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Culture a way of life shared by many people





    Transportation Education





    Social Activities Sports

    Entertainment Animals



    Rule Enforcement Family (i.e., size, etc.)



    Slaby Culture a way of life shared by many people Clothing : jeans, tshirts, Converse, hoodies, Music: Beatles, Radiohead, Arcade Fire Food: Mexican, hamburgers,

    Beverages: Coke Zero, Gatorade, Water Transportation: Drive a car

    Education: Indiana University, Naperville North High School, Washington Junior High Hobbies: Ski, Photography, Football Recreation: Run

    Housing: House in Denver

    Languages: English

    Social Activities: email, texting, Sports: Football, skiing

    Entertainment: Movies: Inception, TV: Glee, Simpsons

    Animals: Cat, Chloe

    Landscape: City

    Money: U.S. Dollars

    Rule Enforcement:

    Family (i.e., size, etc): Married Health:

    Climate: Sunny

My Culture Paragraph

    Culture is the language, religious beliefs, values, customs, and other ways of life shared by a group of people. In my culture, there are many different things that influence my life.

    12 sentences minimum

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