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U4 Grammar quizquiz,Quiz

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    Quiz I: Multiple choice

    1. If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party, ____. (2007全国)

    A. he will either B. neither will he

    C. he neither will D. either he will

    2. How was the televised debate last night?

     Super! Rarely ______ so much media attention. (2007上海)

    A. a debate attracted B. did a debate attract C. a debate did attract D. attracted a debate 3. Little ____ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business. (2007安徽)

    A. he realized B. he didn't realize

    C. he didn't he realize D. did he realize

    4. My room gets very cold at night.

     ___________. (2007江苏)

    A. So is mine B. So mine is

    C. So does mine D. So mine does

    5. I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom _____ so lonely

    ) as now. (2007辽宁

    A. have I felt B. I had felt

    C. I have felt D. Had I felt

    6. It was announced that only when the fire was under control ____ to return to their homes. (2008江西)

    A. the residents would be permitted B. had the residents been permitted C. would the residents be permitted D. the residents had been permitted 7. Only when I left my parents for Italy ______ how much I loved them. (2008重庆)

    A. I realized B. I had realized C. had I realized D. did I realize

    8. ______ you eat the correct foods ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. (2008江苏)

    A. Only if; will you B. Only if; you will C. Unless; will you D. Unless; you will

    9. So much of interest _____ that most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all. (2008上海)

    A. offers Beijing B. Beijing offers C. does Beijing offer D. Beijing does offer 10. Not until I came home last night ________ to bed. (2009四川)

    A. Mum did go B. did Mum go

    C. went Mum D. Mum went

    11. The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only __________, but students became more interested in the lessons. (2009全国I)

    A. saved was teachers energy B. was teachers’ energy saved

    C. teachers’ energy was saved D. was saved teachers’ energy

    12. So sudden _______ that the enemy had no time to escape. (2009山东)

    A. did the attack B. the attack did

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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    C. was the attack D. the attack was 13. Little _____ about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. (2009


    A. did Rose care B. Rose did care C. Rose does care D. does Rose care 14. Hearing the dog barking fiercely, away _____. (2009上海)

    A. fleeing the thief B. was fleeing the thief

    C. the thief was fleeing D. fled the thief 15. Not until he left his home ______ to know how important the family was for him.


    A. did he begin B. had he begun C. he began D. he has began 16. John opened the door. There _____ he had never seen before. (2010陕西)

    A. a girl did stand B. a girl stood C. did a girl stand D. stood a girl 17. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and Jialing River ______, one of the

    largest cities in China. (2010重庆)

    A. lies Chongqing B. Chongqing lies C. does lie Chongqing D. does Chongqing lie 18. Only when he reached the tea-house ______ it was the same place he’d been in

    last year. (2011全国I)

    A. he realized B. he did realize C. realized he D. did he realize 19. It’s nice. Never before ____ such a special drink!

     Im glad you like it. (2011福建)

    A. I have had B. I had

    C. have I had D. had I

    20. Only after they had discussed the matter for a few hours _______ a decision.


    A. they reached B. did they reach C. they reach D. do they reach Quiz II: Translation

    1. 如果我了解你的意图?我就不会浪费时间向你解释了。

    2. 那记号很小?我几乎看不到。

    3. 教堂附近有一间破旧的小屋(cottage)

    4. 他一点也不知道警察就要逮捕他了。

    5. 无论什么情况下我们都不要放弃计划。

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