Caliration - Golden laser

By Tracy Edwards,2014-11-05 21:41
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Caliration - Golden laser

Basic Training


Table of Contents:

EZQs Page 2

    Monthly Statement Page 3

    Configuration tips and tricks Page 4

    Security Page 5

    Query Quirks Page 5

EZQs for Everyday Life

Look Ups:

     Convert old Account Codes to Purposes


     Prompts for department acronym and shows all Account Codes/Purpose in

    that department

     Convert old Object Codes to Accounts


     Prompts for Object Code (or partial OC) and converts

GAQRY Screen replacements:



VO EZQ_BAL_QUERY (for Purposes that don’t have budgets)

     EZQ_BAL_BGT (for Purposes that do have budgets)

    VS EZQ_BAL_TOTAL for Purposes that don’t have budgets; just

    one total row that shows balance

    EZQ_BAL_BGT_SUMMARY for Purposes that do have budgets;

    one row for each Account Category

    EZQ_BAL_BGT_TOTAL for Purposes that do have budgets:

    Just one total row that shows balance

    EZQ_BAL_BGT_TOTAL_SPPT for Purposes that do have

    budgets: Just one total row that shows balance, and only includes

    PS Accounts for support

Mark X for trans EZQ_TRANS_QUERY

Labor Allocation EZQ_LAM_DISTRIB To see Distributions

    Module: EZQ_LAM_OBLIG To see Obligations

    Page 1

Monthly Statements

Two types: “Push” and “Pull”

     “Pull” means that you elect to run your statement report at the time of your

    choosing; this is an option that requires set-up and is beyond the scope of this

    Basic Training course.

     “Push” means statements are sent to you without action on your part. You then

    access them on-line.

    This happens at the end of each accounting period (generally around the 5th of the

    following month)

Accessing Pushed Statements

     Navigate to:

    Report Tools>

    Report Manager>

     Administration Tab

    ; Under “View Reports For” set “Last” to 30 days.

    ; Click REFRESH button and you will see the reports that you ran (or were run for

    you) in the last 30 days.

Page 2