In order to let the company get improved after adopt our strategy

By Nathan Reed,2014-04-12 02:05
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In order to let the company get improved after adopt our strategy

    In order to let the company get improved after adopt our strategy, we choose two strategy that are the bests, and the other two isnt very good for this company, so we

    decide do not use them as the following reasons in the next.

    The first strategy we choose to give up is Adding ways to get feedback from customers. (e.g. hot line can contact customers from day to night or points of sells establish department to elect information from consumers), this one is to solve the problem of Feedback with delay, we decide to give up it because the three following reasons: firstly, if there are too many in formations to feedback from the channels we made, it may cause the company lose their standards, they will dont know how to

    produce the product because of the confusion of the standards. Then too many information they feedback will cause there are too much junk information, imagine if junk information is too much, it will mislead people, waste the resources, all they need is the information good for the products and company. Third it is not necessary to listen to the customors’opinion; their view sometimes is not as broad as the

    companys research.

    Then we want to give up the strategy of translating the plants in developed countries to developing countries and decrease the cost with new technology. It is for the problem of Resource and staffs are spent abundantly so that the cost is too high in developed country, the reason first is developing may also has a lack of resources, it also need retours to develop, moreover, labor shortage is a global problem. Second developing countries don’t have the abilities of deal with the pollution; the lack of infrastructure will cause environmental pollution. Third one is too far place will cause

the communicate channel is not so clear; the information will get delay from the

factories not from the nation.

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