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By Rick Duncan,2014-11-04 12:26
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The Best Way to Stay Healthy 2.doc

    The Best Way to Stay Healthy

     ‘Ah-choo!’ Together with this sneeze is a sudden

    hit of dizziness in my head. God! Immediately I realize that I have just caught a cold!

     It seems that the human body is in a constant fight to ward off disease, rid itself of germs and bacteria, and basically stay healthy. Then, a problem may arise------that is, how? How can we keep ourselves in good condition? And how can we keep energetic all the time?

     That is the key point!

     A healthy life is one in which you have minimal risk of developing chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. While you can't prevent every injury or disease, you can choose the way to possess health. There are various conscious choices that you can make to help your body in this fight. Of course, different people may have their different ways to achieve this goal.

     As a saying goes, ‘Good health is a corollary of

    having good habits.’ To my way of thinking, among

    all the means, forming good habits is, certainly, second to none.

     In fact, forming good habits doesnt mean that you

    have to keep an eye on everything in your daily life, though actually you cant. Since it is well known to all that it's the little things that you do each day that all add up to being healthy and fit, we need to be aware of what we can do and what we cant.

     Your lifestyle choices will greatly influence your health. Approximately 65 percent of adult-related disease is caused by stroke, heart disease or cancer, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Behaviors that cause these diseases are often formed at a young age, such as tobacco use or drinking. So if you smoke or use other forms of tobacco, or drink from time to time, try to find a way to quit. Please bear in mind that No tobacco and

    limited alcohol is the right way to have good health!’

    Meanwhile, most major health organizations agree that what you eat and how much you move can affect the length and quality of your life. And this urges you

    to get rid of poor eating habits and unwillingness to take exercises.

    Its very common that both the young and the old are pursuing fast (or junk) food and quick physical activities. They want to save time by doing this. Nevertheless, it always turns out to be the other way around when you suffer from a poor condition. Keeping a balanced diet does go a long way towards

    giving your body the proper fuel it needs in order to perform its basic functions normally. Also, adequate exercising will get your heart rate up and make you break a sweat. In addition, a healthy diet and sufficient exercises will contribute to a proper weight, which is also a judgment standard of being healthy. So forming good habits in eating and exercising are exactly what you should do to support immune system, which helps your body fight against all diseases in the long run.

    Then, it comes to proper hygiene. There is an interesting English saying which says Bath twice a

    day to be really clean, once a day to be passably clean, and once a week to avoid being a public menace!

    keeping proper hygiene can reduce not only your risk of being confronted with embarrassing situations, but also risk to diseases.

    As a matter of fact, germs exist everywhere, especially when you have finished a busy and exhausted day, they are very likely to enjoy a good time around your body and your hands. In this situation, hand-washing and bathing might be the single most effective way to guarantee continuing good health, nothing else could come close. So, please get into the habit of washing your hands and body frequently. (But not just rinsed your hands off quickly after using the bathroom or have a quite quick bath~)

    If we have acquired all the good habits listed above, can we keep fit totally? The answer is definitely No!. When it comes to health, we need to take both physical and mental condition into consideration.

    Since the world moves at a high pace, people are used to a life on the go. Consequently, most people live under great pressure. Life is really stressful, but do you know that stress plays a major role in affecting the

    immune system and leading to depression? So try to take time to reduce stress, if only for a few minutes. Expressing yourself to someone reliable or just writing down your thoughts will be a good method. Others choose some special ways to relieve pressure: eating out with friends, singing loudly in a K-TV, or even sleeping. Whatever, you just need to choose the one that works for you.