DoIT - Request for Approval of Option to Renew Checklist (Word)

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DoIT - Request for Approval of Option to Renew Checklist (Word)Word,for

    Department of Information Technology (DoIT)

    Request for Approval of an Option to Renew


    I. Contract Renewal Option Submission Package (items must be provided with the agenda by the DoIT submission cut-off date):

    1. Copy of the page(s) from the contract containing the option language.

2. Copy of either:

    a. The notification to the contractor of the Agency’s intent to exercise the renewal,

    contingent upon DoIT/BPW approval. (Preferred)

    b. The proposed notification to the contractor that the renewal option is being exercised.

    (This should be a draft only. This notification should not actually be sent until

    DoIT/BPW approval has/have been obtained.)

    3. Properly executed Contract BPO entered into ADPICS with correct approval paths

    (*includes BPW approval, Department D05, if applicable) and including all Crosswalk

    information and MBE screen (PHCL 2345) filled in.

    4. A statement explaining why the renewal option is recommended in lieu of a new

    procurement to obtain better pricing through competition. Justify why it is in the State’s best

    interest to exercise the option in terms of quality of service, good pricing or any other

    applicable factor.

    Also, as applicable:

    5. The justification for any retroactive request, signed by the Agency Head (this will be

    provided as backup to the BPW item). (All retroactive actions require BPW approval.) 6. If the option being exercised is the last renewal option on the contract and the information

    technology (IT) activity is still needed, submit a plan for re-procuring with a timeline. 7. If a name change, assignment or novation has occurred, provide a copy of the name change

    modification or the novation agreement/modification that transfers the contract to a successor.

    8. If the original contract contains an MBE participation goal, provide a document showing the

    goal and as of the submission of the request for approval of the renewal:

    a. The total payments made to the contractor(s),

    b. The total payments made to the MBE subcontractor(s), and

    c. The percentage of the payments made to the subcontractor(s) compared to the

    payments made to the contractor(s).

As of March 28, 2008

    II. Agenda Item for Option to Renew*:

Send electronic version of Agenda in MS Word via e-mail to

    (Note: effective 7/1/2008, e-mail address changes to

    The subject line of the email must state: Agency ID and Contract Name and/or ID. The format and order of the Agenda Item must follow BPW Advisory 2006-1. All information must be accurate and complete.

    See “DoIT BPW Agenda Item Formats and Instructions” and “DoIT BPW Agenda Item Templates”.

    Note: Although this guideline provides information to be submitted for items requiring BPW

    approval, except for the items with asterisks, the same information should be submitted

    for items within DoIT’s approval authority (non-BPW items).

As of March 28, 2008 2

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