Welcome to WIC -State WIC

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Welcome to WIC -State WIC

California WIC Program

    Welcome to WIC

    What You Need to Know

     Format: This is an Adult-Centered Education (ACE) lesson plan. ACE is structured around pair and group discussions with parents and hands-on learning. It may include some shared adult/child activities.

    Who WIC participants new to the program or returning after not

    participating for awhile. Often participants are parents of a new baby

    or young child.

    WIC educators Nutrition Assistants or Registered Dietitians who

    are familiar with the program requirements and knowledgeable about

    local stores and how to shop for WIC foods.

    Why The WIC program wants WIC orientation to be a positive and

    useful experience for WIC families. We want to warmly

    welcome participants to the program and help them feel good

    about their participation in the program-to have a good first

    impression of WIC services, staff and the WIC environment. We

    want them to come back!

    The WIC program needs to review with WIC families federally

    required orientation information. We want to make sure that

    participants understand their roles and responsibilities in the WIC

    program. We want to offer them ideas on how to make their

    participation a good experience.

Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 1

California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Why WIC participants would like an opportunity to practice

    shopping for WIC foods in a safe and fun environment. WIC (continued)

    has heard that, at times, the shopping experience is less than

    positive for WIC families and for grocers. Grocers have

    requested that participants be more prepared and WIC families

    have requested some practice shopping, since shopping can be

    confusing for them. Sometimes, participants may not be

    redeeming all their checks because they are unsure of what they

    can buy.

    Time 45-60 minutes, before or after the participant is certified, depending

    on how many participants are in the class and how the discussions

    are facilitated.

Set-Up Set up chairs in a semicircle or other comfortable arrangement.

     Post class outline

     Post enlarged WIC check and WIF

     Keep the lapboards handy for distribution

     DVD player set up with DVD ready to go

     Welcoming soft music optional

    By the end of this session, learners will have: Objectives

     Viewed a summary of the WIC program benefits

     Identified key parts of the WIF

     Identified key parts of the WIC check

     Observed Ivette and Josie shopping for WIC foods

     Practiced shopping for WIC foods using lapboards

     Described how to contact the WIC local agency

Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 2

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Lesson 1. Welcome, Introductions, and Overview 12 minutes

     Welcome and Introductions Overview Warm-up Activity Class Outline Part One of Welcome to WIC (W2W) DVD Questions Agency-Specific Information

     2. Your WIC Agency and WIC ID Folder 7 minutes Enlarged Tri-Fold WIF Key Parts Part Two of “W2W” DVD

    3. Looking at a WIC Check 5 minutes

     Enlarged WIC Check

     Key Parts

     Answer Questions

     4. Let’s Go Shopping 8 minutes

     Part Three of “W2W” DVD

     Answer Questions

     5. Let’s Practice Using WIC Checks 10 minutes Use WIC Shopping Guide Pair or Group Shopping for WIC Foods Using a WIC Check Group Review and Corrections

    6. What You Need to Know…… 3 minutes

     Review of Welcome to WIC: What You Need to Know


    7. Closing

     Thank You

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 3

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

     Materials Class Outline (for posting)

Orientation Enlargements

     Enlarged Tri-fold WIC Identification Folder

     Enlarged WIC Check

Shopping Props


     Sample Check (combo or cereal)

     Shopping Basket

     Laminated Food Pictures:

    ; Milk

    ; Cereal

    ; Cheese

    ; Eggs


     WIC Shopping Guide

     Welcome to WIC: What You Need to Know


     Welcome to WIC

Typically, the participant will be seen as an individual contact Individual

    before or after the group session. During the individual contact:


    1. Determine WIC Eligibility.

    2. Read “Rights and Responsibilities” (participant reads or

    staff reads to participant) and sign a copy for local

    agency files.

    3. Complete Motor Voter per policy.

    4. Issue WIC ID Folder.

    5. Make referrals to appropriate services (new pamphlet:

    Referrals: How Can We Help?).

    6. Offer Nutrition education per agency protocol.

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 4

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC



    Welcome Welcome,


    and Overview “Welcome! We are glad you are here today. My name is 12 minutes .

    Our goal for today is for you to enjoy your WIC experience and feel

    comfortable about shopping with WIC checks.”

    Facilitator Tip: You know your audience. Discuss the

    Warm-Up Activity questions in pairs or as a group.

    Warm-Up Activity

    “Let’s start today by talking about grocery shopping.”

    Facilitator chooses one of these questions:

     “What time do you like to go grocery shopping and why”, or

     “What do you like about grocery shopping?

    Facilitator invites participants to share their conversations.

     “So, what have you heard about shopping with WIC checks?”

     “For those of you who have never been on WIC, what have

    you heard about shopping for WIC foods?”

     “And for those of you who have been on WIC, what is the

    most important thing about WIC shopping?”

    “As you can see, some of you have been on WIC before and others

    are new to the program. But WIC is always changing, foods

    change, checks change, even the WIC logo has changed. You will

    have the chance to learn something you did not know or maybe did

    not remember.”

    “If you are unsure about anything, please ask.”

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 5

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC Activities (continued)


    Review of Agenda Welcome,


    “Let’s review today’s agenda.” and Overview


     1. Welcome, Introductions, and Program Overview

     2. Your WIC ID Folder

     3. Looking at a WIC Check

     4. Let’s Go Shopping

     5. Let’s Practice Using WIC Checks

     6. What You Need to Know

    7. Closing

    Welcome to WIC (W2W) DVD

    Facilitator shows Part 1 of Welcome to WIC DVD.

    Ask if there are any questions.

    Share agency-specific information at this time.


    Enlarged Tri-Fold WIF Your WIC

    Agency and

    WIC ID Folder “Let’s take a closer look at the WIC Identification Folder. This is

    7 minutes your ID at the WIC office and at the grocery store”.

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 6

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Activities (continued)


    Highlights of WIF Your WIC

     Agency and

    Facilitator presents highlights of WIF. WIC ID Folder

    (continued) “Let’s go over the important parts of your ID folder so you’ll know

    what goes where”.

Facilitator points to key parts on the enlarged WIF.

    1. “Your WIC Agency’s Name is listed here. Here is our

    phone number.

    2. Parents (Legal Guardian):

     One parent’s name goes here.

     The other parent’s name goes on this line. This is the line

    for the other parent-- grandparent or foster parent included,

    but not for an alternate.”

    3. Your Alternate goes here.”

     Think about who you would trust to pick up your checks

    and shop for you.

    4. WIC Family Name goes here.”

    5. WIC Family ID Number is here. (So WIC can find your WIC

    record number quickly in the computer.)

    6. Individual Names and ID numbers are inside of the folder.”

    7. Date and Time of Appointment are on the back of the


“What are your questions about the WIC ID? Remember to bring

    your WIF to every appointment and the grocery store.”

Welcome to WIC (W2W) DVD

Facilitator shows Part 2 of Welcome to WIC DVD.

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 7

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Activities (continued)


    Enlarged WIC Check Looking at a

    WIC Check

    Facilitator hands out Welcome to WIC: What You Need to Know 5 minutes


     Before we look at the big WIC Check, open your Welcome to

    WIC: What you Need to Know pamphlet to pages 4 and 5.”

    Facilitator shows the correct pages with the check picture on it.

    First, let’s talk about where to shop. You may shop at any

    California WIC Authorized Vendor of your choice. How do you

    know where to shop? Look for the colorful WIC logo in the

    window or on the door of grocery stores that accept California

    WIC checks. This colorful WIC logo appears in your pamphlet on

    page 4. The WIC logo in blue appears on your WIC checks.

    Now, let’s look at the big WIC check.

    Facilitator Tip: When you invite feedback, remember to

    affirm, then gently correct with soft language, such as:

    “Thanks for offering that, the date (or whatever part of the

    check) is a confusing part of the check”.

    “I invite you to call out the numbers in the pamphlet that relate to

    the important parts of the WIC check we’re talking about”.

    1. Where do you find the first date you can start using the check?”

    (the red dot #3 on the check) Facilitator shows the red dot on the

    big check.

    2. “Where will you find the last day that your check can be used?”


    3. “Where will you find your WIC family name?” (#2) This is the

    name in WIC’s records and appears on your family’s checks.

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 8

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC Activities (continued)


    Looking at a 4. “Where will you find the kind of food you can buy?” (#8). Look WIC Check at “Kind to Buy” to know what foods to buy.


    5. “What about how much you can buy?” (#7) Look at “How much

    to buy” to know the amount of food you can buy.

    6. “Where will the cashier write in the actual price of the food you

    buy with this check?” (#5)

    7. “Where do you sign your check?” (#6)

    8. “Where is the WIC logo on the check?” (#9)

     Facilitator Tip:

     Facilitator may want to ask if any participants have been

     on WIC before to assess the need to discuss changes to

     max value (Must Not Exceed amount).

     You may want to mention that the video describes the old WIC check which listed individual grocery store names and max values. You want to emphasize that WIC has made some changes to make things easier for participants. They can shop in any store where they see the WIC logo and get all the foods described on their checks. For example: “WIC shopping is easier than ever. We removed the max price on the check. You can buy all the foods listed on your WIC check at any California WIC Authorized Vendor”

    “What are your questions about the WIC check?”

    Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 9

California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Activities (continued)


    Let’s Go Part 3 of Welcome to WIC DVD


    8 minutes Facilitator shows Part 3 of Welcome to WIC DVD.

    “What questions do you have?”


    Let’s Practice WIC Shopping Guide

    Using WIC

    Checks What’s it like to shop for WIC foods?”

    10 minutes

     Facilitator Tips:

     Reassure participants that making mistakes is okay. Circulate to see how pairs are doing and to answer individual questions. Put colored dots or something similar on the back of the incorrect food choices for easy identification by WIC staff.

    Pair or Group Shopping for WIC Foods Using a WIC Check

    “Now it is time for you to practice using WIC checks with a lap

    board and partner. The best way to learn is by doing. This is the

    place to make mistakes and that way, you’ll know what to do at

    the grocery store. Each lap board has a sample check, pictures

    of foods, and a shopping basket.”

     Pass out the lap boards (pair clients up if needed), or if you

    have chosen to have them under participants’ chairs, ask them

    to take them out.

     Get out the WIC Shopping Guides.

Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 10

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