Microsoft Word Features for MLA Style Reports

By Geraldine Rivera,2014-06-18 12:16
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Microsoft Word Features for MLA Style Reports

    Microsoft Word 2007 Features for MLA Style Reports To begin your report, complete the four numbered steps below in the

    order provided. Be sure to save your file frequently.

    1. Set the margins to 1 inch.

    ; Click the Page Layout tab, then Margins.

    ; Choose Normal, which will change all margins to 1.

    2. Create a header to display your last name and the page number.

    ; Click the Insert tab, then Header.

    ; Choose Blank.

    ; Your screen will look like this:

    ; Click the “Type Text” placeholder and hit the tab key two times. Now your insertion

    point should be blinking on the right side of the Header box and the placeholder has


    ; Type your last name and hit the space bar one time.

    ; Click the Page Number button and choose Current Position, then Plain.

    ; Click the Close Header and Footer button on the ribbon to begin typing your report. 3. Set the line spacing to double.

    ; Click the down arrow connected to the Line Spacing button in the Paragraph grouping on

    the Home tab.

    ; Select 2.0.

    ; Click the down arrow connected to the Line Spacing button a second time and choose

    “Remove Space After Paragraph.”

    ; Type your four-line heading at the left marginhit enter after each line.

    ; Click the Center Align button, type your report title. Hit enter once after the title.

    ; Click the Align Left button.


4. Set the Indent Marker for the paragraphs.

    ; If you do not see your ruler, click on the View tab, then put a check mark in the Ruler


     Point to the First Line Indent Marker on the ruler. When you see the screen tip “First ;

    Line Indent,” click and drag the marker to the ?” mark on the ruler.

    ; These steps should be completed before typing the first paragraph.

     Use the ;Word Wrap Feature when typing the paragraphs of the report. This means

    that you do not press the enter key until the end of the paragraph. The computer will

    know when a word cannot fit on one line and will wrap it to the next line for you.

    Use the remaining instructions as needed.

    Steps for creating and inserting a new Citation:

    ; Click the References tab.

    ; Be sure the style is set to the type of report you are creatingeither MLA or APA.

    ; Click Insert Citation, then Add New Source.

    ; Choose the type of source you are citing.

    ; Fill in the boxes as required by your instructor or as indicated in your Keys for Writers

    handbook. If you are not seeing a required field, click in the box in front of “Show All

    Bibliography Fields.” You should now be able to locate the field(s) you need.

    ; Click OK when all required fields are filled in.