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    1. Why do you choose such a theme?

     world economy's development,

     fierce competition

    occupy international market

     a good translated can bring huge treasure

     A good trademark can give customers an enjoyment of beauty.

     catch customers eyes and to stimulate them to consume

2. what do you want readers get from your thesis?

    a well translated trademark can help enterprisers to occupy international market

    Cultural differences have a great influence on trademark translation

    Trademark has many functions which can provide some information of product

    The strategies oftrademark translation

3. Can you give us the definition of trademark?

     a name or a symbol which is put on a product to show that it is made by a particular

    producer and which cannot be legally used by any other producer

     help consumers to distinguish one product from other similar products

    a special kind of language sign

     a symbol of product quality

4. Can you brief introduve the functions of trademark?

    Identifying Function : basic function , help consumers to distinguish one product

     from other similar products

     Stimulating Consumption : a trademark should have the power to stimulate consumers

     to buy it

     trademark cannot attract consumers, it will disappear in the


    Providing Information: A good trademark should provide some useful information for


     A trademark can not provide information, this trademark is

    meaningless and useless

     美加净 cosmetic beauty clear beauty pluses clean

    Symbolizing the Credibility of the Enterprises:trademark symbolizes the reputation of

    the enterprises

     first- rate trademark is a guarantee of high quality

     三鹿 powdered milk which has made itself cheap because of

    its shameful behaviour

     Advertising Function : Using trademark to advertise product can improve the effect of advertising and make a profound impression on the customers 旺旺 biscuits luck Chinese


5. Can you brief introduce the influence of cultural differences on trademark translation?

     Thinking Mode: Chinese people place great emphasis on concretization, while westerners pay much attention to logic. Therefore, many Chinese characters are full of image. Such

    ” is like a person. “” is like eyes of a person. Rejoice (shampoo) is as ,the character “

    translated as “飘柔”.

    Values : social values refer to people’s attitude towards the world around them and guide

    their life social value has a direct effect on people’s consuming behaviour.

    The most basic but important characteristic of western culture is individualism. Individual

    struggle is highly valued by western people.

     in China, the dominant doctrine that guides our action is collectivism. Chinese culture

    focuses on harmony all the time. 外国 人名,地名做商标 。中国 双做商标

    Custom : all customs are full of relatively strong national colourings 大白兔 candy , small,

    lovely animal in China, When they describe someone is timid, they say “he is as timid as a rabbit”.

     Religion :Christian, Buddhism and Islam. People of different races have different religions

    and different religious taboos.

    6. Can you introduce the methods of trademark translation briefly?


     a. Pure Transliteration

     C-E 李宁,鸭鸭

     E-C 阿迪达斯 ,mysheros

     b. Homophonic Transliteration

     C-E!乐凯-lucky 海尔-haier

     E-C: pampers-帮宝适 safeguard - 舒肤佳

    2Literal Translation

     熊猫 (electrical appliance )-panda 英雄— hero

    3)Combination of Transliteration and Literal Translation

     依姿彩-escolorful Goldlion -金利来

    4Free Translation

     Rejoice-飘柔 which give people a feel that ones hair will be glossy and sleek, full of vitality after using

this shampoo.

    7.The Principles of Trademark Translation a. Respect the Culture of Target Language B. Reflect Characteristics and Information of Product C. Easy to Remember

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