Welcome to WIC -State WIC

By Hector Miller,2014-02-08 11:12
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Welcome to WIC -State WIC

California WIC Program

    Welcome to WIC

    What You Need to Know

     Format: This is an Adult-Centered Education (ACE) lesson plan. ACE is structured around pair and group discussions with parents and hands-on learning. It may include some shared adult/child activities.

    Who WIC participants new to the program or returning after not

    participating for awhile. Often participants are parents of a new baby

    or young child.

    WIC educators Nutrition Assistants or Registered Dietitians who

    are familiar with the program requirements and knowledgeable about

    local stores and how to shop for WIC foods.

    Why The WIC program wants WIC orientation to be a positive and

    useful experience for WIC families. We want to warmly

    welcome participants to the program and help them feel good

    about their participation in the program-to have a good first

    impression of WIC services, staff and the WIC environment. We

    want them to come back!

    The WIC program needs to review with WIC families federally

    required orientation information. We want to make sure that

    participants understand their roles and responsibilities in the WIC

    program. We want to offer them ideas on how to make their

    participation a good experience.

Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 1

California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Why WIC participants would like an opportunity to practice

    shopping for WIC foods in a safe and fun environment. WIC (continued)

    has heard that, at times, the shopping experience is less than

    positive for WIC families and for grocers. Grocers have

    requested that participants be more prepared and WIC families

    have requested some practice shopping, since shopping can be

    confusing for them. Sometimes, participants may not be

    redeeming all their checks because they are unsure of what they

    can buy.

    Time 45-60 minutes, before or after the participant is certified, depending

    on how many participants are in the class and how the discussions

    are facilitated.

Set-Up Set up chairs in a semicircle or other comfortable arrangement.

     Post class outline

     Post enlarged WIC check and WIF

     Keep the lapboards handy for distribution

     DVD player set up with DVD ready to go

     Welcoming soft music optional

    By the end of this session, learners will have: Objectives

     Viewed a summary of the WIC program benefits

     Identified key parts of the WIF

     Identified key parts of the WIC check

     Observed Ivette and Josie shopping for WIC foods

     Practiced shopping for WIC foods using lapboards

     Described how to contact the WIC local agency

Adult-Centered Education Lesson Plan page 2

    California WIC Program Welcome to WIC

    Lesson 1. Welcome, Introductions, and Overview 12 minutes

     Welcome and Introductions Overview Warm-up Activity Class Outline Part One of Welcome to WIC (W2W) DVD Questions Agency-Specific Information

     2. Your WIC Agency and WIC ID Folder 7 minutes Enlarged Tri-Fold WIF Key Parts Part Two of “W2W” DVD

    3. Looking at a WIC Check 5 minutes

     Enlarged WIC Check

     Key Parts

     Answer Questions

     4. Let’s Go Shopping 8 minutes

     Part Three of “W2W” DVD

     Answer Questions

     5. Let’s Practice Using WIC Checks 10 minutes Use WIC Shopping Guide Pair or Group Shopping for WIC Foods Using a WIC Check Group Revie