A Summary of Kids and Computers Digital Danger

By Earl Phillips,2014-05-11 16:13
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A Summary of Kids and Computers Digital DangerKids,and,AND,kids

    A Summary of Kids and Computers: Digital Danger

    In Alison Sperry words, unlike traditional games and toys ;wired games

    entertainment encourages kids to be unimaginative ;socially immature ;and crudely

    desensitized to the world around them. From the games ;children can learn some

    skills ; then develop this skills may determine what they are. Just like the try on

    the different roles they choose can develop their cooperation , learn how to work with others .But recently, there are more and more computer activities and video games take up most of the childrens time. Though the electronic entertainment is

    ingenious ;the children are the losers ;because they live on this society and rely on

    these for fun.

    Contrast between Play-Doh and video games.;the Play-Doh is creative and the

    video games is not. Play-Doh is a simple ball;the snake might become an outline of

    the number eight formed with two loops and one continuous line or a bracelet. She can do a make-believe tea party. She uses her hands do what she wants. She is a creator. While play the video games just watch others creation unfold and none creative ability.

    Contrast between soccer games and chatting on the net;the soccer games help

    develop kids social abilities while the chatting on the net renders the kids poor at handling interpersonal relationship. The kids are playing a pickup game. They may have different opinions, but then they will accept the idea that such give-and-take. While chatting online , the chat queen own many chatters, so she neednt to deal with

    the relationship with others.

    Contrast between Monopoly and video games;while playing the Monopoly ;the

    kids are still sensitive to the large world around them.;while playing the video

    games;they are simple confined to their own world. When in play Monopoly, the player can cheat visitors, they are learning the activities which make them enjoy and be sensitive to the world. But when kid play video games, he is no reaction about his parents and visitors. He will not pull his eyes from the screen, though spoken to directly. He keep him away the world.

    Whats the lesson from contrast traditional games and toys with electronic games. Its too awful to think about the lesson. People should thought of the grave consequence the digital games are likely to have.

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