Captains Match Report

By Jason Jackson,2014-02-08 11:13
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Captains Match Report

Captains Match Report

Farley Hill vs Ibis Mapledurham 19th June 2010

    Fresh off their first win of the season, Farley Hill travelled to the bowlers graveyard at Ibis Mapledurham short of one thing… bowling.

    With both James and Duncan away, the pressure was on the slow bowling trio of Trevor, John and Potts to perform with the balance of the overs to hopefully be

    made up by the part timers.

    The toss was crucial. To win it would result in the tactic of batting first, racking up the runs, and then trying to tease the Ibis batsmen out with our wily old campaigners.

Skipper lost the toss.

    John Cox, in his first games since hitting the ripe age of 60, was asked to bowl into the wind to start with. Bowling alongside Trevor, they surely made up the eldest opening bowling attack in the league.

    Perhaps unused to opening the batting against slower bowling, the Ibis pair struggled to get the ball away with any consistency. Good balls were defended and the wayward deliveries were regularly clipped straight at fielders as Farley made a strong start. With small bowling run ups and a lot of defending, the first 10 overs were up in the blink of an eye with Ibis on 27 for 0.

    Not wanting to bowl out both of our bowlers at the start, John Cox was removed from the attack and Potts was brought on. With a couple of good recent performances behind him, an “attacking” field was set with “only” two players in the deep. After one over that was reduced to a solitary boundary rider and soon after, everyone was brought in as he had instantly found a good length and was confusing the batsmen with a variety of speeds and spin.

    Frustrated, one of the openers hit out at Trevor and drilled the ball to mid on where Greg took a fantastic catch low down. 40 for 1.

    The quiet accumulation continued with Trevor and Potts keeping it tight. However as the game passed 20 overs, Ibis started to pick up the pace most noticeably in their

    running between the wickets.

    With a couple of overs to go until the drinks break, Potts declared to the Skipper that it was important to get one more wicket before drinks. This was achieved the very next ball when a wide half volley by Potts was sliced straight to Richard to point. Ibis were now 64 for 2 and their dangerous Captain had been removed.

At the other end, Trevor bowled his 12th and final over finishing with the

    economical figures of 1 for 34 - and the drinks break was taken with Ibis 67 for 2 from 23 overs.

    Farley then turned to its part timers to try and make up the 11 overs required from the “fourth” bowler. Ibis decided to up the tempo and found instant success. With lots of spaces in the vast outfield, and an aging Farley Hill side, the running between the wickets took on a further urgency. Regular 3’s were now being run as the ball was starting to get hit to all corners. Potts continued to challenge the batsmen from one end but they were starting to enjoy the quicker deliveries from Richard. Then, with the scoreboard showing 91 for 2 from 30 overs, Ibis really hit top gear.

Potts finished his excellent spell of bowling 1 for 37 from 11 straight overs, and

    John Cox was brought back into the attack in an effort to shut down the scoring.

    Richard was removed from the attack after 4 overs and, going on instinct, Skipper brought on Ali due to the previous success from the spinners.

    However the batsmen were in full flow by now and were scoring at 10 runs an over with the fielders starting to look bedraggled. Both batsmen raced past 50, although Ali sooned bowled one of them with the final ball of his second over to make them 3 down.

    The charge was well and truly on though, and Simon was brought on to replace Ali (and make his bowling debut for the season). John was struggling to contain the aggressive batsmen and Simon toiled valiantly despite his lack of bowling in recent times. The runs kept piling up and the scored raced past 200.

    Simon managed to snare his first league wicket by bowling a charging bat and, in the final two overs, John claimed a wicket expertly caught by Potts in the deep and

    Simon grabbed a caught and bowled off the final delivery. However Ibis had run away with things and had racked up 251 for 6 from their 45 overs.

    While the boys were dispirited by their fielding performance in the second half of the innings, they also knew that 250 runs on the Ibis pitch was achievable if we got off to a solid enough start.

    However Ross obviously had another plan in mind as confusion in the middle left Chris high and dry half way down the pitch run out for 1.

Simon came to the wicket looking more determined than in recent innings despite

    lobbing a gentle catch to square leg early on. Given a second chance after the ball was correctly deemed a no-ball for being above waist high, he soon settled and started to look strong with 3 consecutive boundaries.

    Ross was playing his usual game with 3 boundaries through the slips region, but eventually the odds went against him and he gloved a ball to the wicketkeeper for 21, leaving Farley at 45 for 2.

Richard joined Simon in the middle and soon picked up the pace rapidly passing

    Simon’s score as both men moved into the 30s. The drinks break was reached with Farley on 88 for 2 - 21 runs ahead of Ibis at a similar stage but with the knowledge

    that the opposition had achieved a frighteningly high runrate in the second half of their innings.

    A slow bowling attack and a very deep set field saw the boundaries dry up. The score progressed past 100 but Richard was soon caught behind for 39 to leave Farley with an uphill battle. Trevor strode to the wicket to be faced with his nightmare spin

    bowlers operating at either end. He very quickly looked to go over the top but was taken smartly at mid on for 1 and a win had pretty much disappeared from Farley thoughts.

    Ali joined Simon - who had now achieved his first 50 of the season - in the middle and the runs started to pick up again with some aggressive running between the wickets. The aim was now to get into the 200s in order to maximise the draw points on offer.

    However Ali was given out LBW for 13 and even 200 was now out of reach. Simon

    started to hit out with three quick boundaries but was soon caught on the boundary for 82 (equalling his Farley Hill career high) to leave the late middle order with the task of scoring as many runs as possible in the limited time left. In the chase for runs Peter and Greg were both dismissed for 2, and it was left for Potts to club the boundary in the final over to see us past 175 runs for a further batting point. With John Cox firmly entrenched at the non strikers end, Potts safely saw off the final over being

    dismissed off the final ball going for another boundary.

    Farley Hill had ended on 177 for 9 - surviving for the draw but not really benefitting too much in the way of points due to the gap in scores.

    So our one game winning streak is now at an end. With 7 points secured we have slipped to 9th in the table (as Goring scored 8 points) but further distanced ourselves

    from the bottom side, Checkendon (who scored 0 points). With all the lower half side losing, the result has not really affected us too much.

    We now have a super-crunch fixture this coming weekend against an Emmbrook side that currently sits in 7th place.

    Dick of the Day Award While you could make a strong case for giving the award to the Skipper (again) for his part in the senseless early run out, I have decided to give it to someone else for a change. Congratulations to Chris Garrod who receives the award for not one, but two magnificent strops one while fielding, and then the

    second as he left the ground after being run out. Never have the Farley boys seen a bat kicked quite so far…



Match Stats

R Ditchburn 21

    C Garrod 1

    S Longfield 82 5-0-45-2

    R Hammond 39 4-0-34-0

    T Clacey 1 12-2-34-1

    A Jalil 13 2-0-26-1

    P Jameson 2

    G Coney 2

    Potts 8 11-1-37-1

    J Cox 0* 11-0-73-1

    P Guard DNB

1 catch each for Coney, Longfield, Potts and Hammond

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