The Summary of the Musical Brain

By Danielle Hill,2014-11-18 18:58
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The Summary of the Musical Brainof,Of,OF,The,the,Brain,brain,THE,BRAIN

    The Summary of the Musical Brain

    This story happened in the writer’s hometown Pringles. When

    he was a kid, he and his family seldom went to restaurant for dinner because of the excuse of his mother. But the writer remembered one day when they were eating at a restaurant, he saw a lot of inhabitants devoting books and there is a beautiful woman Sarita Subercaseaux who collected and made notes in a record. The writer thought it was a plan for the Pringles Public Library and he became the most hardworking student in the library and this did a lot good to his grades. However, it turned out to be his wrong memory for such an experience and there even was no Sarita in his childhood,

    When the whole family got back to the hotel, they were told that The Musical Brain be exhibited in the lobby of the Spanish Theatre. It used to appear in the town before, but it was unpopular for different reasons. The Spanish Theatre is near to the hotel, in order to escape the diner, they made a detour, and they found The Musical Brain was placed on a box on the way to the lobby. Both the writer and his sister wanted to touch the musical brain, but their mom stopped them. At the same time, they heard the laughter coming from the theatre. A comedy was showed there, which received a lot of applaud. It was turned out to be a success. However,

    the mother did not appreciate it as she was tragedians. So every time when there was a comedy play, my mom would drive us to the theatre and watched who went to the play.

    And then returned to the memorable evening of their encounter with the Musical Brain, they also made a detour down one street or another to see the landscape along their driving. After what seemed a labyrinthine route, all of them and even their dog were shaken by a circus. The circus came to the town a few days ago. And there was a sandal about three dwarfs: two twin brother and the wife of one brother, but the woman fell in love with her brother-in-low. Finally, they all disappeared and the husband disappeared with a gun of the circus’s owner, which caused a lot picnic to the people in the town. After 2-day searching, there was no result. No one felt safe at home, and they were all in picnic and horror.

    To close the parenthesis and return to the Musical Brain, having satisfied their curiosity about the musical brain, the writer’s parents

    headed for the street. Driven by the curiosity, the writer touched the musical brain with finger. When his sister saw this, she also tried her best to reach the box holding the musical brain. Suddenly, the box removed and his sister burst into tears because of fear. And the musical brain slid over the box and broke. And the body of the twin brother was in the box. At that time, the play was over and a lot of

    clapping coming from the theatre. It turned out that the female dwarf hide in the theatrical dues ex machinial. A strange big creature emerged and it flew over the high roof to try to fly out of the theatre. It was so strange that it frightened all the people in the theatre. They rushed out of the theatre, but it caused a big mass. They were many screams and shouters. At last, the audience fled the theatre, but they did not want to go home. They stood on the street, which caused many troubles to police, firefighters and even the ambulance. The first search of the theatre turned out to be fruitless and the creature disappeared again. There was a rumor that it had found a way to fly off. Suddenly, people found the creature appearing again, and the clowns dressed in customs and waved a flattened dwarf body over his head like a banner. The audience thought the strange creature was about to lay by their life experience. And it lay a single, white, pointed egg. And Sarita Subercaseaux appeared on the stage and she was inches from the creature. The creature is the same size as her and it looked at Sarita and then the creature flew away and left her there. She held an axe in her hand and audience thought she would break the egg. However, the thing held in her arm was not an axe but a book. It was said that this curious figure has come to symbolize the founding of the Municipal Library.

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