My hometown

By Anna Foster,2014-10-18 23:21
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My hometownMy h

    My hometown

    My hometown, Qianxi, Guizhou, is a small town. I havent lived in there for 8 years. The impressionable memory of my hometown for me is the road which I walked to school. This road is a magic road.

    Every morning, my grandma woke me up early. However, I was reluctant to get up. Nevertheless, if I heard that there was someone outdoor waiting for me to go to school together, I would sit up with a sudden whoosh like a ball full of air.

    The road to the school was long for me, but I never feel anxious or complaint for it. To me, the road was a path to a beautiful garden. It was the happiest thing for me to go to school with my pals.

    This road was full of us childrens joy. Every time, we

    carried a big bag on our back. However, we were such naughty that quarreled and fought noisily by using the bag. The person who was beat would cry loudly and shouted that I will go to my mother and you guys will be published.

    Nevertheless, he talked to us happily later.

    On the side of the road, there was a plum tree. When the plums were ripe, it was the time that we did something bad. The plum tree belonged to the host who lived by the side of

the road. Sometimes, we couldnt help plucking the plums

    from the tree. Unfortunately, there was a black dog here. Moreover, when he noticed us, he would bark to us. Certainly, we ran away quickly but laughed loudly.

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