serious linguistic _127

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serious linguistic _127

    another is of yellow gold, and the gold of the third one is red

    The fairytale 193

    ST 247 (two mentions); 248 (three mentions): the piece of white gold ST 247 the white gold

    ST 247?ª8 a piece of white gold

    ST 248 (two mentions); 249 (six mentions): piece of yellow gold ST 249 (three mentions); 250 (two mentions): piece of red gold Replacement

    For skin

    HP 95 He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold HP 102 I am covered with fine gold

    HP 102 Leaf after leaf of the fine gold the Swallow picked off For eyes

    HP 95 for eyes he had two bright sapphires

    HP 100 My eyes...are made of rare sapphires

    For creature

    HP 97 What, is he not solid gold

    HP 98 the white marble angels were sculptured

    HP 103 he is golden no longer

    YK 172 lions of gilt bronze

    YK 173 the marble brow of an antique statue

    YK 173 a silver image of Endymion

    YK 174 A laughing Narcissus in green bronze

    Contrast with natural phenomena

    YK 183 lilies that were whiter than pearls

    YK 183 roses that were redder than rubies

    YK 183?ª4 Whiter than fine pearls were the lilies, and their stems were of bright silver.

    YK 184 Redder than male rubies were the roses, and their leaves were of beaten gold.

    ST 239 no gold was in it, nor silver...but only a little child

    Object of worship

    HP 101 worships a large crystal

    YK 172 the cry of pleasure that broke from his lips when he saw jewels

    YK 177 he took the pearl, and...pressed it to his forehead and bowed.

    YK 183, 184 jewelled shrine

    194 The fairytale

    YK 184 the crystal of the many-rayed monstrance Association with trade

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