Regulation PM-1

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Regulation PM-1



1.0 Fire Vehicle access roads to building

    1.1 Fire Dept access road shall extend to within 15m of a single exterior door providing access to the

    interior of the building.

    1.2 Two points of emergency vehicles access must be provided if the building height exceeds 9.1m or

    three stories in height.

    1.3 Fire access roads are required when any portion of a building, structure or facility’s first story exterior

    wall is located more than 45m from a point of fire department access as measured by an approved

    route (as the hose lays) around the exterior of the building, structure or facility.

    1.4 More than one access road may be required when deemed necessary due to potential for impairment

    of a single road by vehicle congestion, terrain, climatic conditions, or other factors.

2.0 Fire Vehicle access road exception for automatic sprinkler protection

    Building protected by approved sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA13, NFPA13D and NFPA13R

    the distance shall be permitted to be increased to 137m.

    Note: Where this requirement cannot be complied with, the client/developer has the option of proposing

    additional fire protection including detection systems. These systems shall be approved by TRAKHEES-

    EHS-Fire Dept.

3.0 Fire Vehicle access road width and vertical clearance

    3.1 Fire Vehicle access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 6.1 m and unobstructed

    vertical clearance of not less than 4.1 m.

    3.2 If traffic calming circles are installed along a road way, either the raddi should be increased or parking

    prohibited in the vicinity.

    3.3 Current Dubai Civil Defense Fire Code shall be complied with.

4.0 Dead end roads

    4.1 Dead-ends longer than (46m) shall be provided with a clear and approved turnaround/Cul-De-

    Sac/Hammer head/dead end hammer head.

    4.2 Current Dubai Civil Defense Fire Code shall be complied with

Revision: 00 October 2010 Page 1 of 3

5.0 Grade

    5.1 Fire Vehicle access roadway grades shall not exceed 10 percent. Where fire vehicle access roadway

    grades exceed 10% modifications to the grade can be proposed where fire sprinkler systems are


    5.2 Fire dept access roads connecting to roadways shall be provided with curb cuts exceeding at least

    0.61m beyond each edge of the fire lane.

    5.3 Current Dubai Civil Defense Fire Code shall be complied with.

6.0 No Parking Signs

    Where fire vehicle roadways are not of sufficient width to accommodate parked vehicles and 6.1 m of

    unobstructed driving surface, “No Parking” signs shall be installed on one or both sides of the roadways

    and in turnarounds as needed. Signs shall be installed with clear space above the ground level of 2.5m.

    Signs shall be 30 cm wide by 45 cm high and shall have black or red letters and border on a white


7.0 Surface and load capacities

     7.1 Fire Vehicle access roads shall be of all-weather surface that is easily distinguishable from the

     surrounding area and are capable of supporting imposed loads of fire vehicles.

     7.2 Current Dubai Civil Defense Fire Code shall be complied with.

8.0 Turning radius / hammerhead / cul-de-sac / dead end hammerhead turn around

    Current Dubai Civil Defense Fire Code shall be complied with.

    9.0 Bridges

     9.1 For Fire Vehicles: The bridges shall be designed and constructed to support a gross live load

     imposed by Fire vehicle.

     9.2 For other heavy/commercial vehicles: The bridges shall be designed and constructed in conformity



    10.0 Access during construction

    Approved fire vehicle access roads shall be made available prior to any construction.

    Applicability of codes / standards 11.0

    Where appropriate relevant provisions of NFPA-1 and NFPA 5000 shall apply.

Revision: 00 October 2010 Page 2 of 3


    a) 1 to 11 as above (i) provides only an outline of the specific requirement(s) of EHS-Fire Dept for the

    guidance of qualified & approved consultants/users & (ii) serves as ready reckoner for maintaining

    consistency in approach. However, the consultants/users are cautioned and advised that they meet

    all requirements/recommendations as specified / cited in drawing review report(s) issued by EHS-Fire


    b) Consultant shall submit design drawings meeting the above requirements and obtain approval of EHS

    Fire Department, before commencement of construction works.

    c) Refer to Fire Department and relevant codes & standards for additional information/details.

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