Unit4 My Home period 4

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Unit4 My Home period 4

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

    PEP English Teaching Plan (4A)

    Unit 4 My home

     Period 4

    I.Teaching contents

    Part B: Let’s learn. Lets play.

    II.Teaching aims

    A. Knowledge aims

    1. Have the students be able to listen, say, recognize and read the key

    words: bed, fridge, table, sofa, phone.

     2. Have the students be able to understand and use the key sentences:

    Where are the? They are

    B. Ability aims

     1. Students are able to use the key words to describe the things at home.

     2. Students are able to ask “Where are the ? and can answer by using “They are…”.

    3. Students are able to play the game.

    C. Emotion aim;

    1. Make students love their home.

    2. Increase students interest in English.

    III.Teaching key and difficult points A. Key point;

    Key words: bed, fridge, phone, table, sofa 1 teacher;

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

Key sentences: Where are the? They are

    B. Difficult point;

     1. Students can pronounce fridge, phone, sofa correctly.

     2. Students can play the game by themselves.

    IV.Teaching methods

    Demonstration method TPR Communication method

    V.Teaching aids

    Multi-media wordcards a tape recorder VI.Teaching procedures

    Step1: Warm up & revision

    1. Greetings.

    Hello, boys and girls. / How are you? / Whats your name? / Whats his name? / Whats her name? / Whats in the classroom? 2. Lets sing a song.

    Teacher plays the tape, students listen and sing “My friends together. 3. Play a game.

    Teacher shows different rooms, students look and say.

    4. Lets do.

    Teacher plays the tape, students listen and try to do the actions after the


    Step2: Presentation

    1. Visit Amys home.

    2 teacher;

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

    T: Amy has a new home. Lets visit her home together. Ss: Ok!

    T: How many rooms can you see? Ss: Five.

    T: What are they?

    Ss: Bedroom,

    T: Whats in the bedroom?

    Ss: A bed.

    T: Yes. There is a bed in the bedroom. CAI shows a bed.

    T: Can you spell bed?

    Ss: B-e-d, bed.

    T: What colour is it?

    Ss: Its

    T: What’s in the bedroom?


    T: There is a bed, a door, a closet and an end table.

    2. CAI shows a living room. T: Where is it?

    Ss: Its a living room.

    T: Whats in the living room?


    3 teacher;

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

CAI shows a table and a sofa. Teach table, sofa

    3. CAI show a kitchen.

    T: Look at that room. It has a blue fridge.

    Teach fridge.

    4. CAI shows a table.

    T: Whats on the table?

    Ss: A phone.

    Teach phone.

    5. CAI show Amys home.

    T: Look, where is Amy? Ss: Shes in the study.

    T: Where is the bed?

    Ss: Its in the bedroom?

    T: What is the TV?

    Ss: Its on the table.

    T: Where are the keys? Ss: They are on the fridge. Step 3 Practice

    1. Look and say

    Teacher plays CAI to show the things, students look and say.

    2. Magic eyes.

    3. Ask and answer.

    4 teacher;

     芜湖县湾沚一小 英语组电子备课教学设计

S1: Where is the ? / Where are the ?

    S2: Its / They are

    4. Colour and say.

     Its I like my home very much. Look at that room. It has a

    Step4 Consolidation &Extension

    1. Listen to the tape and read after it.

    2. Listen to a song.

    Listen to My small bedroom.

    Step6 Homework

    1. Listen to the tape and read after it. 2. Design ones own home and say about it. VII.Blackboard design

    Unit 4 My home

    bed sofa phone table fridge

    Where is the bed?

    Its in the bedroom.

    Where are the keys

    They are on the fridge.

    Look at that room. It has a

    VIII.Teaching reflection

    5 teacher;

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