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ENG123: Principles of Content Acquisition and Utilization Section 2 Semester 3, 2012 Course Details Course Title Principles of Content Acquisition and Utilization (Section 2) Course Code ENG123 Credits / Hours 3/3 Semester & Year Fall 2012 Pre-requisites English Center Recommendation Co-requisites Acceptance to SolBridge Department SolBridge Ge..

    ENG123: Principles of Content Acquisition and

    Utilization Section 2

    Semester 3, 2012

    Course Details

    Course Title Principles of Content Acquisition and Utilization (Section 2) Course Code ENG123

    Credits / Hours 3/3

    Semester & Year Fall 2012

    Pre-requisites English Center Recommendation

    Co-requisites Acceptance to SolBridge

    Department SolBridge General Education Department Course Coordinator English Language Training Director

    Contact Hours

    Class Type Days Time Room Lecture Mon/Wed 16:00-17:20 905 Instructor Details

    Instructor Barry King thRoom 5 Floor Administration Office, SolBridge Consultation Hours 1. Mondays 10:30-11:30

    2. Other times: By appointment or Open Door

    ; Can Send Email for appointment

    ; Open Door: If I am free, welcome. Email


    Instructor Webpage Pending

    Mission Map

    Approximate % of Course Approximate % of Assessment

    Content Mission Based Goals

    Global Perspective 25% 20% Asian Expertise 15% 20% Creative Management Mind 5% 5% Cross Cultural Communications 30% 35% Social Responsibility 25% 20% Total 100% 100%

SolBridge Mission & Course Objectives

    The goal of this course is to prepare students for the necessary English skills that you will experience in the business world and in other business classes at SolBridge. SolBridge has the mission of educating the next generation of Asian Thought Leaders. That mission begins with proficiency in English.

    The course offers instruction in and practice of Business English. Class and Study Group activities will be used to prepare you for competence in courses taught in English, as well as the Business world. Graduation credit is available for this course as a General Education Elective. Ethics and Strategy

Teaching Methodology

    The course will be implemented as a combination of lectures, discussions, in-class writing, assigned writing, as well as individual and group assignments. Attendance and full participation in the Business Study Group is required to be considered for completion of the course.

    The course will be conducted using a variety of textbook exercises, in-class handouts and multimedia tools designed to challenge students and provide practical skill development through guided discovery and practice.

Course Materials and Readings


    Title: Interactions 1 Reading

    Edition: 1st edition

    Author(s): Elaine Kirn, Pamela Hartmann

    Publisher: McGraw Hill

    ISBN-13: 978-0-07-126152-4

Other material

    Additional material will be given by me, and you are expected to be prepared for class with this material before its assigned usage date. This may include links to articles, websites, or audio and video clips. Material assigned in class will generally be required for the next class. You will need to review the material and be prepared to comment on and/or use the content during class work.

Assessment Method

    There are 5 components to assessment in this class.

    Component Weight

    1. Attendance 10%

    2. Participation 20%

    3. Assignments 20%

    4. Mid-Term Exam 20%

    5. Final Exam 30%

    Total 100%

    Attendance (10%)

    Attendance is required. You are expected to come to Class and Study Groups on time. Repeated lateness or absence without appropriate excuse will be treated as withdrawal from the course.

    Participation (20%)

    Attendance and effective interaction with classmates during each and every Class and Study Group is required. You are expected to come to class fully prepared for the lesson, to work sincerely to improve your communication skills, and to participate with others fully in order to help the class improve as a team.

    Assignments (20%)


    Please submit each assignment to me on or before the due date at the start of class:

    (a) Include your name, the assignment title, and the date on every page

    Ex: Chan_assignment1_2012-08-27


    Assignments will be evaluated according to each of the following criteria:

    (a) Fulfillment of the assignment’s objectives

    (b) Application of relevant skills

    (c) Originality and creativity

    (d) Neat presentation

    (e) Correct and good language

    Midterm Examination (20%)

    The midterm examination will be held during one class period. The examination will be for 90 minutes and will cover class material from the first six weeks. I will announce the format of the examination in class at a later date. The midterm examination carries a weight of 20%.

    Final Examination (30%)

    The final examination will cover class material from the entire semester. I will announce the format of the examination in class at a later date. The final examination carries a weight of 30%.

Course Outline

    This is a tentative outline. There will be adjustments as we move along. In each class, I will announce

    the required material for the next class.

    Week Chapter/ Topics Notes

    Week 1: Aug 27-31 Course Overview, Personal Introductions, and Assessment

     Unit One - Academic Life Around the World

    Week 2: Sep 3-7 Unit One Academic Life Around the World

     Unit Two Experiencing Nature

    Week 3: Sep 10-14 . Unit Two Experiencing Nature

     Unit Three Living to Eat, or Eating to Live

    Week 4: Sep 17-21 Unit Three Living to Eat, or Eating to Live Assignment 1 due

     Unit Four In the Community Wednesday

    Week 5: Sep 24-28 Unit Four In the Community

     Unit Five - Home

    Week 6: Oct 1-5 Unit Five - Home Presentation of Group Assignment Assignment 2 in class

     group assignment

    Week 7: Oct 8-12 Review - Midterm Exam

Week 8: Oct 15-19 Unit Six Cultures of the World

Week 9: Oct 22-26 Unit Seven - Health

Week 10: Oct 29-Nov 2 Unit Eight Entertainment and the Media Other Material Assignment 3 due


    Week 11: Nov 5-9 Unit Eight Entertainment and the Media - Other Material

Week 12: Nov 12-16 Unit Nine Social Life

Week 13: Nov 19-23 Unit Ten Sports Other Material Assignment 4 Due


    Week 14: Nov 26-30 Unit Ten Sports Other Material

Week 15: Dec 3-7 Review Final Exam

    Plagiarism, Copying and Academic Dishonesty

    I. Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of another’s work or ideas and the representation of these as

    one’s own.

    Definition of Plagiarism: “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. (OED)

    This includes among others but not limited to:

    (a) Copying another individual’s or group’s ideas and work, copying materials from the Internet

    and other published sources and producing such materials verbatim.

    (b) Using others’ ideas and work without proper citation of the original proponent or author of

    the idea. Students are expected to produce original work of their own for assignments and

    examinations. A comprehensive definition and explanation of plagiarism will be given during

    the first class period, and students are expected to take serious note of this explanation.

    These rules apply to Internet sources also. You are strongly advised to access the following website and learn how to avoid plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to learn this on his/ her own.

    SolBridge considers plagiarism as a serious breach of professional ethics. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form at SolBridge. Penalties can be as severe as expulsion from the university. To avoid plagiarism it always best to do your own work or cite the work of others as appropriate. Refer to your student handbook for a more detailed description of plagiarism and the associated penalties. In this class, the rules are:

    1. The first instance of plagiarism will result in a “zero” for the assignment in question.

    2. The second instance of plagiarism will result in a fail grade for the entire course.

    3. The third cumulative instance of plagiarism, academic dishonesty and violation of school

    disciplinary rules in this and other classes will result in serious disciplinary action which could

    include expulsion from SolBridge.

    4. I must report each instance of plagiarism, academic dishonesty and violation of school

    disciplinary rules to the disciplinary officer.

    II. Copying Textbooks. copyrighted materials and academic dishonesty

    A. Copying Textbooks and other copyrighted materials without permission of publisher or

    author is tantamount to theft. Therefore, students are expected to purchase the prescribed

    books and other materials from the bookstore.

    ; Students using copied versions of books without permission will be asked to leave

    the classroom.

    ; In addition, such students will get “zero” participation points and any other penalties

    as levied by the instructor.

    B. Academic Dishonesty includes but is not limited to: (a) plagiarism, (b) cheating during

    examinations, (c) obtaining/ providing information for reports, assignments and

    examinations by fraudulent means, (d) falsification of information or data, and (e) false

    representation of others’ effort as one’s own.

    Some examples of academic dishonesty are: copying from other students during examinations;

    copying material from other students’ reports/ assignments and submitting the same as one’s

    own report; creating fictitious interview materials for assignments or reports. These are just a

    few examples and are not exhaustive.

    The rules on plagiarism, copying, and academic dishonesty are non-negotiable.

    Key Dates

    Date Event

    August 27-31, 2012 First week of Class

    October 8-19, 2012 Midterm Examination period

    December 3-7, 2012 Final Examination


    *Essays submitted via Blackboard should be double-spaced and use size 12 Times New Roman font.

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