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     - 3,5 KM 2 h



     Along the streets and lanes

    of Nivelles


    On the move all summer!

In BRUSSELS, from 25 June to 3 September, the “Tourism and Gastronomy" exhibition will offer you a chance to

    discover the many assets and treasures of Wallonia. Every two weeks, one Province will be given pride of place.

    However, we know there’s nothing like getting out and about if you’re looking for an in-depth experience, so why not try one of our “Gastronomic Treasure Trails"?

    All the treasure trails are free and available from 25 June to 16 September 2012, (except for the Charleroi Pays de Geminiacum Treasure Trail). Simply turn up on one of the dates mentioned below and enjoy a delicious free

    welcome treat to send you on your way!

Province of Walloon Brabant

    NIVELLES Along the streets On foot Free breakfasts on Sundays 1

    and 8 July Rural excursion By bicycle

    Rural excursion in the “Roman Païs” By car

    Province of Liège

    LIEGE The historic centre of Liège On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

     14 and 21 July An encounter with Tchantchès and On foot


    EUPEN The Eastern Cantons: nature, lakes and By car Free breakfasts on Sundays

    regional specialities 15 and 22 July

    Province of Namur

    NAMUR Namur for the inquisitive and for On foot Free breakfasts on

    gourmets Wednesdays 1 and 8 August

    Castles, vineyards and farms around By car


    Province of Hainaut

    CHARLEROI The Charleroi region, as you have never On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

     seen it before! 11 and 18 August

     Regional products and heritage in the By bicycle

     “Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse” or car

     Pays de Geminiacum treasure trail By car or Treasure trail available only

     bicycle on Wednesdays 15 and 22


    MONS Heritage, Tourism and Gastronomy at On foot Free breakfasts on Saturday the heart of Mons 11 August Free afternoon snacks on Saturday 18 August From the “Château Montois” to By car Free breakfasts on Saturday “Caillou-qui-bique” 11 August From “Caillou-qui-bique” to the By car Free afternoon snacks on “Château Montois” Saturday 18 August

    TOURNAI The historic heart of Tournai On foot Free breakfasts on Saturdays

    11 and 18 August Landscapes of the Escaut plain By car

    Province of Belgian Luxembourg Free breakfasts on Saturday ARLON A small breath of Arlon air On foot 25 August and Sunday 2

    September A large breath of Arlon air On foot

    INFORMATION: Freephone: 0800 11901 (in French)

    or 0800 11902 (in German)

    IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SNCB BELGIAN RAILWAYS, TRAVEL SMART! Travel to the starting points of our treasure trails with a “Weekend” ticket, which offers you a 50%

    discount on the price of a return journey by train. If you are doing one of the treasure trails on a weekday in July and August, opt for the “Summer” ticket

    which also offers you discount on the price of a return journey by train.

    For more information, visit



    Discovering Wallonia, from Tournai to Eupen,

    from Nivelles to Arlon...

Does the summer sunshine make you want to get out and about?

    Starting at the Espaces Wallonie, roads, streets, paths and tracks will lead you over hills and down valleys to discover the treasures of Wallonia. Heritage, gastronomy, landscapes and outstanding historic sites - there is something for everyone.

    To ensure all participants, especially the gourmets, get off to the best of starts with a full stomach, free breakfasts or afternoon snacks will be available on certain days.

    And, before starting your trails, why not find out more about the wealth of services offered by the Espaces Wallonie: from information about housing to debt conselling, from Equal Opportunities to the regional, federal and community mediation services, plus a range of regional publications and exhibitions. In short, a modern administration, close to your needs and ready to answer all your questions.

    But, enough said, now it’s time to get on your bicycle, pull on your walking boots, or climb inro your

    car and take to the road...


    for those who enjoy a challenge...

    The guide to each treasure trail includes a set of questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided, drop it off at the Espace Wallonie reception or letterbox when you have finished and you could win a prize!


Every month:

    A gourmet basket worth ?60 will be awarded to the first correctly completed answer form pulled out of the hat at the end of July, end of August and end of Septembe in each participating Espace Wallonie.

    (Except for the Pays de Geminiacum treasure trail, where the prize draws will be held on 15 and 22 August only for a gourmet basket

    worth ?50).

On the days when free breakfasts or afternoon snacks are offered (see table)

    A voucher worth ?150 for accommodation in Wallonia.

    The prize draws will take place on the first working day following these days.

    Two free return tickets for second-class travel on Belgian railways offered by SNCB Belgian Railways. The prize draws will take place on the first working day following these days. Prize winners will be informed by email, telephone or post.

Will you be the “Gourmet treasure trail (wo)man” of the summer?

     There will be another prize draw for a special prize for participants who submit

    completed questionnaires for at least one treasure trail per province between 25 June and 16 September. To enter this draw, please ask for your entries to be validated at each Espace Wallonie.

    The prize is a voucher worth ?500 for accommodation in Wallonia and the draw will be held at the end of September.



    Along the streets and lanes of Nivelles


    Free breakfast on Sundays 1 and 8 July, from 9am to 10am at the ESPACE WALLONIE DE NIVELLES, 67, Rue de Namur, 1400 NIVELLES

    On these days, final departure at 4pm. Completed answer forms must be placed in the box at the Espace Wallonie before 6pm.

    This treasure trail is free of charge and is open to all from 25 June to 16 September (except access to Municipal Museum: check opening times by telephoning +32 (0)67 882 280).

Treasure trail on foot

    Time: about 2 hours

    Length: about 3,5km

    Accessible by accompanied reduced-mobility participants

    The modern town of Nivelles is located 25km from Brussels in the valley of the River Thines. It is the capital of the “Roman Païs” region. Its huge Romanesque collegiate

    church is dedicated to St Gertrude, the town’s patron saint. On the south tower of the church is the famous fifteenth-century “Jacquemart” clock, which strikes the hours.

    The Municipal Museum houses an interesting collection of local art, including four limestone statues of apostles, a sumptuous sixteenth-century Brussels tapestry and a beautiful collection of Baroque “bozzetti” (terracotta models) by the sculptor Laurent Delvaux (1696-1778).

    No visit to Nivelles would be complete without sampling the town’s most famous

    gastronomic speciality, the “tarte al'djote”.


    ; From Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm

    ESPACE WALLONIE DE NIVELLES, 67, Rue de Namur, 1400 NIVELLES Tel: +32

    (0)67 411 670 E-mail:

    ; At weekends:

    o MAISON DU TOURISME DU ROMAN PAIS, 48, Rue de Saintes, 1400

    NIVELLES Tel : +32 (0)67 220 444



    If you would like to follow the treasure trail in a group of more than 10 people, please inform us in advance by e-mail or telephone.


    Along the streets and lanes of Nivelles

Start outside the Espace Wallonie in Nivelles at 67, Rue de Namur.

1. What is the name of the Walloon Region’s free quarterly magazine?

2. When is Tree Day in Wallonia?

3. When was the Province of Walloon Brabant created?

4. What are the names of the villages which form part of Nivelles?

Walk along the Rue de Namur as far as the pedestrianised area.

    5. Near the crossroads of the Rue de Namur and the Boulevard Fleur de Lys, some yellow stones have been placed in the ground. What do they represent?

Turn right along the Rue du Pont Gotissart.

    6. In Rue du Pont Gotissart, one particular facade will catch your eye because it is encrusted with some surprising objects. Which façade is it?

Turn right onto the Rue de Bruxelles and go into the Municipal Museum.

    7. The building that today houses the museum was originally built in 1764 as a refuge for the Trinitarian monks from Orival Abbey. It has been used for many other purposes too, one of which can be seen on one of its . In 1805, what did people do in this building?

    8. In the room on the left-hand side of the ground floor of the museum hangs a drawing depicting a typical event in Nivelles. What event is this?

    Leave the museum and turn right towards the Rue Saint-André, cross the Square Gabrielle Petit and make your way to the GrandPlace

    9. Which irreverant animal stands at the foot of the statue on the tower of the law courts building?

    10. The collegiate church of St Gertrude is built in which architectural style?


11. What is the the name of the Jacquemart clock on the church tower which strikes

    the hours?

    ; Go into the bistrot “L’Union” on the GrandPlace.

    When you started the trail at the Espace Wallonie, you were given a voucher which entitles you to a

    free slice of tarte al’djote if you order a beer or other drink at this bistro (subject to availability).

12. Name three gastronomic specialities from Nivelles.

13. What is the main vegetable used in tarte al'djote?

    Leave the Grand’ Place via the roundabout and the Rue Sainte-Gertrude, then turn right onto the Rue du Coq.

    14. What do the inhabitants of Nivelles call the historic neighbourhood stretching from the Grand’Place to the Dodaine Park?

    At the end of the Rue du Coq, turn left along the Rue du Wichet towards the Dodaine Park.

    15. What is the flight of steps at the end of the Rue du Wichet called?

    Cross the Boulevard de la Dodaine and go into the park. Pass the two angels and go across the French-style gardens

16. What is the name of the poet born in 1872?

    17. In the English-style garden, surrounded by a lawn, you will find a statue called "Fertility" by Robert Michiels. On what date was it installed here?

    18. On the edge of the large lake stand four imposing statues from the old Brussels-Midi railway station by Joseph-Jacques Ducaju, depicting nineteenth-century technologies. Can you name three of the four technologies?


    Leave the Dodaine Park and walk along the Avenue Jules Mathieu, go over the crossroads and take the Avenue L. Jeniaux, then turn right on to the Rue Coquerne, then continue along the Rue de Saintes until you reach the Maison du Tourisme (Tourist Information Centre).

    19. How many steps do you have to go up to get to the Reception area of the Maison du Tourisme?

20. Several times a year, the mascot of the Brotherhood of the Tarte al’djote”,

    known as “Djan Djote”, who is displayed in one of the windows here, changes his costume. Which costume is he currently wearing?

    Leave the Maison du Tourisme and continue up the Rue de Saintes, then turn left onto the Rue de Charleroi.

    21. Under what other name is the Church of St John and St Nicholas known?

    22. On one of the walls of the building surrounding the church, a plaque gives details of two previous uses for the buildings. What are they?

    Walk down the Rue de Charleroi and turn onto the Rue Al'Gaille, then carry on to the Rue Neuve. At the end of the Rue Neuve, turn right onto the Rue de l’Evêché, then right again onto the Rue de Namur,

    then right again onto the Rue du Géant. Then turn left onto the Rue de Namur, where you will find the Espace Wallonie.

23. “La Fontaine” is shown on the blue stone doorstop at the entrance to the

    Espace Wallonie. Why?

24. What is the Walloon name for the River Thines?

    Thank you for participating: we hope you enjoyed yourselves!


Open the door of your Espace Wallonie in Nivelles and discover

    our personalised service!

    The Espace Wallonie in Nivelles is a regional information centre and a one-stop shop for quality information about specialties and

    activities in Wallonia. It also hosts exhibitions, conferences and


Specialist services:

    ; Housing advice

    ; Energy advice

    ; Mediation service contact point

    ; Equal Opportunities advice

    ; Advice for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) ; etc.


From Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5pm


    67, Rue de Namur

    1400 NIVELLES

    Tel: +32 (0)67 411 670



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