Procedures for Asking Members to Renew

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Procedures for Asking Members to RenewFor,for,FOR

    WTS Membership Retention and Recruitment Taskforce

    “How-To Guide”

    Date Updated: February 18, 2006

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    Table of Contents

    1.0 Procedures for Asking Members to Renew 2.0 How to Re-energize Your Meetings and Your Members…..Even

    with a Geographically Diverse

    3.0 Downloading Chapter Membership Reports from the Website

     3.1 Interpreting Chapter Membership Reports

     3.2 Other

     3.3 Updating Member Information

    4.0 How All Chapter Committees Encourage New Members 5.0 Programs Build Membership

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1.0 Procedures for Asking Members to Renew

Background Information

    WTS now utilizes an anniversary based membership expiration system. The anniversary system means stthat each member who joins WTS (began on January 1, 2005) has an expiration date one year from the stdate that they joined. All WTS members who joined prior to January 1, 2005 will retain the membership stthexpiration date of December 31. For example, if someone joined on May 14, renewal date would be thMay 15 of the following year.

    Renewal invoicing for the anniversary system will clearly take a different approach then the annual system that was used in the past. Under the new system, renewal invoices will be batched by month. For example, all members who have a membership expiration date that falls in the month of May will threceive their renewal invoices at the same time. All of them will have until June 30 to renew their

    membership before a $10 new member fee is applied. This means that there will be 12 renewal invoice mailings a year from International (corresponding to the 12 months in the year). Invoices will be sent out tharound the 20 of the month before the expiration. For example, May renewal will have their invoice sent thto them around the 20 of April.

Recipe for Success

    Since we have changed to an anniversary system, it may be beneficial to designate a membership committee member who is in charge of renewal invoicing/reminders. You may need to bump up the volunteers on this effort as it gets close to December since a majority of our membership is still on the old renewal cycle. The following is a step-by-step example of how one should proceed when contacting membership at renewal time. This process will need to be repeated 12 times a year and will be thoverlapping. For this example, the person has an annual renewal date of April 30.

    What is most important is to do these steps for the majority of your members who will be renewing in January!

    Example of timeline for members expiring in April. This is the minimum that should be done each month.

     thMarch 10 Prepare a list of those in your chapter that are going to have their membership expire in

    April. This can be done by looking at the International Chapter Membership Reports

    (these can be downloaded from the website-See Section 3.0). The date that their

    membership ends is listed in column AH entitled “mem_date_end”.

     thMarch 20 Send e-mail to those whose membership expires in April. Use the following as a


     Dear Greater New York Chapter Members,

     This e-mail follows up on the WTS International renewal forms we sent by mail. If you

    have not received a renewal form, please go online to renew your membership at If you need your membership number to log in to the

    Web site, reply to this e-mail. We hope that you renew your membership and join us for

    another exciting year. Our chapter is committed to providing you with access to industry

    leaders, supporting professional development, and pursuing the advancement of women

    in transportation. Please renew your membership today! Sincerely,

     Mary Jones, Membership Chair

     stMarch 21 Create and send letters to members; include the most recent newsletter. Letter should

    list 2005 highlights and offer a preview of 2006. Include Web site address for renewing, stand emphasize the May 31 deadline.

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    thApril 5 Look online for members that have not renewed. Have board members call them


     thApril 29 Look online again and send an e-mail or formal letter to non-renewing members.

When a person renews……

    Send the verbiage below via e-mail or personal note.

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you very much for renewing your membership to WTS-Greater New York. We are grateful

    for your support of our chapter. I hope to see you at our next event on XXXX, with our guest



    Mary Jones, Membership Chair

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2.0 How to Re-energize Your Meetings and Your Members…..Even

    with a Geographically Diverse

    The greatest challenge for a chapter whose members are spread out geographically is having a large numbers of members that may never attend a program or event and therefore do not feel connected to the chapter. This dissatisfaction may lead to losing a member that could be adding great value. Diversity of skill and location is a great benefit to the transportation industry and the growth of WTS.

Suggestions for Maintaining/Expanding a Geographically Diverse Chapter

    1. Present Agency Executives that everyone will want to see they’ll make the drive for it!

    2. Price events so that the chapter does not lose money on the event. Do not be scared of a higher

    price. A higher price implies value and quality and insures the members investment of time as

    well as money.

    3. Email communication make sure to keep everyone abreast of events.

    4. Efficient web postings and access to the web be sure the website is updated and refer to it in

    communications of all kinds

    5. Alternate geographic location of planned events

    6. Large yearly or quarterly event that is a ? day to attract a one time larger crowd

    7. Smaller subset meetings - traveling board

    8. Subset programs for further away areas

    9. Advance notice of programs and events always let members and non-members on your mailing

    list know about events at least 3 weeks ahead of time.

    10. Plan larger programs which have multiple topics and or speakers

    11. Web conferencing of meetings if available for board or committee members.

    12. Conference call meetings for board or committee members.

    13. Understand what members that are further away from a Metro area expected from WTS by

    conducting a survey. Use the results of the survey to meet as many individual needs you can in a

    collective manner

    14. Entertain the idea of a weekend event

    15. Combine a popular attraction or event with WTS the location should be exciting and


    16. Encourage the further away members to take committee chair or executive positions in the


    17. Write thank you notes or even personal emails to acknowledge members coming from far


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    3.0 Downloading Chapter Membership Reports from the Website

1. On the home page,, log 2. Then, select the Primary Chapter

    in using your WTS member number (000000-00, be that is displayed

    sure to include the dash) and password.

    3. Your chapter’s homepage should come up. Different menus will be visible for different chapters.

    Select “Membership Directory” from the submenu (at the left of your screen)

4. Below the group of search fields you will see links to “List all members” or “Download Excel

    spreadsheet of Membership Directory”. Select “Download Excel spreadsheet of Membership

    Directory” and either open or save the file to your computer when prompted.

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    3.1 Interpreting Chapter Membership Reports

Column Descriptions

    The columns across the top of the spreadsheet, from left to right, are described in detail below. Each

    record in the database contains all information that WTS obtains on a member, except for financial

    information. Note: you many not ever use some of the fields you see in this report.

    A. id: For internal coding purposes; not to be AD. email_ok: Inserted as 0 or 1, should

    confused with Member Number indicate whether WTS has permission to B. company_id: For internal purposes to send email to that individual

    AE. date_alt_addr_start: Indicates when use of facilitate grouping individuals employed by

    the same company alt_address is to go into effect

    C. primary_chapter_id: For internal purposes AF. date_alt_addr_end: Indicates when use of

    to facilitate grouping individuals by chapter alt_address ends

    D. account_num: Also known as Member AG. m_maiden_name: Not currently in use

    AH. hear_about_wts: Information captured to Number, or Member ID. Needed for

    members to access their account through track the most effective means of

    the website or to log-on to members-only recruitment

    AI. mem_status: Also known as member type sections of the site.

    E. prefix: Such as Mr. or Mrs. regular, student, retiree, chapter, F. first_name corporate, etc.

    G. last_name AJ. mem_date_end: Membership expiration H. suffix: Such as Jr., P.E., etc. date, date membership needs to be I. salutation: preferred form of address (Liz v. renewed

    AK. diet: Tracks special dietary requests, such Elizabeth)

    J. position: Employment title as kosher, vegetarian

    K. address1: First line of the mailing address AL. special_needs: Not sure why this records L. address2: Second line of the mailing as a date, however, this field is where we

    address, such as suite or apartment number would capture info regarding special M. city accommodations/needs

    N. state AM. date_insert: Date the membership record O. zip was created

    P. country AN. date_update: date membership contact Q. country_id information was last changed

    R. phone AO. admin_id: Identifies (by member number) S. fax who made the most recent change to the T. alt_address1: Tracked for members who member’s name or contact information

    AP. people_id: Unknown want mailings sent to a second residence for

    AQ. chapter_id: Same as primary_chapter_id part of the year. Also used to track mailing

    AR. name: Company/employer name address v. public directory listing address

    U. alt_address2: Same as previous AS. live: Unknown

    V. alt_city: Same as previous AT. description: Used for WMDBE firm listings W. alt_state: Same as previous only

    X. alt_zip: Same as previous AU. principles: Used for WMDBE firm listings Y. alt_country: Same as previous only

    Z. alt_country_id: Same as previous AV. num_of_emp: Used for WMDBE firm AA. alt_phone: Same as previous listings only

    BB. alt_fax: Same as previous AW. year_established: Used for WMDBE firm AA. email listings only

    AB. website AX. company_name: Employer name

    AC. mail_code: Inserted as 0 or 1, used to AY. chapter_name: The chapter with which the

    determine whether to mail to member is affiliate

    permanent/alternate address that is stored

    in the member's record

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How to determine…

    The information contained in the spreadsheet can be used to determine new members, show when members should renew, and identify when updates have been made to a member’s information.

New Members:

    o Click your mouse in the upper left-hand corner box, at the intersection of column A and row 1,

    to highlight the entire document

    o With the document highlighted, go to “Data”, then “Sort”

    o Be sure that “Header row” is selected under “My data range has”, under “Sort by”, select

    “date_insert”, be sure “Ascending” is checked, then click “OK”

    o The file will then be re-sorted according to the date they joined WTS

    o Anyone with a date in the “date_insert” field since the last report will be new to the list. [E.g.

    The last time you ran a report was June 7. If the “DateInsert” field indicates “6/08/05” or later,

    then you know this member is new to your list.]

    o Know that lapsed or transferred members are not considered new members

Renewal Dates:

    o Click your mouse in the upper left-hand corner box, at the intersection of column A and row 1,

    to highlight the entire document

    o With the document highlighted, go to “Data”, then “Sort”

    o Be sure that “Header row” is selected under “My data range has”, under “Sort by”, select

    “mem_date_end”, be sure “Ascending” is checked, then click “OK”

    o The file will then be re-sorted according to the date that the member is scheduled for renewal

Member Record Updates:

    o Click your mouse in the upper left-hand corner box, at the intersection of column A and row 1,

    to highlight the entire document

    o With the document highlighted, go to “Data”, then “Sort”

    o Be sure that “Header row” is selected under “My data range has”, under “Sort by”, select

    “date_update”, be sure “Ascending” is checked, then click “OK”

    o The file will then be re-sorted in date order. Any record noting a date_update since the last

    report was run will indicate that a change has been made to the member’s record. [E.g.: the

    last time you ran a report was June 7. If the “date_update” field indicates “6/30/05” then you’ll

    know the member’s record has changed.]

3.2 Other

    Excel Basics: Hiding or deleting Unneeded Columns:

    Using your mouse, click in the very top box of a column, or far left of a row, so that the entire line is highlighted. Then click the right button on your mouse and use the drop-down box to either hide or delete the row or column you have highlighted.

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3.3 Updating Member Information

1. To update information for a member in your

    chapter, you need to log in to the administrative

    website, using

    your WTS member number (000000-00, be sure to

    include the dash) and password. Your password

    on this site is the same password used to log into

    the general WTS website.

2. Then, select “Modify a member” from the submenu at the left of your screen

    3. Enter the account number of the person you want to modify, then click “Fetch”. If you do not

    know the person’s account number, you can select “click here to search” and search through

    the member list for your chapter by last name. Click on the name of the member you wish to

    modify and click on the “GO” button to the right.

    4. Information on members can be changed and updated as needed (except for member status

    and account number). Select the “Update User” button at the bottom of the page when the

    changes are complete.

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Some things to note as you update other member’s records:

    o If their company name is not currently on the list, it needs to be added by your Webmaster

    (some membership chairs may have this option)

    o Check your membership list occasionally to make sure everyone who is supposed to have a

    company name has one

    o Let your members know that to renew your membership you MUST be logged in as a

    member and use the renewals area of the site, or you will be treated like a new member and

    assigned a new ID number

    o Do not edit the DATE MEMBERSHIP ENDS at the bottom of the form. Contact (who should

    be here?) if you feel the membership end date is incorrect.

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