Radha 's Case Study

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Radha 's Case StudyRadh

    Here, We shall look at a disease that is caused by a combination of Vata & Kapha.


    Radha is 27 years old. She lives in the USA. Two years ago, she experienced numbness in the right side of her body. The numbness spread throughout her body, from head to feet.Even if she scratched her head hard, she could not feel any sensation of touch. If her skin comes into contact with something hot or cold, there was only a dull sensation. She could not use her right hand for gripping anything firmly. So, she practically stopped using her right hand. There was swelling in both her legs. If either of the leg was pressed firmly with a finger, there was a deep imprint where pressure was applied. Her right nostril and right eye were watering continuously. The right side of her face was numb. There was pain in her right eye & ear. She also experienced frequent head aches.

    Radha consulted doctors in the USA. After many tests, she was told that there was some problem with bones in the neck region and that the problem would be solved with the help of surgery in her neck. Radha followed the advice and went through the surgery. But even after the surgery, her problems continued. Only her headaches disappeared after the surgery. Radha came to India and consulted some neuro-surgeons here. They also did not know what could be done beyond this. At this point, Radha came to the Ayurvedic Physician. As the first step of the ayurvedic treatment, her diet was corrected. Radha’s favourite food

    item was curd. She used to consume curd in chilled, sweetened and in a variety of other forms.

    Curd has become a common & popular food item in India these days. Hence, it is essential that we know the properties of curd.

    Curd has the following properties: It is constipating and heavy to digest. Curd is hot in potency not cooling) and controls Vata. It increases Kapha (phlegm) and Pitta. Curd

    increases fat in the body. It contributes to strength and increases semen. Curd is useful in treating certain diseases. It is also a useful food when there is a lack of digestion. However, when consuming curd we have to keep in mind certain restrictions. Curd should never be

    consumed at night. It should not be consumed daily. It should not be heated. It should not be used in the hot seasons - spring, summer and autumn. So, it should be consumed

    only in the cooler seasons - the rainy season and the winter. Even in these seasons, it should not be consumed daily, or at night. When it is consumed it should be eaten along with one of the following - green gram, sugar, honey, ghee or gooseberry. Curd which is not fully fermented should not be consumed. Those who violate these restrictions are likely to suffer from the following disorders - fever, bleeding disorders, skin diseases, Herpes (Akki in

    Tamil), anaemia, giddiness, and swelling in the body (oedema). Persons with respiratory

    diseases should not consume curd since it increases phlegm. Curd has a property known as abhishyandi, which means it coats and blocks the fine channels in the body which leads to many diseases.

    Since Radha used curd in excess and indiscriminately without observing any restrictions, Kapha was aggravated in her body. As a consequence, There was swelling in her body & legs, watering of the eyes & many other complaints. So, at first, she was treated with medicines to reduce Kapha. After this, she was given a treatment called “Udvarthanam” which involved rubbing her body with medicinal powders which reduce Vata & Kapha.

During the first week of the treatment , the swelling in her legs got fully reduced. Radha ndstarted to feel some sensation in her face. During the 2 week, she was given massage with

    medicinal oils followed by heat fomentation. Following this, she was given a treatment called “Vamanam” which involves vomiting.

    Following the Vamanam treatment, sensation returned to her face & head. After 2 weeks, Radha was given “Vasti” treatment which involves giving medicinal enemas for 8 days. After Vasti, she got back her sensation completely. The swelling in her legs, watering in the eyes & nose all these got cured completely. Radha returned to USA as a happy, healthy person.

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