Release the Dream

By Jerome Bennett,2014-11-18 18:42
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Release the DreamThe,Dream,the,dream

Ladies and gentlemen

    My talk today is about dream.

    Decades ago, a great man sung his dream before millions of languished Negros, a dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His voice echoes in history. He speaks in the language of people suffered injustice. He dreamed a dream that everyone in the country, or everyone in this world will dream. His words beat like the beating of his heart: “I have a dream

    that all men are created equal. “

    Even until today, this oath is far from fulfilled. Discrimination, poverty, conflicts and violence are threating the relations and affections among human. Our fellows, our brothers, are bleeding and weeping. For some of them, life is such fragile that can easily be broken. From the holy land of Palestine, to the desolated desserts of Syria, tragedies are staged every day, every minute. This world is not that ideal

    as we imagined and peace and equality are like distant stars.

    Gentlemen, ladies, let us not be afraid and ashamed to talk about dreams, for they are our true lights dim but firm. My dream is to make the world a better place. I dream that no one will starve again, and we who live in the village of the earth should learn to share. I dream that no one will hate and be hated, and the bonds among human will prevent the forces to tear it apart. I dream that no one will be treated and judged by their color of skin, their wealth and political backgrounds. I have a dream, the same dream of Martin Luther Kings, a dream about a brighter


    Maybe I am too young and simple to have the dream. Maybe I am not strong enough to achieve something to honor it, but it will always be in my heart. Maybe

    someday I will become a journalist, and I

    will choose to report the lives in misfortunes. Maybe someday I will

    become a doctor, and I will be fighting against the deadly diseases. Maybe someday I will become a civil servant, and I will dedicate my life to the greatness of my country.

    Some dreams should be kept in heart. Some others should be spoken out.

    Thank you.

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