Doing sports

By Bryan Brooks,2014-05-11 16:17
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Doing sportsDoin

Doing sports

    Doing sports is very important , it can make us healthy and strong. It also can help us study well and get good grades. Lets do sports together.

    I usually run every morning, it is a good habit. After school, I often play basketball with my friends, it makes me happy and make many good friends.

    I like doing sports very much. As a student, I should so many sports . its good for us.

    Thats all , thank you.


    Health is very important. If I am not healthy, I cant go to school. I cant study well, I will

    not be happy every day. But if I am healthy, I will be happy and study well. My parents are also very happy. So I must keep healthy.

    But how to keep healthy. First , we should eat many kinds of fruit and vegetables. They are good for us. We shouldnt eat too meat. Or we will be fat. Second, we should do sports, sports are very important. I often run in the morning and play soccer with my friends on the playground.

    We need health , health is very important for us.


    Everyone should have a dream. Dream is our energy and power. if we have a dream, we will study harder, if we have a dream, our life will be colorful, if we have a dream, the world will be beautiful.

    My dream is to be an English teacher, because I think its an interesting job, I like children

    and I am good with kids, I am also friendly, I think kids will like me ,too. I like English and my English is good, I can speak English well, so I believe I can learn English well, I believe my dream will come true. Because I think I am a good girl, I can work hard. Do you believe me?


    Youth is very important , if youth is past, It will never come back, so we should cherish it. Youth is like a dream , youth is fire, it has strong power, its full of energy, youth is a song,

    its beautiful. Youth is a river, it runs days and nights. It goes through mountains and fields. Youth is like the sun, it is bright.

    Youth is the most beautiful thing in the world. My youth is held in my hand. Believe in myself. Tomorrow is a beautiful day.

    How to protect the environment

    Good environment is very important for us, it can help us live longer and it can help us live happily, it can make our cities and the world beautiful.

    We should go to school on foot or by bike. We shouldnt take a bus or drive a car. We

    should plant more trees and we should cut down trees.

    We should use shopping baskets instead of plastic bag. We shouldnt waste water, we

    should save water, as a student, we should do from small things.

    Lets take actions now.

    Thats all , thank you.

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