? On Line registration is limited to renewal for all girls/adults and for ...

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? On Line registration is limited to renewal for all girls/adults and for ...for,and,all,All,Line,line

    ; On Line registration is limited to renewal for all girls/adults and for NEW adults as well.

    ; Paper registration will be needed for the following conditions:

    1. New girls

    2. People who are not paying via credit OR debit card, (so cash and checks

    are paper registration)

    3. People who do not have email, corrected emails, or web access

    4. People who want to use their cookie card credits

    5. People who need financial assistance

    6. People who are signing up for Lifetime membership

    ; There will be an incentive patch for anyone (girl and adult) who will use the on-thline registration by June 15

    ; There is a time line progression for groups to use on-line registration (dates are always subject to change but this is the latest timeline)

    o The system will be that each group that has the “window”

    opened for them to do the on-line registration will receive an

    email to alert them and explain to them how to do it th1. April 6, 2010 Staff will receive a Custom eBlast notifying to renew now

    and/or update information

    2. April 12: Troop Leaders will receive online membership registration, site

    instructions, procedures, deadlines, incentive and use of troop

    management info in Monday Mailing

    3. April 13: SU Registrars and SUD will be able to renew now or/and update

    information via a custom eBlast notification.

    4. April 20: Troop leaders will be notified to Renew now via a custom theBlast notification, (They will have until May 11 to renew. CDD’s and SU rdRegistrars will check around May 3 to see if the troop leader has

    actually followed through, will be following through or if they will be

    disbanding. If they are disbanding then notification to the troop

    members will be needed which will probably need to be done by the

    registrar because if the parents actually go on and register and yet the

    leader does not, then we will have a situation of a group of people

    registered without an active troop. So the time between the Troop

    leaders and the parent’s window needs to be used to find out who is

    continuing their troop and who is not.)

    ; (Troop Leaders could do the re-registration for everyone in their

    troop if they wish and pay with troop debit card. The issue would

    be that if a check bounces there is no protection for the troop)

    5. May 11: Parents of registered girls and registered adults will receive a

    custom eBlast notification opening the window for them to do on line

    registration. June 15: END of Early Bird registration/ability to get

    incentive patch, for registering on line

    6. September 30: END of on time registration for everyone else: “RENEW

    before 9/30 or else girls and adults not Renewed will drop off troop


     th; The reason that March 19 deadline for getting all leaders/advisors ensured to

    each active troop PLUS making sure we have emails for everyone is to give the

    “back office” staff (registrars) time to enter all the adjustments/changes to be thready for the April 12 beginning of notifications.

    ; There will not be Spring Packets this year. Forms; Blank Girl and Adult

    registration forms, Membership dues summaries will be GSUSA’s standard forms,

    (It is okay to use up the GSNC’s forms as well.) We will continue to use the GSNC

    worksheets and annual permission forms and health forms. SO all of these

    forms will need to be collected, bundled and given to the Registrars prior to April th13. Registrars will also need to have additional deposit slips available for

    membership deposits.

    ; Office registrars will be the front line for providing assistance with activating

    accounts, resetting passwords, answering questions etc. There will be a “help

    desk” email address

    ; Office registrars will also field questions regarding girls not on roster, no access


    ; SUD and SU registrars are expected to provide customer support in the Service


    ; For monies that cannot be processed online, e.g. lifetime members, graduating

    seniors, direct deposit at local Wells Fargo Banks will continue for all cash/check

    membership registrations. Existing Troops have the deposit slips. For paper

    registration (cash/checks to be deposited into the Wells Fargo registration

    account) folks can still contribute as normal to the family campaign. (On line

    folks will not be able to contribute via their registration process but will be able

    to contribute by going to another window.)

; It doesn’t matter how many “01”s a troop has now.

    Stage 3: The following information is several questions/answers taken

    from the FAQ on the website. These FAQ’s are updated with new

    questions and answers placed periodically. So check this link out to get

    more information not spoken of in this document:

    What are the benefits of online troop management for troop leaders?

    Know who's registered in the troop and who's not. Email parents. Print rosters. Update girls and parents' contact information. Update troop meeting information. For a demonstration of online troop management, click here:

    What are the benefits of Personify eBiz for Service Units?

    One of the benefits of online registration is that the database will be updated daily; there is only a one-day delay between when a parent registers and when the data is available. All memberships purchased online (by a parent or a troop leader) on Monday can be viewed by troop leaders in the troop hub and accessed through reports on Tuesday. Therefore, everyone will have access to more timely information.

    To make sure Service Unit Team members have the information they need to perform their volunteer roles, staff will email reports (PDF and Excel versions) that contain the data needed. Specific information about who will get what when will be will be communicated as part of the roll out of online membership registration.

    Who has access to online troop management?

    Access to online troop management is by troop. Only troop leaders with a 01 position code in the Personify database for a specific troop have access to online troop management for that troop. If a troop leader has more than one troop, she must have a 01 position code on record for each troop in order to have access to online troop management for all her troops. Assignment of position codes is done offline by council staff. A process is being developed. Stay tuned.

    What information can leaders see in online troop management?

    The leader can see each individual’s registration status and the information that is contained on a member registration form only: contact information; grade; school; age; Girl Scout history; custodial care; racial/ethnic background. The leader does not have access to the order processed by the parent.

    How are the emails in Personify used?

    Troops will be able to communicate with parents via email through the Troop Management Hub. Service Units and the Council will be able to communicate important information to parents via email through Excel file exports.

    Should troop leaders renew memberships through online troop management?

    It’s preferable for everyone that parent/guardians renew girl memberships online and adults renew their own membership online. An individual renewing their membership online instead of a troop leader doing the online renewal eliminates the distribution and processing of paper registration forms and safeguards the troop from being liable for bounced checks and misuse of credit card information.

    If, however, a troop decides with the consent of the parents and guardians (signed registration form, email authorization, OR a signed roster authorizing registration) to have the troop pay for each girl and/or adult’s Girl Scout membership then it is recommended that the troop leader use the troop’s bank account debit card to pay for the online membership renewals using online troop


    Which membership registrations cannot be done online this spring?

    New girl memberships; lifetime memberships for adults and graduating seniors; memberships requiring financial aid; memberships paid for by cash, check, and cookie credit.

    What is the process for offline membership registration?

    The process for paper membership registrations will remain the same. Parent/Guardian or adult completes blank membership registration form. Troop leader collects forms and money. Troop leader completes dues summary and troop worksheet. Troop leader or Service Unit Registrar deposits cash and checks at a local Wells Fargo bank using the deposit slips provided by the council. Troop leader submits forms, dues summary, troop worksheet as well as the deposit slip and bank receipt if money was deposited at bank to the Service Unit Registrar. Service Unit Registrar prepares registration materials for submittal to local office. Service Unit Registrar sends materials to local office.

    What types of transactions must be done by Council staff in the online membership registration environment?

    ; Lifetime memberships (adults and graduating seniors) must be processed by council staff

    and therefore require the use of paper membership registration forms.

    ; Troop transfers must be done by Council staff. is

    currently used for this process.

    ; Position code assignments must be done by Council staff. A process is being developed.

    Stay tuned.

    What happens if a girl wants to renew her membership but is transferring to another troop?

    Renewals are existing orders in Personify so renewing and switching troops is a two-step process:

    1. purchase existing order online to renew membership with the existing troop on record

    2. initiate a troop transfer. The troop transfer process is being refined. Transfers are made

    offline by council staff.

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