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    Name: _____________________________________ Hour: ____

     Tutankhamen’s Tomb Webquest

    Part 1: Take a tour inside of each chamber

    Fill in each chamber with *Entrance* the correct name.

    The entrance passage consists of

    3. _________________ with steps that

    descend ____________ into The Valley of 4.

    the __________. Once down the pathway,

    a plaster wall is present.

     *Antechamber* 2.

    The Antechamber is the _________ room

    seen upon entering the tomb. This chamber

    was __________ with many _____________.

    with m Many of the items found were carved

     __________, _________, and Tut’s famous

     golden __________. It’s assumed the tomb

    5. had been __________ into more than once,

     leaving everything _______________ in the

     pursuit for treasure. Even more amazing is

     two ____________ found guarding that

     entrance into the ___________ chamber.

     *Annex* 1.

    Although the Annex room does not attract

    much ______________, it remains one of the

    more ______________ finds of the tomb.

    This room holds _____________ items used

    during the reign of Tut. Although the room

    was left in ___________ it holds pots and

    games the young boy used as a _________.

     *Treasury* *Burial Chamber* The treasury room holds some of King Tut’s

    The Burial Chamber was the final __________ __________ for King most _____________ pieces. Upon entering the

    Tut. This chamber was ___________ behind a plaster door. Inside were room a large statue of ___________ guards the several golden __________, each being larger then the previous one. entrance. A little further down into the room a Inside the inner shrine was a ________________ made of stone. Inside large shine contains the ___________ of the laid the coffin of King Tut and his most famous treasure, The pharaoh. This room contained many of the __________ __________ Mask. famous ____________ such as King Tut

     harpooning and ridding upon a _____________.

Part 2: Take a tour inside of each chamber

    Click on: Click to Enter- You are Howard Carter and you are ready to make your first visit into King Tut’s tomb. After many years of hard work in the Valley of the Kings, you will be viewing items which have not been seen for almost 3000 years. You are equipped with only a small candle and will only be able to see what the light will reveal. Use the arrows at the bottom to move left and right. Once you are done exploring one room, click the map and proceed to the next room. Repeat until you view each room and see if you can find King Tut’s sarcophagus. Good Luck!

    * In which room did you find King Tut’s sarcophagus? ______________________________

    (Hint: Once open, there are two large wings on the front of it)

Part 3: Treasures inside Tut’s Tomb

    Click on one of the treasures down below. Write the name of the treasure, draw a picture of it, and write a one sentence detail in the table below. You will need to do this for 3 treasures.



     ______________ ______________ ______________

     ______________ ______________ ______________ Detail

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    Part 4: Tut Discovery Timeline (fill in the appropriate month, date, and year on the lines provided or just the

     year if the date and month are not available. Then number the events on the

     on the lines to the right from 1- what happened first, to 5- what happened last )

    1. ________________________ An Egyptian boy employed by Carter notices a step carved in rock. ____ 2. ________________________ Lord Carnarvon dies from an infected mosquito bite in Cairo. ____ 3. ________________________ Death of Howard Carter in London, his projected final publication of the ____

     tomb, A Report upon the Tomb of Tut 'ankh Amun, unfinished.

    4. ________________________ The Burial Chamber is officially opened ____

    5. ________________________ Howard Carter goes to Egypt as a junior artist with the Egypt Exploration ____

     Fund; he stays on and eventually is hired by Egypt's Antiquities Service.

Part 5: Getting to Know Howard Carter

    1. What is considered one of “the greatest of all living museums”? ____________________________________

    2. What did Carter do before he went searching for the “lost” tomb of King Tut?

    _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What delayed Howard Carter’s work? _________________________________________________________

    4. How many tombs would Carter eventually discover in the Valley of the Kings? _________________________ 5. What was the date when Carter unearthed the staircase to Tut’s tomb? ______________________________

    6. What time was it when he finally broke through the plaster blocks? __________________________________ 7. How many years did it take to catalog the artifacts from this one tomb? ______________________________

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