month is national day. Holiday: there are 7 days for national day.

    Travel: most people will travel during the holiday

    Abroad: if the families have money, they may choice to travel abroad. Thesis Questions:

    1. If we have a holiday, where do you want to go?

    2. If you have money, where do you to travel, abroad or at home? 3. Where do you like better between the two kinds of sight, nature or history? Topic:

    There are 7 days holiday for national days. More and more people choice traveling instant of staying at home. Nature sight and history sight are the choice for people. And more people will go aboard.


    Travel during the National Days

B. Brainstorming

Travel W eather Condition Celebration

    Greatwall 1949 autumn emblem

    People 64 harvest flag

    Playing Motherland farmer PLA

    st Airplane 1.October fruit Party

    Bus china vegetable loyal

     Train holiday land brave

    Ship birthday rain peace

     Family family leaf homage

    Home home tree socialism

    Tiananmen radar flower harmony

    Boat melody yellow rejuvenate

    Sealer affectionate red race

    Braque irrepressible wither review Sea brilliant cool reform Monument reputation short opening-up Souvenir ancestor long emancipate Donkey-friends straggle wind change Taxi course sunny innovation Ticket achievemen grass economy Golden state Collecting membership Stamp times

    Postcard cohesion Hiking creativity Picnic diversity Nature development Culture cooperation Europe leader

    America civilian Africa procession Asia echelon Australian fighter-bomber Japan patriotism Korean patriotic




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