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     Clarke Consulting LLC

    thHuman Capital Management Defense: 6 Annual Awards Nomination

    Category 2: Best Workforce Development Program

    Recognizing the best program in advancing opportunities for high performing employees; providing training and competency development to continuously engage and motivate the workforce.

    Clarke Consulting would like to nominate: Team Ships Culture Initiative Nominee POC: Gary Humes

    Name of Organization: Team Ships, US Navy

Addresses Current Challenges

    Team Ships, a unit of the U.S. Navy, builds and maintains the nation’s surface ships

    from cradle to grave. The complex, 10-?50 year shipbuilding and lifecycle

    maintenance process requires skilled, knowledgeable, and responsive personnel. Team Ships has also doubled in size since 2007. This creates strong exigency for training and knowledge transfer. With additional pressures from budget cuts and many legacy employees reaching retirement, it is essential to employ, train and retain a proficient employee base to continue the significant Team Ships mission. The challenge is talent management in a changing environment.

The Culture Initiative is a proactive approach to address these challenges through

    leadership development, organizational assessment, strategic planning, and implementation of new programs for workforce enrichment. With support from top tier admirals and senior executives, the initiative connects culture to performance and enhances the mission-?driven organization by creating a powerful environment that engages the workforce to maximize performance.

Driving Innovation

    The principles of the Culture Initiative are total workforce inclusion and

    constructive environments. Contrary to a top-?down approach, all staff members are

    empowered to have an impact on the organization and encouraged to make real-?

    time improvements, thereby connecting their personal contribution to mission accomplishment.

    The initiative introduces collaborative tools and creative solutions. The use of group intelligence software and electronic collaboration tools allows for effective facilitation of strategic planning sessions. The mentoring program is custom-?

    designed as a low-?tech, high-?touch mechanism to support intradepartmental

    communication, knowledge sharing, performance efficiencies and ultimately Navy-?

    wide mission execution. The Team Ships Culture Initiative sets itself apart with

    roots in the organization proven by data, results and boots on the ground at Washington Navy Yard.

     Clarke Consulting LLC

Measurable Benefits to the Organization

    Linking talent development to improved organizational performance, the Culture Initiative has high impact with measurable and lasting outcomes. The organizational health index nearly tripled from 186 in 2002 to 510 in 2008, and resulted in the expansion of the culture initiative. Team Ships has also experienced significant gains in employee satisfaction, inter-?unit coordination and employee motivation by

    43.7%, 41.03% and 42.41%, respectively.

    In the past two years, Team Ships successfully recruited and trained 300 new employees in various competencies. Team Ships also launched a successful internal Boot Camp program, and created the initial curriculum for an accredited shipbuilding acquisition program at Defense Acquisition University. These

    programs focus on the acquisition process with attention to the complexities of shipbuilding, and grew based on feedback from new employees -? reinforcing the

    principles of workforce inclusion and development. The Team Ships Culture

    cultivates a strong, effective and high-?performing workforce. Initiative thus

Supports Overall Goals of the Organization

    The Culture Initiative helps achieve goals from Team Ships, the Human Capital office, and the Department of the Navy. One of Team Ships FY’12 goals is to

    implement a Team Ships Mentoring Program. The mentoring program is one of the key accomplishments of the 2011-?2012 Culture Initiative. The human capital goals

    are to have an “agile, knowledgeable and responsive workforce,” and to be

    considered a ‘Best Place to Work.’ The work of the Team Ships Culture Initiative

    directly addresses these needs, with programs highlighting talent management and culture. It also aligns with the Department of the Navy goal to “develop and

    effectively utilize a fully integrated workforce.”

    The Team Ships Culture Initiative engages and motivates employees in a way that harvests and cultivates internal talents, creates an effective and constructive environment, and cascades competencies throughout the ranks.

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