Bringing data into ArcMap - jenster

By Jim Rogers,2014-11-05 21:31
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Bringing data into ArcMap - jenster

    Bringing data into ArcMap

In this exercise you will:

    ; Learn how to bring databases into ArcMap

    ; Learn how to add XY data to a map

Adding data to your map

OK, so now you’re a bit familiar with bringing a map into ArcMap and altering some of its appearances.

    It’s time to take this one step further and learn how we can use this to analyze data. We’re going to do something that you should be familiar with from database managers we’ll join tables.

    Keep in mind that most of the time your map file does not come with data like the ones in the first examples did. Most of the time, you’ll have to add your data to your map.

Begin a new document by clicking on this icon:

Let’s add a St. Louis census tract map that does not yet have the demographic data in it. Click the ADD

    DATA icon and add the file called tgr29510trt00.shp. This seems like really complicated file name, but census files often have this sort of naming convention to help you keep things organized. The file is a TIGER file (a standard census mapping file) for Missouri (state code 29) for St. Louis (county code 510). It is a tract file (trt) for 2000 (00).

    Set your data frame properties let’s use State Plane Missouri East as our projection. Let’s use feet as our units.