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By Maurice Duncan,2014-05-11 16:14
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about lifelife,Life

    What is life

    开场白, Good morning everyone. I am so happy to be here today to share some of my ideas. This is my topic what is life!”wellI going to present my

    ideas with the following three parts. The first part is life is rough.The second

    part is life is sweet.and at last I make a conclusionOklets go to start it.

    第一部分,These picturesI knowyou may have saw are from the

    internet.which has Triggered wide public attention. Usually,we are faced with a lot of pressues in our life.such as,working pressures,family troubles and so on. So some people would say,we lived a miserable ,rough and bitter life.but, this is the life? Go next

    第二部分,we cant deny that life is filled with many many difficulties.But there are also Many good examples.Like this:An old couples travel around the world with the help of the local people,.they like their trip very much. Life is just do something you like to do.Besides,the more simles and funs, the more happiness you will get. Still,life is not always easy.Life is full of laughter,anger,sorrow and happiness.And life may be the things both complicated and simple.It would be very cleared looking backward many years later.

    结局,the last part we go,Iwould like to end my presentation with this sentence

    life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it.thats all. Have a good time.Thank you.

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