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    SOCIOLOGY UNIT 3 AND 4, 2012

    Unit 3 Area of Study 1 Australian Indigenous Culture

    Predicted Coursework & Event Timeline Week Topics Teaching Notes/Activities

    Transition ; The sociological imagination ; Introduction to sociology

    Day ; Outline of Unit 3/4 sociology

     ; Sociology Unit 3 & 4 goals and ; Sociological imagination discuss key

     learning outcomes. sensitivities: historical, anthropological and use

     of critical thought

     ; Introduction to sources, how ; Setting out your sociology workbook and display evidence can be gathered from the folder. media, ABS, non-profit websites ; Template for essay/short answer writing for SACs and Exams in 2012. ; Facebook Group and distribution of holiday tasks. 1 ; The meaning of culture, non-; Discuss and then have students commence a Orientation material culture, material culture glossary of definitions sociological Week imagination, culture, ethnocentrism, cultural

    ; The meaning and interrelationship relativism.

    between ethnocentrism and ; Brainstorm examples of culture relevant to cultural relativism student’s family/background.

     ; Learning how to annotate with “Preview” on MAC “One Note” on PC (Definitions - Ongoing Coursework) ; (EXT) Annotation Exercise Introduction to

    Willis’ model of Sociological Analysis

    2 - 3 ; Explanation as to the meaning of ; Commence annotated collection of text based

    representation and visual representations of Australian

    Indigenous culture. ; Examples of historical and

    o Who produced the representation? contemporary representations of o When was the representation produced? indigenous culture o Where was the representation produced? ; Assessing whether the o Why was the representation produced? representations are ethnocentric or o Is the representation ethnocentric or culturally culturally relativistic relativistic, if so, how? ; Implications of the ways o What is the likely dominant interpretation of the Indigenous culture is represented representation?

    for building awareness and ; Wednesday Excursion to the Koori Heritage

    perception of the culture Trust

    (SAC 1 Outcome 1: Media File Starts)

    4 - 5 ; The historical suppression of ; PowerPoint summary of various government

    Australian Indigenous culture policies and responses re: suppression of

     culture to wider cultural acceptance

    (SAC 1 Outcome 1: Media File due) ; Evidence analysis “step by step how to”

    (Time Line Coursework) ; Detailed timeline annotated with evidence

    ; Summary of the changes in political thinking,

    toward Indigenous Culture/People.

    6 - 8 ; National and international factors ; Summary of various government policies and

    that have supported and/or limited responses supporting/promoting culture and

    the increasing public awareness International comparisons

    and perception of Australian ; Evidence Analysis Exercises (Indigenous Poetry,

    Indigenous culture Music, Art)

     o Annotation practice

    (Short & long answer Coursework) o DEE & TEEL Structure practice

    9 ; Synthesis & Revision ; Practice representation analysis provide and

    Term 1 (Glossary Check) discuss detailed feedback

    Ends (Coursework Check/ Workbook Check) ; Indigenous Guest Speaker

    1 ; SAC 2 Outcome 1 ; SAC 2 (visual and written prompts) with short Term 2 Representation Analysis (in class) answer questions including an extended Begins response question

    Unit 3 Area of Study 2 Ethnicity

    Predicted Coursework & Event Timeline Week Topics Teaching Notes/Activities

    2 ; Historical timeline of migrant ethnic ; Timeline of events verbal analysis

    cultures involvement in ; Definitions Key words/concepts

    Australia/Melbourne ; Statistical Trend analysis

    ; Revisit Willis’ Model of Sociological o Theoretical interpretation

    Analysis o Group/Individual analysis

    (Definitions - Ongoing Coursework)

    3 ; Reviewing the meaning and concepts of ; “Circle Work” illustrative examples to assist

    race, ethnicity, ethnocentrism, cultural students to explain and apply concepts.

    relativism and the ‘other ; Newspaper Analysis

    (Annotation/Short/Long Answer Coursework) o Annotation practice

     o DEE & TEEL Structure practice

4 ; The theory of ethnic hybridity ; Research Activity: Exploring specific migrant

    Experiences. Illustrate how to analyse ; The experience of a specific ethnic group

    experiences using concepts and theory to primary/secondary sources

    prepare students ahead of SAC (SAC 1 Outcome 2: Research Project Starts)

    (Begin Research Activity Coursework) ; Primary Research Skills activity: Design a

     participant consent form that outlines how

    voluntary participation, privacy and

    confidentially of data will be ensured

    ; SAC Introduction

    o Ethical methodology and sourcing of


5 - 6 ; Australia’s ethnic diversity compared with ; Statistical data collection

    other developed countries ; Statistical analysis interpretation

    (Group Work Activities Coursework) o Verbal and Written analysis

    ; Wednesday Excursion to the Immigration

    Museum (for SAC preparation)

    ; Evidence collection tasks

7 ; Social, political and economic impacts of ; Revisiting hybridity theory, discussion/debate

    immigration, assimilation and activities

    multiculturalism ; Newspaper/blog/political cartoon

    (Representation Analysis Coursework) representation analysis activities.

    8 ; How social institutions engage with and ; Case study using secondary sources

    respond to the needs of ethnic groups ; Introduce SAC 1 Research report into a

    (SAC 1 Outcome 2: Research Project Due) specific ethic group

9 ; The experience of a specific ethnic group ; Media portrayal of ethnic minorities

    primary research ; Representation Analysis Indian Culture in

    (Group Representation Analysis Coursework) Melbourne. (Bollywood Film RE: Melbourne)

10 ; Synthesis and revision ; Reaching conclusions about experiences of

     ethnicity in Australia

    (Media Representation Analysis Coursework) ; Cont: Media portrayal of ethnic minorities

    ; Evidence Analysis Exercises (The Slap/Housos)

    o Annotation practice

    o DEE & TEEL Structure practice

    11 ; SAC 2 Outcome 2: Representation ; SAC 2 (visual and written prompts) with short

    Analysis (in class) answer questions including an extended

    response question

    Predicted timeline may change depending on whose class you are in (Danni’s or Desi’s). Printed 08/12/2011

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