Speech Making

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Speech MakingSpeech

    Speech Making

Part 1 Warming up [15min]

    Grouping 分成四组; 爱的鼓励(介绍

    Group discussion (decide each group name)

    Presentation (每组一个代表发言: explain the name that have been chosen and why)


    Free presentation (benefits of speech making) 每次有效发言,1分!

challenge ourselves; be a leader; win the respect and appreciation of others; get a high paying job;

    learn English well; improve speaking and writing skills; build up vocabulary

Part 2 Main part [60min]

    Classic speech making sentences

    Greetings: ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

     Hello everybody and welcome!

     It’s my great honor to be here!

     I’m very happy to see you all!

     Thank you all for being here!

    Main body sentences: what I am going to talk about today is….

     Firstly I’d like to talk about…

     My topic today is very interesting.

     I hope I can share my experience with you.

     Remember this important point.

Closing sentences: Finally I’d like to summarize the main points.

     I hope you all enjoy yourselves today.

     Thank you for listening/thank you for your time!


    Speech making round 1 每组一个代表,不能同前!抽取题目。2分钟即兴演讲使用以上句型。


What is a successful speech:

    1. No speech should last more than 20 minutes

    2. Focus on one topic

    3. Choose your words carefully so they’re comprehensible the first time

    4. A lot of words sound alike, for instance, eunuch(太监) and unique. A speech that describes a

    unique responsibility is very different form a speech that describes a eunuch responsibility! 5. Humor is vital, it helps to relax

    6. Don’t forget to say thanks

    Speech making round 2: self-introduction每组一个代表,不能同前!其他组评分并指出扣分地


Some tips about expression and emotion

    1. Talking too rapidly;

    2. Speaking in a monotone;

    3. Using too high a vocal pitch;

    4. Presenting without enough emotion or passion;

    5. Smile and glance at the audience;

    6. Don't put your hands in your pockets;

    Speech making round 3: Academy awards speech



     I’m very grateful to receive this award for “best Actress/Actor”. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this great honor. There’re many people I’d like to thank. First of all, I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. I also want to express my gratitude to all of my teachers over the years, but especially to my acting teacher, Jim Jones, who taught me everything I know. I want to thank my husband/wife for his understanding and kindness. And finally, I want to express my appreciation to all of my friends for their support, especially to Martin Miller, for being there when I needed him. This award means a great deal to me. Words can’t express how

    honored I feel at this moment. I will remember this night for the rest of my life! Thank you very much.

All time sentence patterns

    I will remember…

    We sincerely hope…

    They believe that…

    is a very competitive market.

    He’s not the type to…

    Working together, …

    I want to leave you with…

    I am honored…

    Today I want to talk to you about…

    I wish you the best luck in…

    means a great deal to…

    I feel sure that…

    Ask not what…can do for you, ask what you can do for…

    I’ve done everything in my power to…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for…

    During the two years since…

    I’m always looking for…

    I’d be happy to…

    on behalf of…

    so long as…

    for the first time…

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