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    blue sky associates

    FilmWatch Division

    Marketing Plan


    Trey’s Best Opportunity to Dominate

    Market Research for the Film Industry

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FilmWatch Division

    Marketing Plan

    Trey’s Best Opportunity to Dominate

    Market Research for the Film Industry

    How To Use This Report Template

    Change the information on the cover page to contain the information you would like. For the body of your report, use Styles such as Heading 1-5, Body Text, Block Quotation, List Bullet, and List Number from the Style control on the Formatting toolbar.

    This report template is complete with Styles for a Table of Contents and an Index. From the Insert menu, choose Reference, then Index and Tables. Click on the tab you would like. Be sure to choose the Custom Format.

    XE indicates an index entry field. The index field collects index entries specified by XE.

    To insert an index entry field, select the text to be indexed, and choose Reference, Index and Tables from the Insert menu. Click on the Index tab to receive the Index dialog box.

    You can quickly open the Mark Index Entry dialog box by pressing

    ALT+SHIFT+X. The dialog box stays open so that you can mark index

    entries. For more information, see Indexes in Help.

    In addition to producing reports, this template can be used to create proposals and workbooks. To change the text or graphics, the following suggestions are provided.

    ; Select any paragraph and just start typing.

    ; To save time in the future, you can save the front cover of this report with

    your company name and address. For step-by-step instructions on how to

    preserve your changes with the template, please read the following section. How To Modify This Report

    To create your own version of this template, make changes to the content as described in this section. For example, insert your company information in the name and your address in the frame in the upper right corner of the cover page.

    Next, save changes to this template for future use. On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save As Type box, choose Document Template (the filename extensions should change from .doc to .dot) and save the template.


    Next time you want to use the updated template, on the File menu, click New. In the New Document task pane, under Templates, click On my computer. In the Templates dialog, your updated template will appear on the General tab.

    How to Delete Graphics

    To delete a graphic, click on each object (in Print Layout View) to select, and press Delete. To delete the Return Address frame, click on the text to reveal the bounding border of the frame. Click on the border, and press Delete.

    To lighten or darken the gray shaded areas, first select Headers and Footers from the

    View menu. Select Show/Hide Document Text and then click on the graphic to select the frame. This will open up the Picture toolbar menu. Experiment with the options to achieve the best shade for your printer. Once you are happy with the changes you have made, close the picture toolbar.

    How to Create a Footnote

    To create a footnote, choose Reference, Footnote from the Insert menu and click OK. How to Force a Page Break

    In general, the best way to force a page break is to first insert a blank paragraph, and choose Break from the Insert menu. In the dialog box, click the Page Break button, and then OK. How to Modify a Table

    To modify an existing table, such as the table below, position your cursor in any cell. To modify the table, access the Table menu to select the desired action and/or result.

    Competitor Current Share Share in 3 Yrs.

    Largest competitor 50% 30%

    Second largest competitor 25% 20%

    Third largest competitor 15% 12%

    Table: Projected Growth of Competitors.

    How To Edit Table Text

    Table text can be edited and formatted like regular text. Simply select text and type to replace, or apply different formats as needed using the various formatting menus.

    You can search for additional help on the Help menu.


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