B2B shop

By Allen Rose,2014-05-24 01:17
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B2B shop

    Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers a lead generation company that uses best approaches in demand generation to dramatically improve the flow of quality sales leads. (Enough anchor text in there Jeff?). :)

    Patsi Krakoff of The Blog Squad her Writing on the Web blog is popular

    for a reason.

    Ardath Albee author of the hugely influential E-Marketing Strategies for the Complex Sale and Marketing Interactions blog.

    Michele Linn (Content Marketing Institute) and Stephanie Tilton, both of the famous Savvy Marketers. And both sharp thinkers and very generous people the kind that make the B2B community go round.

    Billy Mitchell at the sharp, fun, cutting edge B2B shop MLT creative. Billy gives back much more than he could ever take. And he knows his stuff.

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