Learning More about the ECE Classroom with Video

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Learning More about the ECE Classroom with VideoLear

Lesson 4 : Computer Access Treasure Hunt

This lesson is about how to access free public computers in the community. It helps students identify not only where they may use

    computers with or without Internet access, but gets them into the sites, familiarizes them with how a site works and who the available

    personnel are to help them. It’s also about parents and children embarking on an adventure and having fun together.


     Parents will use public access computers on their own and with their children.

Objectives: parents

    ; can identify locations and information (i.e. time schedules, use rules, etc.) about public access of computers in their


    ; reinforce use of Word or Excel

     work on activity with child ;

Previous knowledge: Basic computer use and some Internet experience

Before the Activity:

     Teacher will need to research possible sites, identify key personnel, perhaps do some visits and determine what additional

    information the parent/child pair can “discover" at each site. In our community we have identified such sites as the library, school, community center, housing centers and on-site in our own computer lab.

     Basic Activity Options for More Experienced Students

    Discuss ease/difficulty they experienced in accessing Ask parents to describe community resources resources and ways individuals have found to be they have found and used in the past. successful. Warm-up / Review

    Ask parents about any experience they have had

    with public access computers.

     Basic Activity Options for More Experienced Students

    Introduce treasure hunt idea: Add a gift for each additional two sites visited and

    used. Parent and child/children will visit sites in

    their neighborhoods where they can have

    free access to computers and bring back

    items or information from the site.

    They will record their visits on a log or Introduction passport

    Parents and children who visit three sites will

    receive a gift each (make it a surprise, but

    consider a treat, a book, a second hand

    computer whatever the program has to

    offer and can give to everyone).

    Brainstorm in class possible sites where they Encourage families to find new sites not shown in this may go. Make lists of treasures to retrieve, e.g.: group list. Library schedule of story times, free


    Presentation Local school access times, rules of use

    Community center brochures, resource

    flyers, schedules, etc.

    Housing centers access times


    Use Excel or a table in Word to create a log or

    passport document. Leave spaces for name of each site and spaces to record information and Practice names of items (treasures) to retrieve from site. If possible, this would be a good activity for parent to do with a school-age child.

     Basic Activity Options for More Experienced Students

    Parent and child can do more regular computer Allow a period of several weeks with a fixed activities together ending date for parents and children to go to sites, spend at least a half hour using computer Parent and child make a book with all the information and finally picking up treasures. Application they’ve gathered.

    During this time parent and child together do an

    activity on Internet, create a document or email a

    teacher, etc.

     Parent and child fill out passport together. Application Encourage creativity: passports can be done any

    way they choose.

    In their class, parents Parents report on interaction with staff at the various


    1) rate sites and experiences. create a matrix on

    the computer showing site name with such

    characteristics as time allowed, accessibility, Evaluation/Outcome help available, range of hours, etc.

    2) report on what they did with their children.

Extensions/Variations: Families can adapt the treasure hunt model for other activities: finding information on the Internet, family and

    field trips, even household chores.

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