University Fire Department

By Nicole Carpenter,2014-01-31 15:56
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University Fire Department

    University Fire Department

    Office of the Fire Marshal

    611 N. Chandalar

     P.O. Box 755440

    Fairbanks, AK 99775-5540



    In each category there are several specific questions relating to fire prevention and life

    safety. Evaluate the safety of your occupancy by circling “Y” (Yes) or “N” (No) to the right

    of each question. Circling No in response to any question indicates a violation of the Fire

    Code and may indicate the presence of an unsafe condition. If you discover a violation

    or an unsafe condition during the self-inspection process, please take the appropriate

    action to correct the violation or unsafe condition immediately.


    Y / N 1. PPE Listed?

    Y / N 2. Current emergency contacts listed?

    Y / N 3. “No food or drink” sign present?

    Y / N 4. Telephone emergency stickers present? (recommended)


    Y / N 1. Fire extinguisher present and checked monthly?

    Y / N 2. MSDS’s available in lab?

    Y / N 3. Safety shower present, unobstructed? Has the shower had its annual test?

    Y / N 4. Eyewash present, unobstructed and tested within the last year?


    Y / N 1. Proper eye protection present? (safety glasses/goggles/face shield)

    Y / N 2. Visitor glasses available?

    Y / N 3. Proper chemical resistant/heat resistant/cryogenic gloves?


    Y / N 1. Are walkways and doors unobstructed?

    Y / N 2. Is there adequate lighting?

    Y / N 3. Is there eating, drinking or smoking allowed?

    Y / N 4. Is food storage allowed in the lab?


    Y / N 1. Is the proper size and type of spill kit available?

    Y / N 2. Are labels visible 6-10 feet away from container?


    Y / N 1. Are extension cords utilized only in temporary applications?

    Y / N 2. Where utilized, are extension cords of the heavy-duty type, free of physical damage and unplugged when not in use?

    Y / N 3. Are power-strips UL or FM listed and equipped with over current protection (a circuit breaker)?

    Y / N 4. Are all electrical circuits, wiring, fixtures and appliances installed and

    maintained in compliance with the electrical code?

    Y / N 5. Are all electrical panels, junction boxes, outlets and switches protected with approved cover plates?

    Y / N 6. Are there rubber mats on floors in wet areas?

    Y / N 7. Is a minimum of 36 inches of clearance maintained from all electrical service

    equipment, breaker panels and transformers?


    Y / N 1. Are cylinders properly secured?

    Y / N 2. Are cylinders labeled empty or full?

    Y / N 3. Are they labeled with the cylinder contents?

    Y / N 4. Are caps on the cylinders that are not in use?

    Y / N 5. Are oxygen cylinders separated from flammable gas cylinders by 20ft or a ? hour rated fire wall?


    Y / N 1. Is there a “no food or drink” sign?

    Y / N 2. Is there food or drink stored in the unit?

    Y / N 3. Are there flammables stored in a non flammable rated refrigerator?


    Y / N 1. Are chemicals stored by reactive class? (flammables, acids, bases, etc.)

    Y / N 2. Are incompatible chemicals physically separated?

    Y / N 3. Are chemicals properly labeled? Are they dated on receipt and opening?

    Y / N 4. Are flammable chemicals stored in a flammable locker?

    Y / N 5. Is the chemical inventory current and available?

    Y / N 6. Are waste chemical containers closed and have a label on them?


    Y / N 1. Has fume hood been inspected within the last year?

    Y / N 2. Does fume hood have a fully closable sash?

    Y / N 3. Is the fume hood in proper working order?

    Y / N 4. Is fume hood free of unnecessary chemicals and equip? Fume hoods are not

    to be used for chemical storage, only used for day use.


    Y / N 1. Is there adequate aisle space? (at least 3 feet)

    Y / N 2. Is there storage within 18 inches of the sprinkler heads?

    Y / N 3. Are combustibles stored near ignition sources?

    Y / N 4. Are all employees familiar with the department emergency action plan?

University Fire Department is committed to the safety and well being of all employees, students

    and visitors to the University of Alaska. If you have question or concerns about fire safety issues

    please feel free to call the University Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal, at 474-6938 or


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