New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans, Louisiana

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    “Cajun dining on Lake Ponchartrain”

    Reviewed September 15, 2011

    ; On a recent Sunday in September 2011, we drove up to Frenier Landing Restaurant and Oyster Bar, from Jefferson Parish. The ride took about 40 minutes but was worth the trip. I had visited Frenier the day before on my Harley as part of a rally stop. I was pleased with parking for bikes under the restaurant on a paved concrete slab capable of holding over 50 bikes. From there, you take either the steps or a concrete disabled ramp, to the restaurant. At the top of the flight of stairs, there is a sign that says “Restaurant or Oyster Bar.” Go either way or sit outside on the veranda over-looking the massive Lake Ponchartrain. It’s a clear unobstructed view of the Lake. We chose to sit outside and eat, even in the 90 degree heat. On the Lakeside, there was a gentle Lake breeze and fans to keep that air flowing. We never had a problem with heat or humidity. We had read all the negative and spiteful write-ups found in other publications and decided to try it out for ourselves based on the hospitality shown to me the day before.

    We ordered our drinks, a ice tea and a sprite. We sort of timed the staff’s ability to get our drinks out within 5 minutes since she had to cross the restaurant, inside, to get us our drinks. Exactly 5 minutes which is what one would expect with a packed house. I checked out the bathrooms and they were clean. On the way back outside, I noticed a table of approximately 15 Japanese tourists eating up massive portions of assorted sea foods. I also noticed about 30 motorcyclists and these are the well behaved types, weekend riders who go back to their doctor, lawyer or professional careers on Monday morning. A good sprinkling of older folks, younger families and people who looked like they were on a first date. Since we had just eaten at home, 3 hours earlier, we settled for the Mixed Seafood Platter with a side potato. That was out within 12 minutes. I also had a Key Lime pie and my significant other had a scotch and water.

    After reading the bad reviews, I can honestly tell you we had no problems with the staff, the food, the desert or the people. We struck up a conversation with the table adjacent to us and they had said they read the reviews but a review is just that; someone’s first impression or a chance to gripe about whatever. The Platter fed both of us and would probably feed 3 normal sized adults sharing a meal and a drink. The fried seafood tasted like some of the fare at higher end restaurants In New Orleans

    and…yes…Middendorf’s in Ponchatoula/Manchac. Both restaurants are noted

    for their specialties but the unobstructed view of Ponchartrain is worth the visit to Frenier. The day was perfect and we walked the grounds, down to the lakeshore and breakwater. The Saturday before, I had seen a helicopter land on the area next to the restaurant. I also noticed a swamp boat and a packed parking lot (paved). So, come on down, spend a few bucks and enjoy the Lake as it was meant to be seen, from the 2nd floor of a very well thought out Cajun themed restaurant. My photos are of the outside of the restaurant since others have contributed inside shots. I liked the interior and the Bar and Restaurant are separated by bathrooms. The Oyster bar looked

    full and loud with people talking, enjoying life and having fun. They bill

    themselves as “The New West End” and old time New Orleanian and

    Jefferson Parish residents remember the old West End, on Lake Ponchartrain,

    for food, bars and family fun. Check it out!

    ; Visited September 2011

    ***** Value

    ***** Service

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