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     Artisian Food China expand service

    Jing Dian Mei Shi’s core focus is B2B marketing to connect artisan food companies who desire to import foods to China with distributors within China who want to find new products from around the world.

    We can Supply services as below.

    Local Market research

    We have become a leader in these categories through our in-depth knowledge of market needs acquired through constant communication with our customers and end users, and analysis of comprehensive sales data. We have good relationship with the local distributors,this give us the foundation for the new product enter china market.

    Brand Building

    We have been able to effectively integrate their products into the local market while maintaining their international identities. Brands are launched and developed according to marketing plans .we can deliver your product brand story with our social media.

    Repacking Advise

    Catering to customers' specific needs, our marketing team designs and produces packaging in China. King FoodGroup repeatedly created brand-new SKUs originally not available overseas, winning strong market demand. We also design combo packs for short-term promotions or long-term sales in the retail network. Our marketing experience and our packaging know-how help us to closely follow and quickly respond to the latest market trends. Fairs & Events

    King Food Group participates in food exhibitions in China to introduce new brands and products to existing customers and to meet with new leads. Being close to our customers in multiple cities in China is a key to understand each region specifics needs and be able to adjust promotion policies.


    Our Website, and provides visitors with a comprehensive catalog of products, constantly updated to reflect our rapidly growing product base. We can show all the information both in Chinese and English.

Translation Service

    While English is a popular second language, Chinese is still the dominant language. Jing Dian Mei Shi translates your information. We can also work with you as you enter into distribution channels by translating and producing your marketing materials. We can help translate the Chinese label version too.

Please contact us today if you want expand in China Market.

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