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Secondary HSIE RSS feed for Term 1 2011

    Dear Colleague

    You are receiving this information because you have subscribed to the Curriculum Support RSS feed for Secondary HSIE. Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues who may find it useful. This email newsletter comes from the Department of Education and Training’s Curriculum and

    Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC) the new directorate that combines Curriculum K-12 and Centre for Learning Innovation. As a result of this merger new HSIE positions have been created. These are Geography and Economics K-12 (Anne Southwell), History K-12 (TBA) and Studies of Asia K-12 (Jennifer Curtis). Julie Flynn is now the team leader for HSIE, Languages and PDHPE. The History K-12

    DET Jobfile, eligible history teachers are position is yet to be filled and is currently advertised on

    encouraged to apply. This position is open to all teachers, not just those who work for DET. Applications for this position close 8 April 2011.

    International Studies

    International Studies is a School Developed Board Endorsed Course which has been written to

    support schools wishing to teach a course in Stage 5 that supports cultural understanding or a focus on studies of Asia as a 100 hour or 200 hour course. The course includes a core study: Understanding

    culture and diversity in today’s world, as well as the following options - Religion and culture; Gender

    differences; The media: religion, politics and human rights; Culture in work and the workplace; Coming to Australia; Cultural tourism; Culture and the creative and performing arts; Culture and sport; Culture and family life in China and India; Culture and food; Culture and science, technology and change; or a school developed option.

    Schools wishing to implement the course need to gain Board of Studies approval. You only need to

    International studies home page, send in the first page of the Board Endorsed Application at

    provided on the front page of the curriculum document, to the Board of Studies and include a brief rationale. The uptake of this course is increasing steadily.

    To support teachers implement International Studies two workshops are being run in June 2011 in Coffs Harbour (23 June) and Ballina (24 June). The workshops will give participants an understanding of the knowledge, skills and understandings of the course. Through both plenary and hands on sessions participants will have opportunities to analyse programs and select and develop support materials. Through professional dialogue teachers will deepen their understanding of core issues of the course and learn from the experiences of others already teaching the course. This is an across sector workshop.

    Register on MY PL@DET for Coffs Harbour and Ballina.

    Australian Curriculum Update

    The impact of the Australian Curriculum on HSIE is unique in that there are HSIE subjects in all 3 phases of development, with History in Phase 1, Geography in Phase 2 and Economics and Civics and Citizenship in Phase 3. It has been widely publicised by the NSW Board of Studies that all NSW primary and secondary schools will continue to use existing Board of Studies NSW syllabuses for 2011. This is because the NSW Board of Studies is currently developing new Kindergarten-Year 10 syllabuses for English, mathematics, science and history to support implementation of the Australian Curriculum content descriptions in NSW. During 2011, do keep your eye out for opportunities to contribute to consultation on these new NSW syllabuses. For further information go to the Board of Studies Latest news on the Australian curriculum in NSW. The NSW Board of Studies will continue to

    provide advice on the impact the phases of development will have on HSIE K-6 and 7-10.

HSIE HSC Online subjects

    The HSC online materials are currently being reviewed. Please contact me if you are interested in reviewing specific HSIE Stage 6 subjects or undertaking some of the writing or rewriting required to update the HSC online materials 9886 7156. Relief for schools is

    available as well as direct payment on negotiation.

    The review of Stage 6 Geography shows that all references and case studies need to be updated and new case studies written. Some changes have already been made. I am currently looking for a writer(s) to redo the Urban Places topic.

    For Legal Studies the new core on Crime has been written and is being edited for uploading. A legal studies teacher is needed to map the syllabus links and develop a learning scaffold based on the revised syllabus.

    Economics requires a full review and comparison to the revised syllabus.

    The work required to update the HSIE HSC online subjects is extensive and needs urgent attention. Progress can only be made with assistance from teachers in schools with the necessary expertise. I am more than happy to field any queries or suggestions that you have.

    DET Yammer

    If you haven’t yet discovered DET Yammer can I recommend that you have a look and consider

    joining, or even initiating, one of the informal forums. Yammer is an excellent vehicle for teachers to ask questions, request specific support, participate in a philosophical debate with colleagues or even just suggest some great resources or web sites. There is a range of online groups and communities available on Yammer. HSIE subjects currently with Yammer forums that DET teachers can join using their DET email address include:

    Aboriginal Studies

    Commerce Teachers

    Geography Teachers

Community Yammer groups that can be joined by interested teachers are:

    History Teachers Network


     As you can see there is still a need to establish specific, additional HSIE subject Yammer groups by those with a passion or expertise in those subjects. I note that teachers are making comments about Society and Culture within other subject areas. I am very happy to assist if you are interested in starting a new Yammer group.

    HSIE Resources Update

    Class sets of Ambush in Bandhavgarh are still available at $77 for 30 books. Download the order

    form and teaching notes. These beautifully presented books provide support for 4G4 Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship. Some of the identified tasks in this program also link to the Global

    Organisations section of 4G3 where students learn about a group involved in promoting

    environmental sustainability.

    Some great new websites:

    ; MoneySmart is the new financial literacy web site for ASIC. This new web site provides

    significant advice for everyone on the financial decisions throughout life. The new web site

    provides a wide variety of financial calculators and includes a section for educators. This web

    site is particularly relevant to Commerce.

    ; About New South Wales is a new web site that showcases the people, places and history of

    New South Wales. Specific information and census data is available on every town and

    suburb in New South Wales. On this web site you are able to search for images and articles

    on popular topics related to New South Wales, browse artworks, heritage sites, museum

    artefacts and related information on a map, explore demographic data and compare

    different regions on a map.

    ; Atlas of New South Wales is an interactive atlas of New South Wales that includes links to

    election data, history and demographic data for each local government area of NSW. A

    variety of maps, graphs and information articles can be searched in different categories

    including some historical and election timelines.

    News from NSW State Parliament House Education Office

    Details of education programs for secondary include:

    Teachers programs:

    Civics and Citizenship strategies for Stage 4 and 5 Geography register on MY PL@DET Course code

    151CUK060. Monday 2 May 2011.

    Civics and Citizenship strategies for Stage 5 History register on MY PL@DET Course code 151CUK015.

    Tuesday 10 May 2011.

    Legal Studies and Commerce Interactive Workshop at Parliament House register on MY PL@DET

    Course code 151CUK169. Tuesday 21 June 2011.

    Students programs:

    Secondary Schools Leadership Program 2011. Information has already been sent out to schools.

    Please contact 9230 2047 if you can’t find the information and need it faxed out.

    Forum 2011 Parliamentary style debating program: 23 May

    This program supports Civics and Citizenship curriculum content in Stage 5 History and Geography.

    Invited schools select Year 10 students to participate. Students at the forum will each take on the roles of government or opposition Members and will debate several Matters of Public Importance responding to current issues, together with one piece of ‘legislation’. Expressions of interest close

    March 28.

    Secondary Schools Aboriginal Reconciliation Convention 22 August 2011.

    The Education Section of the NSW Parliament each year conducts a Reconciliation Convention for Years 9 and 10 students. Schools that express interest in participating in this civics and citizenship program for Stage 5 students will receive resource materials relating to the Close the Gap campaign

    and the program outline for the Reconciliation Convention.

    Young women’s leadership seminars 2011

    For girls in Year 11 to discuss the many social, political and personal issues that affect women in leadership roles; and to provide the opportunity for the participants to meet a variety of role models of women leaders.

    Schools constitutional convention: 14 November

    During term three, information will be sent to all secondary schools inviting Principals to nominate one Year 11 student for the NSW Schools Constitutional Convention. Up to 100 students will be selected from the applications to attend the Convention at NSW Parliament House on November 14.

    Vote Formal: 21 November

    A program aimed at encouraging students in Year 12 to enroll to vote. The broader aim of the program is to educate participants about informed and active citizenship and to develop an understanding of the democratic process and their role within that.

    Inside NSW Parliament a web resource that provides a virtual and interactive tour of parliament suitable for students in Stages 4 and 5.

    Other programs and resources

    ; School visits to Parliament House are free.

    ; Information about the State Election on March 26.

    ; For information about our free public programs which might be of interest.

    ; For information about, and to download other publications and resources.

Nihongo Tanken Centre

    Nihongo Tanken Centre provides a stimulating and authentic Japanese environment where The

    students from Kindergarten to Year 12 can use and further develop their Japanese language skills. The name Nihongo Tanken means exploring Japanese in the sense of an adventurous expedition into Japanese language and culture, seeking a deeper understanding of the Japanese language in context. The Centre is a Japanese-style building and garden with the “look and feel” of Japan. Students and teachers are immersed in Japanese language and culture through innovative learning programs. Review the program and facilities, including provisions for schools too distant to attend the centre at Kirrawee High School.

    Anne Southwell

    Senior Curriculum Support Officer, K-12 Geography and Economics

    NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC)

    T: 02 9886 7156

    F: 02 9886 7305


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