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     Islamic University

Topic: Islamic Cultures

    Author: Sheikh Ahmed Hassan

    Version Num.: 1

    Page Num.: 41-51

    Year of Publication: March


    Islamic culture

    Sheikh Ahmed Hassan

    Teacher at the Islamic University

Characteristics, its history, its future

    It is the title of a new book was released finally (house extension) Lebanese Dr. Abdul Karim Osman teacher at the University of Riyadh, there is nothing wrong, dear reader, that you put your hand in my hand to walk together Nrtad prospects of this book, and live with author moments of carefree, Let us thus make up what we missed from listening Speaking to the fresh, and Nbrath strong, but subtle gestures, where he spoke on this subject recently alive on the runway of the University of Riyadh.

    Talking about Islamic culture talk interesting and enjoyable and necessary, due to the culture of a major impact in our modern life, especially after it came our Islamic culture for the deadliest attack intellectual and the invasion of civilization in its history, and I have been a number of books on the subject, has issued Mr. Malik bin Nabi, a book called (the problem of culture), also released another book about Franklin American Foundation entitled (the Islamic culture and contemporary life).

    It includes a number of research was thrown at a conference in America in the summer of 1953 and participated in the invitation to Princeton University and the Library of Congress. This book represents the episode of intellectual invasion of the Islamic culture, which is planning indirect curves and routes should go where the research of Islamic and Islamic culture, a short trap set by the United States for Islamic Thought, contemporary, and she wants that Islam U.S. made the same

    [1]. As for the book Mr. Malik is not limited to Islamic culture, but is looking for culture in general and the intervention of the Islamic culture as intervention other, and he wants all the time - in their own way in all his research - that up to general laws, and guidelines, which is when he talks about the culture Muslim but he is talking about in the context of global culture, no doubt it is the first book of its kind in the Arab library, and intellectuals are advised to refer to it, and take advantage of it.

    The book by Dr. Abdul Karim Osman (subject of our conversation) is the first book of its kind to address the characteristics of Islamic culture, history and future, - and I think a book addressed these issues combined - hence the importance of the book, despite its small size, it may pain the main lines for this major issues and put them in the appropriate framework, and we wish Dr. Abdul Karim expansion in this research - the vacant place in the library of the Islamic - and may God prepares the appropriate time Vihva an extensive study in the second edition, God willing.

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