Changes in my hometowncccccChang Jiale

By Judith Hill,2014-09-03 14:43
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Changes in my hometowncccccChang Jiale

    Changes in my hometown

    My hometown is in the north of China. In the past, people lived in a low house. They didnt have enough

    food to eat .The farmer planted crops with the help of the farm animals. It was very hard for the

    farmers .Peoples living

    conditions were poor .The roads were narrow and there werent many ring

    roads .The communications

were simple and

    slow .People could only use telegrams or letters to keep in touch with their friends and relatives far away . Only a few children had the chance to receive a good education .

     My hometown has

    developed rapidly since the reform and opening-up. More and more people have lived in a tall building .The farmers have planted crops

    with the help of the farm machines. All of us are able to study in a modern

    school .People have enjoyed all kinds of leisure activities. More and more ring roads have appeared. Thanks to the government efforts, my hometown is becoming

    better and better.

    From Chang Jiale

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