To Renew Your SPSS License, Do this:

By Julia Fisher,2014-04-29 06:18
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To Renew Your SPSS License, Do this:Your,This,your,this,spss,SPSS

    To Renew Your SPSS License, Do this:

    ; Go to ( and log into the Online IT Help Desk with your

    pirateid and password.

     When the screen appears in the left menu, under ‘Request Software' select the

    Software Request you want (AMOS, SPSS, SAS, etc.)

     A silly form appears. Fill in the required information making sure you have an ECU

    email address and all fields filled out to ensure no delays in processing. After

    identifying your campus department, building, and room, you will be required to

    provide your address, city, state, zip code, and country. How silly is that? Your

    will also be required to provide your computers’ serial numbers, even if they do

    not have serial numbers. How silly is that? I have recommended to ITCS that

    this form be shortened.

    ; Submit the form

    ; You will receive an email with the codes necessary to renew your license. ; Find the SPSS License Authorization Wizard (in Start, All Programs, or elsewhere).

    ; Run the wizard.