Changes in my hometown.

By Earl Carroll,2014-09-03 14:43
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Changes in my hometown.

    Changes in my hometown

    My hometown has become more and more

    beautiful. But in the past, the living conditions were poor. Many families were crowded in a small house .People didnt have enough food to eat .And

    farmers needed to plant crops with the help of farm animals .The roads were narrow .The children studied in an old school ,they didnt have a good

    education .

    China has developed rapidly since the reform and opening-up. China has made rapid progress. Many people have lived in a tall building and their children have got a good education .They have studied in a modern school .Whats more, farmers

    have used farm machines to plant crops .More and more ring roads have appeared and the ring roads have become wider and wider .People have had a good life .

    My hometown is becoming better and better.

    From Liu Yuan

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