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    May, 2012


     Applications are due: THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012.

     Placements are for are for FULL DAY STUDENTS only.

     Students must be at least 17 years of age to apply for placement.

     Students should be aware that placements are not patrol-oriented but of a CLERICAL nature.

     Personal History Form (serves as the Criminal Record Check Peel Police will do their own

    search). Applicants are to include a Personal History Form with this application submission.

     Currently placements are available in:

     2 positions Fitness/Training Unit 180 Derry Rd., Brampton

     2 positions Children's Safety Village - 7605 Kennedy Rd., Brampton

     1 position Davis Court-7750 Hurontario Street, Brampton

     1 position Records 7750 Hurontario Street, Brampton

     1 position I.T. Services 7750 Hurontario Street, Brampton

     1 position Fleet Services- 25 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton

     1 position 21 Division 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite C, Brampton

     See the following pages for descriptions.

    Students must demonstrate good decorum and common sense. Preference will be given to students

    who have not attained their 30 credits prior to the start of the semester.

     Students will be interviewed in June and will be asked to introduce themselves and explain why they

    have applied. All students must attend an ORIENTATION SESSION which will be held in

    September before placements start.

     Please encourage students to dress appropriately, to display visible respect for the interviewer, (no sir,

    yes sir) and to be prepared to discuss realistic expectations for their placement.

     Students must respond honestly to this question: “Have you ever had a negative experience with the

    police?” Students must be able to pass a security check.

     If accepted, students must wear business attire. (Each student can check with their perspective

    area/supervisor as to what is acceptable).

    A Letter(s) of Reference and the completed Personal History Form (attached) must accompany the

    application. The Police Records Search form is NOT required as they do their own based on the

    Personal History Form.

     Web Site: Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012



DUFFERIN-PEEL CONTACT: Vera Romaniuk, Co-op Teacher, St. Augustine S.S.

    27 Drinkwater Road, Brampton, ON 905-450-9993 ext71383

PEEL CONTACT: Janice Farrow, Curriculum and Instruction Support Services, ,

    905-890-1010 ext. 2348


    Submit application for one semester by: THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012 for Semester 1, 2012


    All parts of this application form must be completed neatly, accurately and legibly.

    Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Student’s Name: _________________________ Home Phone: __________________

Student’s age at the start of the placement: ________ Birth date: ___________________

    Email address_____________________________________________________________________

    Co-op Teacher: ___________________________ School Board: __________________

Co-op Teacher’s Email address____________________________________________________

    School Name: ___________________________ School Phone: ____________Ext.____

    Career Goals: ________________________________________________________________________


Type of Placement Requested: (see placement descriptions)

    Choice #1 ________________________________________________________________

    Choice #2 _________________________________________________________________

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012


Please rank the student on a scale of one (1) to four (4), with four being the highest ranking:

a) Dependability:

     1 2 3 4

b) Commitment to a Policing career

     1 2 3 4

c) Ability to plan and initiate own learning:

     1 2 3 4

In this section, please provide an outline of why you think this student should be placed at Peel Regional


_____________________________________ ___________________________________

    Teacher’s Name (please print) Subject

_____________________________________ ___________________________________

    Signature Telephone Number


    This information is collected under the authority of the Education Act and in compliance with Section 14,

    Section 32 and Subsection 29 (2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and

    will be used for the ongoing administration of appropriate Co-operative Education placements.

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012




1. Why have you requested a placement with Peel Regional Police?

2. How will this placement help you with your career choice?

    3. What can you contribute as a Co-op student in this placement? (Discuss your volunteer

    work, personal strengths, and prior relevant experience.)

4. What research have you done to explore this career (i.e. personal interviews, internet, career

    centre, guidance counselors).

Application Package contains:

; Application Form

    ; Personal Inventory Sheet keyed not hand-written

    ; Teacher Letter of Reference

    ; Personal History Form for Police Check - recent photograph, photocopy of birth


    ; Current Resume

    ; Cover Letter

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012



    Fitness/Training Unit

    ; perform daily maintenance and care of the equipment within the Multi-Purpose Room and Weight Training

    Room at 180 Derry Road

    ; assist with the collection and compilation of program related statistics for both the use of facilities and

    specific programs or events

    ; assist in the design, promotion, and implementation of an event or program as scheduled within the fitness


    ; to assist the Fitness Coordinator with the physical fitness testing of applicants. As part of this duty, the

    scoring of the tests upon completion will also be done

    ; participate in the physical activities of the Fitness Program and in certain circumstances, to develop and lead

    the activities under the guidance of the Fitness Coordinator

    ; assist in all aspects of the Fitness and Life Style program as directed by the Fitness Coordinator

; perform general office duties and do follow-up telephone and correspondence

    ; maintain an open communication with the Coordinator in all matters pertaining to the job ; enjoy the experience of working in and observing, the operation of a large government agency

Children's Safety Village

; will work with the safety village officers in classes which are conducted daily

; must enjoy working with young children

    ; it is preferable if the student has his/her own means of transportation to and from the Safety Village as public

    transit is not readily accessible they are located half way between Steeles and Derry Road on Kennedy

    7605 Kennedy Rd. S

Court Bureau

    ; deliver and retrieve documents from the trial coordinator's office

    ; file documents

    ; assist clerks with processing court packaging

    ; assist with updating completed court packages

    ; work within the trial coordinator's office

    ; assist with provincial court documents

    ; assist with provincial assignments courts

    ; learn provincial court offences and documentation

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012

Records Department

The student

    ; would have a variety of clerical duties assigned

    ; would assist in filing peace bonds and reporting cards into criminal packages

    ; will use Peel Regional Police computers to look up report numbers to assist in filing documents

    ; maintain alphabetical and numerical files

    ; assist clerks wherever necessary

    ; should have good computer skills and be accurate

Fleet Services

    Mandatory for the student to be enrolled in an automotive program at school

    ; Assisting Technicians in their general duties

    ; Tire maintenance

    ; Cleaning vehicles, stripping vehicles

     Parts inventory (Stocking shelves) ;

    ; Perform housekeeping duties

21 Division

    ; would be assigned clerical duties

    ; will use Peel Regional Police computers to look up patrol zones, conditions and addresses to an Excel

    spread sheet and save the information

    ; should have good computer skills and be accurate

    ; all other required skills are straight forward and will be taught

I.T. Services

    Assist in entering Peel Regional Police computer information into a spreadsheet or database application

    - Attend service requests with IT staff and assist as required

    - Enter orders for purchase of new IT equipment

    - Assist in organizing and maintaining IT equipment in warehouse

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012

Fall 2012 Due Date May 24, 2012

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