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a plan about how to help freshman



    Dream Works

    Design freshman’s life


     Team members

    Beatrice Wang

     Eric Liu

     Field Zhou

     Levi Xu

     Sylvia Zhao

     Wendy Sun

    Name of organization The freshman in Sias University Book concern

    Associations in Sias University Assistants of freshmen in Sias University

    Location of organization Sias University Xinzheng Henan

Project description

    Usually the freshmen will feel confuse when they first come to college, a strange place. So our project focused on help the new students building relationship with new classmates, doing some social practice during the college life; have a right way to study, understanding what the qualification certified they need passed and give them some useful suggestions about the four years; knowing well the new circumstance around Sias University.

Description of the problem

    Facing the new environment that is a strange place and a person need staying in four years, freshmen will feel helpless and confused. So, if without our group encourages and guides, they will waste their time on explore and attempt about their course study; if without the chance of us provided, no part-time job, so less experience of social practice, they can not improve their ability of works, it will impact their future works. Our group will help them get rid of the stumbling block to limit the development of the students all the time in the Sias University.




    a. Usually the freshmen have great energies.

    b. They had experienced much social practice.

    c. Freshmen are easier to communicate.


    a. Freshman always trusts to strangers.

    b. They sometimes do much no-benefit job.

     c. Some of freshmen were hard up for money.


    a. We have wealthy experience about the first year in Sias. b. We can work together with the association and assistants in Sias University.

    c. Many chances of doing PPT or videos for us are a good skill. d. Knowing how to contact with different people is a gig advantage. Threat

    a. We are not very professional or official.

     b. We have not got much information about freshmen. c. We have less time of getting together with freshmen. d. Maybe some of freshmen are not interested in this project.

Passed and current attempts to address the issue

    a. Talking to the freshmen makes sense of what they are confused.

    b. The freshman asks help for association and assistants in Sias.

    c. Contact with book concern and require them press something.

    d. Making 120 copies of questionnaire distributed to the freshmen in three classes. Account the questionnaire and came out all kinds of percentages.

    Vision statement

    In generally, through our help, freshman will have enough confidence to face college life and have a clear goal for their life. The environment is not a confused thing anymore when they go around the campus and the city to do what they want. They begin to accept the fact that college education is the best place to study and find their own approach to study. And participating some social practice, freshman has a good understanding for the society and relationship.

    Mission statement

    Dream works will build an effective program to help freshmen in Sias University to solve all kinds of problem conceivable. We will provide the service by giving freshmen the chance to practice in the society; assisting them to study and let them trying to win the necessary certificate; provide a cicerone about XinZheng city, direction them to anywhere.



    In this part, our goal is to let the freshman know what the environment around our college is, know clear where they should go when they want to play and want to eat delicious food, or only want to relax themselves a little. We should make a survey they dont confuse things like that any more.

    A Action plan

     The first thing we should do to help us reach the goal is make a magazine, through the magazine we can detail accomplish the description of our school, with the colorful pictures and interesting words, freshman can easily know it, Next I will state our action steps, the first is about make the magazine,

    Action steps

    The first step is to make a schedule of survey, survey what are the things freshman want to know most, then we should consider those information getting from the survey, then we screening the most useful information, then we going out to collect the information, and list them in our magazine.


    Our team members and the publishing company should be involved in.


    Those actions should be performed in October to November

B Action plan

    Then the third thing we will do is do to their classroom, have a lesson, by this way

students can know the information at the first time

    Action steps

    We give the freshman a lesson, tell them the environment, we just should recite the

    information and tell them on the class.


    Our team members should be involved in.


    Those actions should be performed in October to November C Action plan

    Last action is to make a website, they can use computer to know it.

    Action steps

    We will make a website, action steps: first go out to collect and record the information, then scream some of them which are suit for the website, then build website, and propaganda it to students.


    Our team members should be involved in.


    Those actions should be performed in October to November.



    Improve the freshmens efficiency of study, and helping them design the study


    A Action plan

    Helping freshmen better comprehend the subject that they learned.

    Action steps

    At first, the team will spend one week time to take a survey to the freshmen of Sias therefore can clearly know what they need on study. Then, trough to analyze the data of the survey, and offer the available information of some major courses, the team will help freshmen better comprehend the subject that they learned.


    Field will take the responsible for taking survey to the freshmen, and Beatrice and Wendy will work on the analysis of the data.


    The survey will takes one week to do, and the process of the whole task will be implemented by the end of October.

    B Action plan

    Directing freshmen design their study program and goal.

    Action steps

    The team will make a study guide according to the condition of the freshmen, and then connect the class master in Sias that help the team to gather the freshmen together, and present the study guide and help them identify the learning objective in college.


    Every member in the team will work on the study guide and the presentation, and

Sylvia will connect the class master in Sias.


    This process will be finished on week 9-11 of this semester.

    C Action plan

    Helping freshmen clearly understand the qualification test that they need to pass in college.

    Action steps

    Due to the different majors, the team will gather and select the useful information that about qualification test to freshmen; it will take three weeks time. After collect and analyze this information, the team will make a campus magazine about qualification test for the freshmen that are convenient to pass around for perusal.


    Sylvia will take the responsible on collecting information, and other member will help her select and analyze the data.


    This job will be completed on the mid of November.

    Society practice


    Build a healthy system of society practice

    A Action Plan

    Collecting the information of restaurants, stores and shops in campus and around the city is very essential to the students, including the needs of the employers, time,

location and salary.

    Action Steps

    Our members will connect these employers to discuss the society practice and inquire them whether need some assistants. If they have desire to hire a few students, we will make an appointment about the time and salary. And we will check these students’ job situation and employers’ wants. According the current situation, we will make some adjusts.


    Field will be responsible for connecting to the employers and collecting information. Beatrice needs to often visit those employers who offer opportunities to our students.


    This process will be implemented by the end of October.

    B Action Plan

    Collecting the information of students who have desire to train themselves and making a detailed list is very necessary. Not every freshman wants to spare a few of time to do some social practice. So we need to make a research to help students and our group to know each other.

    Action Steps

    We will meet some classes, recommend and introduce our team. Secondly, we will gather their information after understanding what we are doing and they want to do. In addition, making certain friendship with relative organization about society in SIAS will be good for implementing the plan. They could give us support in experience and

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