Lesson one

By Rachel Cunningham,2014-05-24 01:17
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Lesson one: Community really works

No time to do an extended next installment of Project Open Kimono, the case-

    study-in-progress that follows our B2B Marketing Manifesto campaign, but I

    wanted to check in quickly with two big things we’ve already learned.

    The Manifesto is, what three days old, and it’s already flying off the virtual shelves which we’re thrilled about it (Neil will update us all later). Better still, we’ve already learned two really interesting lessons:

    One of the things we did to get the Manifesto off the ground was to share the piece in draft form with a few friends we’ve made online who also happen to be well-

    regarded B2B bloggers. These generous people not only gave us their honest feedback lots of really insightful thoughts they were also kind enough to tell

    their readers and followers about the Manifesto.

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