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Welcome to your own IIT Kanpur


May 2011

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal


     Manual for Faculty Members

     Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal Permanent Campus Transit Campus Indore By-pass Road ITI Campus (Gas Rahat) Building Bhauri, Bhopal - 462 030 Govindpura, Bhopal 462 023

    Madhya Pradesh, India Madhya Pradesh, India


    This booklet contains a compilation of the latest available information. Should the information change and the rules are revised, faculty members will be guided by the Institute through different media in this regard.

    The rules and guidelines of the Institute are subject to change from time to time as approved by the competent authorities of the Institute.

    If the Faculty members have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the office of Dean, Faculty Affairs.

Bhopal Prof. Vinod K Singh

    May 2, 2011 Director


1. The IISER system 1

    2. The Institute 1

    3. Important central facilities 2

    3.1 Library

    3.2 Computer Center

    3.3 Institute Works Department

    3.4 Institute Health Services

    3.5 Guest house

    4. On joining the Institute 4

    4.1 Joining report

    4.2 Bio-data and certificates

    4.3 Computer Center log-in

    4.4 Family declaration

    4.5 Identity card and Medical booklet

    4.6 New Pension Scheme (NPS)

    4.7 Medical examination

    4.8 Service book

    5. Professional responsibilities 7

    5.1 Instructional element

    5.2 Research and scholarship element

    5.3 Consultancy and extension element

    5.4 Management and Institutional development

    5.5 Conduct rules

    6. Academic system 10

    6.1 Teaching

    7. Outreach through Centre for Development of Science

    Education 11

    8. Benefits and privileges 12

    8.1 Cumulative Professional Development Allowance

    8.2 Telephone reimbursement

    8.3 Payment of Foreign TA/DA/Accommodation

    8.4 AGP equivalent to GPs for TA / DA

    8.5 Leave Regulations

    8.6 Family planning incentive

    8.7 Leave Travel Concession

    8.8 Reimbursement of travel expenses on initial appointment

    8.9 Facility of Loan

    8.10 Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme (GSLIS)

    8.11 Children‟s Education Allowance

    8.12 Medical Attendance Rules

    9. Facilities & services at Transit and Permanent Campus 19

    9.1 Housing

    9.2 Shopping Complex

    9.3 Transport

    9.4 Communication

    9.5 Schooling for children

    9.6 Institute Magazine

    9.7 Clubs

    10. Research & Development 21

    11. Leave Rules (on academic grounds) 21

    11.1 Introduction

    11.2 Leave on Foreign Service Terms

    11.3 Short Leave on Foreign Service Terms

    11.4 Long Leave on Foreign Service Terms

    11.5 Sabbatical Leave

    11.6 General Terms & Conditions th12. Pay Structure as per 6 CPC 28

    13. Rules for appointment of Adjunct/Honorary Professors 29

    14. Special Honorarium for SSB/Fellows of National Academies 30

    15. Institute Post Doctoral & Research Scientist Fellowships 31

    16. Delegation of Powers 33 17. Annual Performance Appraisal 33

    18. Appendix

    18.1 Guidelines on Research & Development 34

    18.2 Salary Structure for Project Appointment for R&D 46

    18.3 Delegation of Powers 53

    18.4 Annual Performance Appraisal form 63

    18.5 Medical Attendance Rules 64


1. The IISER system

    Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) were created in 2006 through a proclamation of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, to promote quality education and research in basic sciences. Soon after the announcement, two of these institutes at Pune and Kolkata, respectively, were started in 2006. This was followed by an institute at Mohali (2007) and at Bhopal and Trivandrum in 2008. Each IISER is a degree granting autonomous institution with a prime focus to integrate science education and research, with a motive of attracting bright students and world class faculty.

    The Board of Governors of each Institute is responsible for the general superintendence, direction and the control of the affairs of the respective Institutes, including policies related to the administration. The Chairman of the Board is nominated by the Government of India. The Director of the Institute is an ex-officio member of the Board. Two professors of the Institute are nominated to the Board by the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate is the highest academic body of the Institute. All academic matters including the control and general regulation of the standards of instruction, education and examination in the Institute comes under the purview of the Senate. The Director is the ex-officio Chairman of the Senate.

    2. The Institute

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal was created in 2008 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Its mission is to provide quality science education to UG and PG students. The prime focus is to integrate science education and research with a motive of attracting bright students and world class faculty. The Institute is committed to impart high moral and ethical

    values and create concern for social and environment awareness.

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal will provide a platform for the faculty to engage in high quality pedagogy, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and to perform cutting edge research in frontier areas of basic sciences. With these set of broad objectives, it is believed that IISER Bhopal will emerge as a world-class Institute within a few years of its inception.

    IISER Bhopal offers BS-MS (Dual Degree) and Ph.D. degree programs in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics & Environmental & Earth Sciences. The details of these programs can be found under academic affairs.

    The Director of the Institute is the Principal Academic and Executive Officer of the Institute. The Deans of the Institute shall assist the Director in various activities such as Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, Students' Affairs and Research & Development.

    3. Important central facilities

     3.1 Library

    The IISER Bhopal Library was started in August 2008 and currently houses around 3600 books and comprises of a collection of books for the BS-MS and Ph.D. curriculum in

    Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Earth & Environmental Sciences. The library collection also includes documents in Computer Science, History of Science, light reading material, Fiction, Stories, General books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Magazines etc. Research books & Monographs are also included in the collection for labs & research purposes. Online access to full text as well as bibliographic databases is being subscribed to facilitate research & teaching. Plans for library expansion include subscription to all major scientific

    research journals as well as e-books, e-journals & bibliographic databases etc. Very soon, IISER Bhopal Library will become a fully digital library with modern facilities. The Central Library of the Institute is a fully modernized academic system, in outfits, functionality and the quality of service.

    The library schedule is as follows:

    Monday Friday 8.00 AM -11.00 PM

    Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 9.30 AM - 06.00 PM The timings and days of operation shall undergo changes from time to time. During the semester examinations, the Library will be kept open for extra hours of time.

    Faculty members of this Institute are entitled to borrow up to 20 books each for a period of six months. Photocopying facility is available within the library. The website of the Institute provides full details of the library facility.

    3.2 Computer Center (CC)

    The computing facility at IISER Bhopal comprises of several workstations with a well established computer lab based on Linux/Windows platform and is connected to our own proxy and web automation servers. The computer lab is well equipped with all major public domain application software. Furthermore, it is in the process of establishing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux cluster of high performance computing systems for scientific research. The cluster is composed of 29 nodes where each computing node has dual Intel Xeon X5570 quad, core 2.93 GHz processors and the nodes are connected with infinite band interconnect to support more tightly coupled parallel applications.

    For further details regarding the facilities offered by CC, one can refer to the website of the Institute. The facilities at CC are continuously upgraded.

3.3 Institute Works Department (IWD)

    The primary role of the Institute Works Department (IWD) is to develop and maintain the capital assets and the utility services of the Institute. The details of various activities of IWD can be obtained from the website of the Institute. The Institute Works Department is striving hard for development of the permanent campus of the Institute at Bhauri.

    3.4 Institute Health Services (IHS)

    The Institute has an arrangement for providing Health Services under tie-up with hospitals and empanelled doctors. The details are made available on the website of the Institute for the benefit of the users. Medicines which are prescribed can be purchased from outside and later reimbursed on

    submission of the Bills. Cases can also be referred to specialists or for surgery etc. to one of the recognized hospitals/nursing homes approved by the Institute. For details regarding rules and services provided by the IHS, including medical reimbursement, the faculty can visit the website or contact the Finance Officer. The Medical Attendance Rules are annexed to this booklet.

    3.5 Guest house

    The Guest house provides boarding and lodging for all Institute guests subject to availability. The address and contact details are made available on the website with full information on the guesthouse accommodation facility of IISER Bhopal. 4. On joining the Institute

    The following important steps are required for completing the process of joining. A set of such important forms to be filled and submitted at the time of joining are made available on the website of the Institute at Msforms.htm

4.1 Joining report

    A joining report indicating the joining date and the joining time (forenoon/ afternoon) should be submitted to the Director through the Dean, Faculty Affairs.

    4.2 Bio-data and certificates

    A bio-data form duly completed is to be submitted to the Dean, Faculty Affairs office at the time of initial joining of the Institute.

    Copies of all the certificates and the Degrees obtained, along with the originals, should be submitted to the Dean, Faculty Affairs office. The originals will be returned to Faculty after verification. Submission of the High School Certificate or its equivalent, wherein the date of birth is recorded, is essential.

    Attestation forms are required to be submitted in triplicate. Passport size photographs are required to be pasted on all the three forms. These forms are required for verification of character and antecedents. Confirmation against the post that an incumbent is appointed (after successful completion of the specified period of probation) is taken up only after the verification of character and the antecedents has been carried out by the civic authorities.

    4.3 Computer Center log-in

    For access to the e-mail and internet facility a CC log-in is required. The required form can be downloaded from intranet website.

    4.4 Family declaration

    Faculty are required to submit a family declaration form, duly filled, to the Dean, Faculty Affairs office, for purpose of issuance of health services booklet(s), grant of LTC, etc to the eligible members. The list of family members is to be kept updated by intimating changes, if any, from time to time. For the purpose of availing medical facilities, the definition of family is given below:

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