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nextstep IAG basically doc


     Key Terms in Plain English

    Issue 6: Feb 09

Redundancy IAG support through nextstep

A definition:

    Support for companies making redundancies to provide practical advice to their employees.

    What is it all about?

    nextstep is a government funded service that provides face to face information and advice on learning and

    work. When companies are planning redundancies, nextstep can offer constructive support to employees

    to help them prepare for a positive future. Benefits for businesses include:

    ; The service is government funded, so there is no cost to companies

    ; The nextstep advisers are professionally trained with comprehensive local knowledge

    ; Support and a constructive focus for employees during this time of change

    ; A flexible approach minimises disruption, and suits the needs of both employees and the company

What does this mean in real terms?

    nextstep advisers, with knowledge of local labour markets, can support staff by providing workshops or one to one sessions to employees facing redundancy. Examples of practical workshops include:

    ; CV writing and covering letters

    ; Application forms

    ; Interview techniques and advice

    ; Confidence building

    ; Job searching

    ; Advice on courses and training

    Individuals are supported to identify transferable skills and strengths, and these are built into a targeted

    action plan. Any training needs are also identified, and help is given for employees to come to terms with their situation, whilst maintaining their self confidence.

    Practical help and further advice on useful contacts and websites is also given.

    What more can we do?

    For more information on the nextstep redundancy support service:

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    ; email:

    ; visit:

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