Earth Patterns & Systems Vocabulary Match SOL 4

By Erin Jenkins,2014-06-30 22:06
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Earth Patterns & Systems Vocabulary Match SOL 4

    Earth Patterns & Systems Vocabulary Match SOL 4.7

    Directions Match the vocabulary word with its definition

    An imaginary line


    through a Definition Axis

    Word spinning object

    The path an

    One full spin of

    object takes an object around Rotation Orbit around another

    an axis


    The tilt of the The movement of

    Earth, which an object around Revolution Axial Tilt gives us our another object


    An average

    Third planet

    sized, yellow star from the sun

    about 110 times Earth Sun geologically

    the diameter of

    active planet


    A small, rocky The darkening of

    satellite that the moon as it orbits Earth; no passes through Moon Lunar Eclipse

    atmosphere or the Earth’s life, little gravity shadow

    The blocking of

    sunlight by the

    Aristotle & moon as the Earth Centered

    Solar Eclipse moon passes Solar System Ptolemy

    between the

    Earth and Sun

    Copernicus & Sun Centered

     Solar System Galileo

    Season Sort SOL 4.7


    1. Determine what season goes with each illustration of the


    2. Place the description of the event next to the correct


    Northern Hemisphere facing away

    from the sun’s direct light, Southern

    Winter Hemisphere facing toward the sun’s

    direct light

    Northern & Southern balanced

    Spring between the sun’s direct light

    Southern Hemisphere facing away

    from the sun’s direct light, Northern

    Summer Hemisphere facing toward the sun’s

    direct light

    Northern & Southern balanced

    Fall between the sun’s direct light

    ; Proposed finite spherical universe with Earth

    being the center Aristotle

    ; Greek Philosopher & Scientist

    ; Greek Astronomer & Mathematician

    ; Geocentric Theory Earth is the Center of the


    Ptolemy ; Math was the basis of his theory.

    ; Believed Earth did not move, all objects went

    around Earth in a perfect circle.

    ; Polish Astronomer

    ; Viewed solar system as sun centered

    ; Believed Earth rotated on an axis and revolves

    Copernicus around the sun

    ; People couldn’t understand his theories

    ; Disagreed with Ptolemy

    ; Italian Physicist & Astronomer

    ; Argued Aristotle’s theories

    Galileo ; Believed as Copernicus believed Sun

    Centered solar system

    Name Picture Description

Early Astronomers Sort SOL 4.7


    ; Place each name in the Name Column

    ; Match the Picture of the Person with his name.

    ; Determine which description goes along with each person.

Moon Moon Earth Earth Sun Sun

Lunar Eclipse Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Match SOL 4.7


    ; Label the parts of the Eclipse pictures using the

    words provided.

    ; Then, determine if it is a Lunar or Solar Eclipse

    James River York River Potomac River Ground Water Rappahannock River Chesapeake Bay Atlantic Ocean

    Watershed Diagram SOL 4.8

    Label each part o the watershed of Virginia.

Living Systems - Vocabulary

    Match SOL 4.5

    Match the vocabulary word to its definition

    Vocabulary Structural Behavioral


    Word Adaptation Adaptation Communities Producers Organisms Niche

    Habitat Ecosystem Population Camouflage

    Mimicry Instinct Migration Hibernation


    Food Chain Predator Prey


    Decomposer Algae Food Web Pollution Metamorphosis Larva Pupa Adult

    A plant that

    All the

    can create its

    A bodily A behavior or populations

    own food supply feature that action that living in one

    by using ndallows for allows for place - The 2

    sunlight, air,

    survival survival layer of the

    water, &

    Bull’s Eye


    The entire

    A particular

    area & all

    behavior that a The place


    specific where a

    living together. Anything that organism does specific

    The Land and

    is alive for the organism lives

    Organisms rdecosystem 3 layer of the stThe 1 layer

    the center of Bull’s Eye

    of the Bull’s

    the Bull’s Eye


    When an

    All of one kind

    organism looks A behavior of organism When an

    like another that the animal that lives in organism Blends

    organism to is born with, one location into its

    scare away knowing how to ththe 4 layer of surroundings

    predators or do immediately the Bull’s Eye

    blend in.

    Leaving a

    Community to Sleeping for

    find food, long periods of A behavior The steps that water, shelter, time to protect that an animal show energy’s

    better oneself from learns in order path through a weather, or a harsh weather to survive community

    place to conditions


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