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一、找出下列各组单词括号中部分读音不同的一个单词。 (10%)

    ( )1. A.stand B. make C. table D. plane

    ( )2. A. close B. open C. only D. sorry

    ( )3. A. food B. school C. broom D. book

    ( )4. A. please B. meat C. read D. heavy

    ( )5. A. bike B. nice C. fine D. sit

    ( )6. A. bus B. excuse C. cup D. number

    ( )7. A.desk B. pen C. he D. seven

    ( )8. A. can B. nice C. coat D. class

    ( )9. A. thing B. other C. them D. with

    ( )10.A. brown B. window C. throw D. yellow


    1.He swimming in the river every day in summer. (go) 2.There is a reading room on the ________ floor. (one) 3.Look, the children basketball on the playground. ( play ) 4.I have a cat. ________ name is Mimi. (it)

    5. How many ________ can you see? (cake )

    6. I need some paper . I some for you . ( bring ) 7. Whose bikes are they? They are my ________. (friend) 8.He said that he back in five minutes . ( come ) 9. He is a ________ boy. He often helps others. (help) 10. There isn't any ____ on the table. (rice)


    ( )1. What are you going to do _______ this afternoon?

     A. in B. on C. / D. at ( )2. Im going to _______ my grandmas ________ Friday evening.

     A. look at; / B. see; at C. see; on D. watch; on ( )3. Be quiet! My mother ________.

     A. sleeps B. is sleeping C. slept D.sleep ( )4. -- ________ are you going there? -- On foot.

    A. Where B. Why C. How D. What ( ) 5. This tower is about _______ tall.

     A. three hundreds meter B.three hndred meter C.three hundreds meters D. three hundred meters

    ( ) 6. I’ve never seen ________ tree.

     A. so tall B. a such tall C. such a tall D.a so tall ( ) 7. !!I like that pair of shoes . Can I try them________? !!Of course .Here you are .

    A. in B. at C. with D. on

    ( ) 8. Please be quiet. I have _________ to announce.

     A. an important something B. important something C. something important D.important something ( ) 9. --- Would you like a cup of tea, Tom?---_________

    A. I like the glass B. Yes, please C. Sorry, there isnt any D. Here you are ( ) 10. Mrs. Zhang is a friend of _______.

     A. John’s mother B. mother of John C. John’s mother’s D.John mothers



    1.She goes home by bus every day.(改为同义句)

    ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Mike is good at playing computer games. (改为同义句)

    ____________________________________________________________________________ 3It takes him two hours to ______________________ (弹钢琴)every day.

    4Whats that _________________ (用英语)?

    5. We hope _______________________________ (再次见到你).


    There is 1 old woman in Australia.She 2 children at all.But she loves 3 . She has black cats and white ones. She has 4 cats and baby cats. So the children 5 to come to her house. They come to play with the cats. More and more cats come

    to the old womans house. Soon 6 are 7 cats. The old woman 8 feed them. Then she doesn’t know what to do. The

    children love my cats,she thinks. So she 9 each child a cat. The chilren are happy. 10 the cats are happy,too,because they each have a home.

    ( )1. A.a C.the D./

    ( )2. A.isnt B.dont C.not likes D.doesnt like

    ( )3. B.cats C.a cats D.the cats ( )4. A.mother B.mothers C.mothers D.mothers

    ( )5. A.likes like D.are like ( )6. A.they B.there C.these D.the children ( )7. A.very much B.too much C.too many D.very much ( )8. A.can B. is C. cant D.isnt

    ( )9. A.give giving D.does gives ( )10.A.But B.And C.Or D.Too


    1) 阅读短文,将正确答案的标号写在题前括号内.(10%)

    When you are in England, you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a

    street, you must look to the right first and then the left.

     If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop. Then the people on foot can cross the road carefully, and they dont need

    to walk in a hurry.

     If the traffic lights are green, the traffic can go . People on foot mustnt cross.

     In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come back from work, the streets are very busy. Traffic is very

    dangerous then. So you have to be careful to cross the streets.

     When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Remember the traffic moves on the left. Have a look first, or

    youll go the wrong way.

     In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. From there you can see the

    city well. Its very fuuny!

    ( )1. Drivers in England drive on the .

     A. left B. west C. right D. north ( )2. If the traffic lights are red, all the cars ,buses and trucks

     A. go on B. must stop C. go wrong D. turn left ( )3. People on foot cant cross the street when the lights are .

     A. red B. green C. yellow D. white ( )4. In China, drivers drive on .

     A. the left B. the both sides C. the same side as English drivers D. the different side

    ( )5. Which of the following is true?


    A.They have many buses with two floors in England. B.In the morning, there are few buses in the street.

     C.People cant see the city from the window. D.Look first and you will go the wrong way. 2)

    When you are reading something in English , you may often come across a new word .What’s the best way to know it ?

    You need an English-Chinese dictionary (字典).It will tell you a lot about the word , for example (例如) , how to read this

    word ,what it means in Chinese and how to use this word. But there are so many English words in the dictionary and how

    can you know where the word is ?There is a way to look for it .

    In the dictionary you can first see the words beginning with the letter A, then B,C,D,E…That means, if there are two

    words ,”desk” and “hour’ ,”desk ” will be before “hour ’;”story ” before” Sunday ”, “tomato” before “ tomorrow” etc.

    The English-Chinese dictionary will be your good friend . I hope you will often use it in your English learning.

    1.When you don’t know a word , the best way is ____________.

    A. to ask your father B. to think C. to ask your friends D. to use a dictionary 2.What does “come across” mean in Chinese in the passage(短文) ?It means________.

    A. 遇到 B.撞倒 C. 越过 D.过来

    3.Here are four words: face,autumn,film and April. Their right order (次序) in the English-Chinese dictionary is _____. A. April,autumn,face,film B. Film,face,April,autumn C.face, film, April, autumn D. April,face,film,autumn 4.The English-Chinese dictionary is good for ___________.

    A. the students in Paris in learning English B. the students in the USA in learning English C. Chinese students in learning English D. the students in Canada in learning English 5.This passage is about _______.

    A. how to read a Chinese story B. how to do homework

    C. how to use an English-Chinese dictionary D. how to write a book

七、情景对话 根据下面对话内容,在下列选项?ABCDE?中选出可以填入空格内的最佳选项。?10%

    Sam: Hi, Peter, How are you?

    Peter:___1___ What about you ,Sam?

    Sam: I’m OK, I hear your English teacher is a very interesting man.

    Peter: Yes , ___2____


    Peter: Yes ,we all love him . He is go good .We have a lot of fun with him . Sam:___4___

    Peter: He is from Canada.

    Sam: I see .Oh , I must go .There is a football match this afternoon and I will play in it . Peter:___5____ Bye.

    Sam: See you tomorrow, bye.

    A.I think you all like him. B. Good luck!

    C. his class is just wonderful! D. Where is he from?

    E. I’m fine.


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