Terminating Point Master (TPM)

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Terminating Point Master (TPM)

    ? ?TelcordiaTPM DATA SOURCE

    Data Set / File Specifications


     ?(updated to reflect 7/15/05 Microsoft Access TPM database changes)

     ??This document contains data set / file specifications for the Telcordia TPM Data Source as provided on CD ROM, web download, and transmitted via electronic data transfer, as of the date indicated above. File layouts are those associated ?with the fixed formatted data files provided in the TPM. For further information, call the Telcordia Routing Administration (TRA) Customer Service Center on 866-NPA-NXXS (i.e. 866-672-6997) or 732-699-6700. This

    document may also be downloaded at (documents).

Telcordia and TPM Data Source are trademarks of Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

     ?Copyright 1994-2005 Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

    All Rights Reserved

Issue date: 03/15/05

    TPM Flat File Information - History

The following identifies previous issues of these specifications in this format and identifies pertinent changes associated

    with each issuance of this document.

Note that the “issue date” need not be the same as the “effective date”. Since specifications often need to be issued with

    sufficient lead-time to permit review, cosmetic changes, and error corrections, possible pertinent changes may occur

    before a “final” version can be solidified. If you are concerned as to whether you have the latest version of this document,

    please call TRA on 866-NPA-NXXS (i.e. 866-672-6997) or 732-699-6700 or check, where you can also

    download copies of these specifications.


    Date Changes

    07/01/95 Initial specs in this format

    12/15/95 - Inclusion of "activity" and "master" files into a single TPM product

    - Updates to Glossary (CO TYPE, NXXTYPE) and various clarifications.

    - Introduction of SCAN as a viewer for diskette data.

    - Revisions to naming of supporting diskette files (e.g. "read me").

    03/15/96 - COUNTREC.EXE added to diskette.

    10/15/97 - No structural file changes - supports the incorporation of the VHCD and TPM (previously separate



    - The VHCD NXXMSTR.DAT diskette file becomes TPM.DAT


    - The VHCD NXXACTVY.DAT diskette file becomes TPMACT.DAT

    - Glossary/specs files added to diskette and tape

    04/15/98 - OCN file updated to include CO TYPE, Bill to RAO, Send to RAO

    - TPMEND file added to note the product date and to provide a listing of file record counts for

    reconciliation purposes

    01/15/99 - Inclusion of Portability Indicator on TPM, TPMACT, and MINORVH files

    - Addition of PLNAME file

    - Inclusion of files associated with CD ROM version

    07/15/99 - Inclusion of RAO file

    07/15/00 - Inclusion of Pooling Indicator on TPM, TPMACT, and MINORVH files

    - Addition of TBP file

    01/15/03 - Removal of Special Rating Indicator and “Actual NPA for Non-Mexican "Other Place"” NPA fields

    from TPM and MINORVH files

    - Expansion of fields in TBP file to those in TPM.DAT; addition of Rate Center name information and

    RC file; addition of AOCN data field in TBP file

    - Removal of diskette media notations to support earlier discontinuance

    10/15/03 - Addition of TBPACT.DAT

    - Addition of TPMAPP02.MDB (CD only)

    01/15/04 - Replacement of TPM.DAT and TPMACT.DAT with TBP.DAT and TBPACT.DAT formats (i.e.

    TPM.DAT and TPMACT.DAT file „names‟ continue, TBP file „names‟ do not; former TBP files are

    now entitled the TPM files)

    - MINORVH.DAT reformatted to correlate to basic TBP.DAT format

    - Note: Effective 7/15/04 the magnetic tape version of the TPM was discontinued

     TPMDATA.MDB updated from Access 97 to Access 2000; TPMAP97.MDB removed; TPMAP03.MDB

06/01/05* added. * 03/01/05 re-issue

    TPM? Data Source

    Dataset and File Record Layouts 01/15/04

Product Description:

     ?The Telcordia Routing Administration (TRA) on 866-NPA-NXX (i.e. 866-672-6997) or 732-699-6700, ??provides the Telcordia TPM Data Source in support of systems used in rating telephone calls and other processes that involve the NPA NXX data it contains. The TPM is provided monthly via CD ROM. The files on the CD ROM can also be downloaded from the web. CD ROM and web versions contain an ?additional Microsoft Access version of the data. Electronic transmission of data files via Network Data ?Mover (NDM) (aka Connect:Direct) is also available under certain conditions.

File Descriptions:

    This document provides detailed record layouts of the files provided on the TPM data file products. NDM, CD ROM, and web downloaded data file versions are identical in terms of data content and file layout. Brief field descriptions and a listing of coded values used in certain fields are provided in Appendix A-1 (GLOSSARY file). The definitions and values are subject to clarification and other changes on an ongoing basis.

    The sequence of file layouts in this document follows the sequence of files appearing on the magnetic tape version of the TPM when such was available. The Last Change dates in the file description headers in this document refer to when the file was last structurally changed, or alternatively, first appeared. Dates of 1990 are used as defaults since tracking did not occur prior to that date. Structural changes would include the addition or removal of fields either physically, or though redefinition of filler space as well as the redefinition of a field. Wording changes done to clarify existing fields will not, of and by themselves, generate a "Last Change" date. Please note the following:

; Appendix A-1 to this document (GLOSSARY file), available at (documents) provides

    a brief description of most fields, as well as a listing of specific field values (or other qualifiers) when reasonable and applicable.

    ; The TPM contains both a "primary" (master) file of NPA NXX (and BLOCK ID) data (TPM.DAT) as well as a subset of the primary file, called an "activity" file (TPMACT.DAT) of NPA NXX (and BLOCK ID) data. The primary and respective activity files are structured identically. All data records found in the "activity" file are also found in the "primary" file.

    ; Data in the TPM.DAT and TPMACT.DAT files are provided on a BLOCK ID basis, per NPA NXX. The CO Code Holder company and associated data is represented as BLOCK ID “A”. In addition, where an NPA NXX is further broken down into Thousands Blocks, the TPM files contain information for records identified with BLOCK ID = 0-9 (note that not