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     - 65 KM 2 ? h



     Rural excursion

    in the “Roman Païs”


    On the move all summer!

In BRUSSELS, from 25 June to 3 September, the “Tourism and Gastronomy" exhibition will offer you a chance to

    discover the many assets and treasures of Wallonia. Every two weeks, one Province will be given pride of place.

    However, we know there’s nothing like getting out and about if you’re looking for an in-depth experience, so why not try one of our “Gastronomic Treasure Trails"?

    All the treasure trails are free and available from 25 June to 16 September 2012, (except for the Charleroi Pays de Geminiacum Treasure Trail). Simply turn up on one of the dates mentioned below and enjoy a delicious free

    welcome treat to send you on your way!

Province of Walloon Brabant

    NIVELLES Along the streets On foot Free breakfasts on Sundays 1

    and 8 July Rural excursion By bicycle

    Rural excursion in the “Roman Païs” By car

    Province of Liège

    LIEGE The historic centre of Liège On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

     14 and 21 July An encounter with Tchantchès and On foot


    EUPEN The Eastern Cantons: nature, lakes and By car Free breakfasts on Sundays

    regional specialities 15 and 22 July

    Province of Namur

    NAMUR Namur for the inquisitive and for On foot Free breakfasts on

    gourmets Wednesdays 1 and 8 August

    Castles, vineyards and farms around By car


    Province of Hainaut

    CHARLEROI The Charleroi region, as you have never On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

     seen it before! 11 and 18 August

     Regional products and heritage in the By bicycle

     “Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse” or car

     Pays de Geminiacum treasure trail By car or Treasure trail available only

     bicycle on Wednesdays 15 and 22


    MONS Heritage, Tourism and Gastronomy at On foot Free breakfasts on Saturday

     the heart of Mons 11 August Free afternoon

     snacks on Saturday 18


     From the “Château Montois” to By car Free breakfasts on Saturday

     “Caillou-qui-bique” 11 August

     From “Caillou-qui-bique” to the By car Free afternoon snacks on “Château Montois” Saturday 18 August TOURNAI The historic heart of Tournai On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

    11 and 18 August Landscapes of the Escaut plain By car

    Province of Belgian Luxembourg Free breakfasts on Saturday ARLON A small breath of Arlon air On foot 25 August and Sunday 2

    September A large breath of Arlon air On foot

    INFORMATION: Freephone: 0800 11901 (in French)

    or 0800 11902 (in German)

    IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SNCB BELGIAN RAILWAYS, TRAVEL SMART! Travel to the starting points of our treasure trails with a “Weekend” ticket, which offers you a 50%

    discount on the price of a return journey by train. If you are doing one of the treasure trails on a weekday in July and August, opt for the “Summer” ticket

    which also offers you discount on the price of a return journey by train.

    For more information, visit



    Discovering Wallonia, from Tournai to Eupen,

    from Nivelles to Arlon...

Does the summer sunshine make you want to get out and about?

    Starting at the Espaces Wallonie, roads, streets, paths and tracks will lead you over hills and down valleys to discover the treasures of Wallonia. Heritage, gastronomy, landscapes and outstanding historic sites - there is something for everyone.

    To ensure all participants, especially the gourmets, get off to the best of starts with a full stomach, free breakfasts or afternoon snacks will be available on certain days.

    And, before starting your trails, why not find out more about the wealth of services offered by the Espaces Wallonie: from information about housing to debt conselling, from Equal Opportunities to the regional, federal and community mediation services, plus a range of regional publications and exhibitions. In short, a modern administration, close to your needs and ready to answer all your questions.

    But, enough said, now it’s time to get on your bicycle, pull on your walking boots, or climb inro your

    car and take to the road...


    for those who enjoy a challenge...

    The guide to each treasure trail includes a set of questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided, drop it off at the Espace Wallonie reception or letterbox when you have finished and you could win a prize!


Every month:

    A gourmet basket worth ?60 will be awarded to the first correctly completed answer form pulled out of the hat at the end of July, end of August and end of Septembe in each participating Espace Wallonie.

    (Except for the Pays de Geminiacum treasure trail, where the prize draws will be held on 15 and 22 August only for a gourmet basket

    worth ?50).

On the days when free breakfasts or afternoon snacks are offered (see table)

    A voucher worth ?150 for accommodation in Wallonia.

    The prize draws will take place on the first working day following these days.

    Two free return tickets for second-class travel on Belgian railways offered by SNCB Belgian Railways. The prize draws will take place on the first working day following these days. Prize winners will be informed by email, telephone or post.

Will you be the “Gourmet treasure trail (wo)man” of the summer?

     There will be another prize draw for a special prize for participants who submit

    completed questionnaires for at least one treasure trail per province between 25 June and 16 September. To enter this draw, please ask for your entries to be validated at each Espace Wallonie.

    The prize is a voucher worth ?500 for accommodation in Wallonia and the draw will be held at the end of September.



    Rural excursion in the “Roman Païs


    Free breakfast on Sundays 1 and 8 July, from 9am to 10am at the ESPACE WALLONIE DE NIVELLES, 67, Rue de Namur, 1400 NIVELLES

    On these days, final departure at 4pm. Completed answer forms must be placed in the box at the Espace Wallonie before 6pm.

    This treasure trail is free of charge and is open to all from 25 June to 16 September (except access to Municipal Museum: please check opening times by telephoning +32 (0)67 882 280).

Treasure trail: by car

    Duration: about 2? hours

    Distance: about 65 km

    Accessible by accompanied reduced-mobility participants

This car circuit of about 65km, will take you to this region’s outstanding historical sites,

    such as the magnificent Romanesque St Gertrude’s collegiate church in Nivelles, the

    sixteenth-century stocks in Braine-le-Château, the Forge Museum in Ittre, the old watermills in Braine-le-Château and Rebecq, the Coeurcq lakes, a paradise for fishermen in Tubize… and many other delightful places.

    You will also explore country roads and lanes and encounter some unexpected landscapes, beautiful green plains and valleys and hills with winding paths. You will also discover the region’s many fortified farmhouses and castles and their rich history, set in in a welcoming rural environment dotted with chapels and “potales” (roadside

    shrines) which are so characteristic of the “Roman Païs. During your journey, take

    advantage of the opportunities to taste some of the region’s gastronomic specialities and beers! “Tarte al djote” and “canestias” in Nivelles, “Betchard” in Tubize, beers from the Lefèbvre brewery in Rebecq…

    Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey!


    ; From Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm

    ESPACE WALLONIE DE NIVELLES, 67, Rue de Namur, 1400 NIVELLES Tel: +32

    (0)67 411 670 E-mail:

    ; At weekends:

    o MAISON DU TOURISME DU ROMAN PAIS, 48, Rue de Saintes, 1400

    NIVELLES Tel : +32 (0)67 220 444



    If you would like to follow the treasure trail in a group of more than 10 people, please inform us in advance by e-mail or telephone.


    Rural excursion in the “Roman Païs

    Important note! You will be unable to follow this treasure trail in a car on Saturdays before 2 pm, because some of the town’s streets will be closed for the weekly market.

    However, if you find yourself in Nivelles on a Saturday morning and want to do the treasure trail, please follow this route:

    Start outside the Maison du Tourisme du Roman Païs in the Rue de Saintes. Drive to the Grand’Place, then take the first street on the right (Rue Saint-Georges) and continue along it as far as the traffic lights. Turn left at the traffic lights and continue until you reach the “Stop” sign at the junction with the N28 road to Hal.

Start at the Espace Wallonie at 67, Rue de Namur in Nivelles.

    Don’t forget to set your tripcounter to zero

Question 1

    What is the street number of the building which is home to the Espace Wallonie?

    Turn right along the Boulevard Fleur de Lys and go straight across the junction with the Boulevard des Archers. Take the first turning on the left (Rue des Cannoniers) and go into the Nivelles Museum of Archeaology, Art and History.

Question 2

    This museum is housed in a beautiful eighteenth-century house. What was the house’s name?

Question 3

    What did the religious order who lived here specialise in?


    Leave the museum and take the third street on the left (Rue du Béguinage), then turn right KM0,7

    onto the Rue de Soignies. On the left-hand side you will see a very beautiful house called La Maison du

    Flambeau. After 100m, turn right at the crossroads onto the N28 (signposted “E19”) and follow this road towards Hal/Braine-le-Château/Ittre as far as the centre of the village of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac, where you take the second turning on the left KM6,1 (Rue d’Hennuyères). Follow this road under the

    motorway and continue past a large farmhouse. At the crossroads, turn right KM8,2 onto the lane

    which runs down the steep hill. Set amid beautiful countryside is St Laurence’s church, whose

    eleventh-century Romanesque tower was restored in 2008.

Question 4

    The church we see today is the result of more than five centuries of religious architecture. But what was this building used for before it became a church?


Follow the lane to the crossroads, where you turn left towards Ittre. KM8,9

Question 5

    At a certain time of the year, Ittre is famous throughout the country for its excellent fruit. Which fruit?

Continue along the road, catching a glimpse of Ittre Castle on your right, then turn right KM11,5

    towards Ittre-Centre. Drive around the Grand’Place in Ittre, admiring the Neo-Romanesque-style St

    Remy’s church, then turn left towards the Forge Museum, the La Valette Theatre and the Folklore Museum.

Question 6

    Which foreign village inspired the custom still perpetuated today at the Forge Museum?

    Leave the Forge Museulm and continue along the road, passing the monument which marks the former geographical centre of Belgium. At the crossroads, turn right KM11,8 towards Rebecq/Virginal.

    KM12,2 At the roundabout, turn right on to the Rue Montoisy which becomes the Rue de Clabecq.

Follow the main road towards Tubize/Oisquercq for about 3.5km.

    Go straight across the roundabout to Virginal and admire the beautiful stained-glass windows in St Peter’s church. From Virginal, drive to Fauquez, where you will find the ruins of the glass factory founded by Arthur Brancart and his “Glass Chapel”.

Question 7

    What was the special glass that was made at the Fauquez glassworks called?

    KM15,7 After the hairpin bend in the road, turn sharp left onto the Drève du Vivier towards Oisquercq. Drive through the housing estate and cross the canal, then continue towards Tubize KM16,7 to the

    Place des Grées du Loû in Oisquercq. KM17

Question 8

    What unusual thing can be seen in the Oisquercq village square, next to the small St Martin’s church?

Question 9

    To whom do we owe this “import”?

    Continue along the main street of Oisquercq (Rue de la Falize) which climbs a hill. You will pass another housing estate and some large fields, then you will come to a crossroads.

    KM18,2 Go straight ahead (Rue des Réservoirs), then turn left KM19,3 and then sharp right and pass

    under the railway line to reach Coeurcq waterfall and lakes (KM19,8 signposted “Etangs de Coeurcq”).


Having admired them, do a u-turn and pass under the railway line again, then turn right KM20,2.

    At the top of the street, turn left along the side of an attractive farmhouse.KM20,4

    KM21,7 At the crossroads, turn right and, after 200m, take the first road on the right (Rue Saint-Antoine) which runs along the edge of a wood.

    KM23,1 At the Chemin du Warichaix, turn left and continue until you reach Hennuyères railway station, then leave Rue de la Gare on your left and continue to the crossroads. KM24

    Then turn left (Rue du Grand Péril), leave Hennuyères and continue towards Rebecq. At the crossroads with the N6 main road KM25,2, turn left and then turn right at the traffic lights

    towards Rebecq - Rognon Quenast. Drive around the porphyry marble quarry, and at the second roundabout, turn left towards Rebecq-Centre KM26,9 and continue to Rebecq railway station at the

    bottom of the Rue Trieu du Bois, from where the Petit Train du Bonheur departs.

Question 10

    What is the name of the television film featuring the famous detective Inspector Maigret (created by Georges Simenon from Liège), part of which was filmed in Rebecq?

    KM27,7 At the roundabout, take the shopping street on the right towards the town centre where you will find the Moulins d’Arenberg (Arenberg mills).

Question 11

    What are the two Arenberg mills used to store?

Follow the road around a bend to the right KM28,2 and you will come into the Grand’ Place, where

    you can admire the Town Hall and the magnificent frescos inside St Géry’s church.

Drive around the left-hand side of the church and continue along KM28,4 the Rue de la Cure. From

    here, there are spectacular views of the valley of the River Senne before the road heads up the hill.

Question 12

    In which church in Rebecq can you find a baptismal font dating from 1599?

    At the roundabout KM29,3, turn left towards Quenast/Bierghes and drive past the quarry buildings. KM30,3 Cross the railway by the unmanned level crossing, then turn right towards Brussels Tubize

    and then Quenast-Centre.

    At the roundabout, turn left onto the Rue du Faubourg.

    Follow the street to the Grand’Place and turn right. KM30,7

    Admire the church on your left (it has a wonderful old organ from St Bartholemew’s church in Liège).

    From the square, turn right onto the Rue Maurice Lange towards Les Tourterelles, and, after a hilly drive, go through the wood along the single-track one-way road.


As you leave the forest, drive past the cemetery and continue to the Chemin Vert KM32,3, where you

    turn left and continue to a T-junction KM32,7, where you turn right (Rue Quenestine), Go through the hamlet of Petit Bruxelles and follow the lane until you reach the high-speed railway line and follow it.

KM34,7 At the next T-junction, turn left and pass under the railway line. After 900m, on your left, you

    will see St Renelde’s fountain, with the Ferme du Puits de Sainte Renelde on your right.

Question 13

    What ailments is water from the fountain or well supposed to cure?

KM35,8 Turn right through the housing estate in the village of Saintes, and go straight across the

    crossroads. KM36,4

    You will pass a magnificent mansion set in an attractive park. Continue along the road to St Renelde’s

    church on the Place Adolphe Dupont, where can also admire the “Liberty Tree” planted in 1830 to

    commemorate Belgian independence.

    Drive around the right-hand side of the church and turn right KM36,7 onto the Rue de la Cure which

    leads to the Rebecq-Tubize-Hal main road. Turn right onto this road KM37, and after a roundabout you

    will see Hondzocht mill on your left.

    At the mill, turn right towards Tubeke/E429. KM38,5

    Follow the road down the hill to the crossroads where you will find the Musée de la Porte (the Tubize

    Museum of Archaeology, Art and History) on your left. KM41,2

Question 14

    What can be found beneath the GrandPlace in Tubize?

Question 15

    Where can you find the “Betchard” in Tubize and what does this word mean?

KM41,2 Turn right at the crossroads towards St Gertrude’s church visible in the distance.

Question 16

    To which local speciality has “Betchard” also given its name?

    At the traffic lights, turn left on to the Clabecq Nivelles road, which, after a roundabout and traffic island, leads to the Rue de la Déportation, heading towards Clabecq. KM41,7

    Pass the site of the Forges de Clabecq, cross the railway line and the canal and turn left towards Clabecq-centre. KM42,9

    At the Place Josse Goffin, pass the church on your right and continue straight over the roundabout

    along KM43,2 the Rue Saint-Jean (watch out for the speed bumps!) which becomes the Sint-Veronsstraat.

    Go through the wood and, at the T-junction KM46,6, turn right onto Kasteelbrakelsesteenweg. After 200m, just before the junction, turn right on to the Vieux Chemin de Hal and then turn right again

    KM46,9 onto the Rue Mathias. KM48,1 Continue along the Rue Mathias, bearing right.


KM48,4 At the T-junction, turn left on to the Rue Saint-Roch.

    At the crossroads with the farm opposite you, turn right KM48,7 onto the Vieux Chemin de Hal.

Question 17

    Where does the name of the village of Braine-le-Château come from?

KM48,9 At the T-junction, turn right onto the Rue de la Vallée.

    You will see the Holy Cross Chapel on top of a rocky outcrop. It was built on the site of an ancient hill fort.

Question 18

    The Holy Cross chapel is home to a rather special iron rod. What is special about it?

    KM49,1 At the fork in the road, bear left down the Rue des Comtes de Robiano towards the centre of Braine-le-Château, past the Moulin Banal.

    Continue to the Grand’Place, where you can admire the attractive Spanish Renaissance buildings: the

    Maison du Bailli KM49,8, the Castle and, above all, the stocks. To the left of the church, which houses a remarkable recumbent effigy, you can also admire the Romanesque portico at the entrance to the lapidarium.

Question 19

    The stocks are clearly visible on the square in Braine-le-Château. What is so special about this ancient symbol of infamy?

    Leave Braine-le-Château along the road towards Waterloo and turn right at the traffic lights towards Nivelles. KM50,3

    KM50,5 Take the second road on the left (Rue Minon), which changes its name further on. You will arrive at the church in the Place de Wauthier-Braine. KM52,4

    Take the second road on the right (Rue Désiré Seutin), and at the crossroads KM52,5, turn right onto

    the Avenue des Boignées.

    Continue as far as the N28 main road and turn left onto it towards Nivelles. KM54,7

Question 20

    To which religious order do the monks living at Bois-Seigneur-Isaac Priory belong? When did they settle here?

KM60 At the second roundabout, turn left towards Waterloo/Nivelles.

Bear right and, at the end of the slip road KM61,5, turn right towards Nivelles-Centre. Continue along

    this road for about 1.4km and, at the crossroads KM62,9 after a double bend, turn left.

KM63 Park you car and walk back to the Espace Wallonie.



    Outside the pretty St Gertrude’s Abbey, enjoy a

    slice of târte al’djote at one of the restaurants whose chef is a member of the Confraternity of the târte al’ djote or simply enjoy a glass of beer on one of the sunny terraces.

Question 21

    What is “betchèye”?

Question 22

    Where do the seals and dragons on the façade of the former Recollects Monastery on the Esplanade du Souvenir come from?

Question 23

    The “Moulin du Wichet”is located near the Dodaine park. Whare does its name come from? When did it close down?

Question 24

    What does the shape of the new Law Courts building in Nivelles depict?

Question 25

    Which French town in Charente-Maritime is twinned with Nivelles?

    Thank you for participating: we hope you enjoyed yourselves!


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